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Why New Graduates Need to Start Working ASAP

Welcome to the real world! Where news grads need to start working asap.

Students are excited to end their college days and earn that degree they have been striving for.

Well, most of us know that many fresh graduates look forward to a grand vacation regardless of what the future may bring. Is it the right time to chill after years of burning the midnight oil?

Most of them have been given the notion that getting a job will not be as hard as it used to be a decade ago if you have a degree. Is it true? After graduation, should you go on a grand vacation or look for your first job? Here are why the latter could be the right choice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Working ASAP

Why New Graduates Need to Start Working ASAP


A ‘better opportunity’ will come


Let’s say you have been looking for a job. You went to interviews smartly dressed, but in the end, you declined the offered positions as it did not fit your expected income. However, you are confident you’ll strike a better offer. Is there such a thing as a better opportunity?

Some millennials have a high expected salary because they think their degree deserves it. And it is not just the income. They want a job they can flaunt on social media to impress their family and friends. It is not practical at all.

Remember that you are a fresh grad. You may have a degree, but you lack experience. So it does not hurt to start at the bottom and work your way up.

And if you think it will take a longer time to get to the job you want, you can take a job at the factories or car dealerships. The pay is fair, and at the same time, you can look for a job while already earning for yourself. Being young and financially independent is something also impressive.

The long break is unattractive to employers.

How long do you plan to stay on vacation? Some employers dislike fresh graduates who took a long time to find their first jobs. So you better have a good explanation for why you did not work for longer than a year.

Longer breaks will make you seem too picky for a job or happy-go-lucky. If you are asked for your reasons, you better not say that you are still looking for a better opportunity. It will earn you a negative impression.

Start your savings

The earlier you start your work, the earlier you can start saving up in your CPF account. So what’s in it for you? CPF can help you get your home, have retirement benefits and even get education loans for your future children.

No matter how much you earn in your job, your employer is subject to providing 16% of your CPF contributions. It is still something compared to a zero amount. Imagine how much you could save up in a year.

You will have a good head start if you start working earlier than your peers. You will not only have CPF savings, but you can also learn more skills, gain experience and get more contacts. These are advantages you do not get with a degree alone.

A degree isn’t a guarantee.

A degree isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get your target job position immediately.

Yes, you earned a degree after studying for a few years. So your degree might give you an advantage in getting a job, right? But what if there are a lot of fresh graduates also eyeing the same job and they also have the same degree?

A degree may give you enough knowledge and skill to start and stay in your chosen career. But, it does not guarantee that you get your dream job easily. Also, you are not certain if you will be offered promotions by just having that degree. Why?

A degree isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a promotion.

Most employers prioritise interpersonal skills. They will consider how you interact with your colleagues. It includes your professionalism and leadership. It will be a real advantage if you can show that you have learned new skills while on the job.

Not diving in your industry makes you obsolete.

If you do not get a job as soon as possible, you will be obsolete. You have learned theories at school, but these will change after a few years.

Take, for example, Basic Life Support. Health care providers learned that it was ABC: Airway, Breathing and Circulation. They need to check the vitals and do needed actions according to this order to revive a person. After a few years, it is now changed into the CAB: Circulation, Airway and Breathing.

The good thing about working in the industry as early as possible is that you can move forward as the industry moves on. In addition, your employer will pay for your training, and you will learn more which you can use to show that you deserve future promotions.

Vacation may seem fun, but you can’t take back the time you could have used to kick-start your career earlier than your peers. However, you have time on your hands, and you can convert it into advantages.

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