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15 Smart Ways to Save More Money When Shopping for Groceries

Groceries are part and parcel of life. So here are smart ways to save more money when shopping for groceries.

You cannot eat your hard-earned money. But shopping for groceries can leave you feeling high and dry. It can burn a hole right through your wallet or savings.

You have come to the right place if you want to know more about the tricks and tips to save money at the grocery.

Let’s dive right in!

Go for the cheaper cuts.

For all the non-vegetarian friends out there, are you spending a lot on the supply of meat?

The bills can be pretty astronomical if you plan to stock up on meat and other non-vegetarian food items. If you want to save money and stick to your budget, you should opt for the cheaper cuts.

Don’t worry!

They are as delicious as the choice of cuts. Cheaper cuts can reduce the expenditure on meat items by half. Start saving more today!

Whole Cuts

Another way to save on your protein purchases is to go for whole cuts of meat.

It is evident that whole cuts are worth more even though you are paying less as a whole boneless pork loin would cost less/pound than a single roast or a tray of pork chops.

Buy the whole cut and ask the butcher to cut smaller pieces after your purchase.

Hydration needs

Water is absolutely essential, and we cannot do without it. Moreover, it should be a cheap commodity since most of the planet is covered with water.

Your local company offers you water at a meager price. So avoid making costly purchases of bottled water. Instead, invest in reusable bottles if you want to store some on the go. Don’t spend obscene amounts on the water when it is the most common and readily available item.

Local markets

All you need to do is invest time to cut down on spending on groceries. Then, search and shop from the local markets and farmers to slash your grocery bills almost by half.

Grocery stores can be your one-stop-all-purchase option, but your local market will provide fresh goods at reduced prices. So why spend more when you can save more?

local markets to save more money when shopping for groceries


Buy all your ingredients.

Convenience is the reason we end up spending more on grocery shopping.

Prepared food items will always cost more due to the expenses associated with buying the raw material, preparation charges, and personal charges.

However, if you opt for buying the ingredients for cooking and preparation at your home, you will be cutting down on your expenditure. So, invest time in learning to cook for yourself. Plus, you can be the cynosure at all parties and events.

Plan your menu for the day

Before you head out to the grocery store, you must plan the menu of the day. It will help you avoid impulse buys when you see something at the store. Planning will save on the cost of grocery shopping as well as time.

Stocking up

It is essential for items you need regularly and has a long shelf life. These are rice, wheat, and your every day cereals and grains.

Learn the art of stocking up and buying wholesale from the local markets. Offering discounts can significantly reduce your grocery bills.

Brewing your beverages

Avoid the expenditures on expensive coffee and tea at Starbucks or other such options.

Your occasional hang-outs are okay, but before going to work, brew your own to save a ton of your money for that morning coffee routine.

Time the shopping

It is a scientifically proven fact that hungry people tend to overspend. So what you can do is shop after you have had your meal and schedule the completion of your grocery shopping within a fixed amount of time. That will help you with curbing unnecessary purchases. Always have the grocery list handy to buy only what you need.

Vending machines

It is a fact that vending machines rip you off. That bag of chips and diet soda can or aerated drink costs you a lot when you hit the vending machine.

Instead, it is always a great idea to bring your home-cooked food for lunch to your office or school. Add up your savings by bringing your food. Chances are, even the quantity will be adequate, and you will never go hungry. That is health and wealth together!

The stores

We tend to go for branded store products, but there is no evidence to prove that branded stuff is better for the quality of grocery items and foodstuff.

Unless there is a marked difference in quality, opt for store brands to help with your savings on grocery shopping.

Shopping coupons

There are shopping coupons available if you are on the lookout for them. These coupons are available through newspaper cut-outs and online websites. In addition, there are coupon apps as well. The options for discount coupons are endless if you are willing to spend a bit of time searching for one! Therefore, look for it to save more money when shopping for groceries.

Planning the shopping trips

Your local stores will allow for big savings once every week or month.

These offers are highlighted on the local newspapers and website landing pages. Be aware of discount pricing available at your local store and shop accordingly to save more on the trips for grocery shopping.

Eating out

You must avoid frequent eating out at fancy restaurants at all costs. The same goes for take-outs. If you plan to eat out in style, do it once every week, which will help you to save more.

Happy hours

Be aware of the happy hours when visiting your favourite food joint and restaurant.

Go in groups; invite your friends and family along with you. Take advantage of the happy hours when prices are low and save big.

happy hours to save more money when shopping groceries


Follow these simple and easy tips to save big on your grocery shopping. Saving is not rocket science. If others can, so can you!

What are the things you regularly do to save more money when shopping for groceries?