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Avoid Pointless Overseas Travel Insurance Mistakes

Singaporeans love travelling. However, they often suffer from pointless overseas travel insurance mistakes. They go overseas on long weekends. Some even have pre-nuptial shootings. While others just go shopping in neighbouring countries. There are times when Singaporeans, especially the youth, get into trouble by having too much fun. Sometimes, they face unforeseen circumstances.

If you are abroad alone, with loved ones or friends, and something comes up, who will be there to help you cover unexpected finances? Certainly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can help you track your family back home. Also, it can tell them about your unfortunate condition. However, MFA won’t be much help on monetary needs. That is why you need travel insurance even if you think everything will be fine.

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Avoidable Travel Insurance Mistakes Singaporeans Get Into

Extreme Experience

Asia One recently shared the ten best travel destinations for Singaporeans, with New Zealand and South Island on top. There is a chance you will spend a holiday in a certain tourist spot once in your life. Of course, you would rather visit a different country for the next holiday. In addition, you would want to try extreme activities. So you have to be ready for what it has to offer. For example, you’ll try skydiving, scuba diving, parasailing, cliff diving, paragliding, snowboarding, and bungee jumping.

But what if your heart is not a hundred percent into it because of the high risk? It involves too much thrill. So it’s better to stay away from them. Accidents happen unexpectedly. For sure, you don’t want any of it, especially if you are out of the country. On the other hand, if you love the thrill, review which travel insurance covers such sports.

Eating like Locals

You are a tourist, and of course, when you get to places like Thailand, Indonesia or Japan, you would love to try authentic cuisines and street foods. It is one way of exploring what their culture has to offer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with eating their delicacies. But, be careful where you buy them.

Look around the shop. Observe the food preparation process and the number of people buying from the stall. But, of course, you want to stay away from spending the rest of the holiday curled up in bed with a stomach ache. If worst comes to worst, you would have to be admitted to a hospital. So avoid such hassle by taking note of the travel insurance mistakes. 

Purposely Not Mentioning Pre-existing Medical Conditions

You want to avoid paying higher premiums. So you left out the fact that you have a pre-existing medical condition when applying for travel insurance. Unfortunately, by omitting a simple fact, you might have just beaten the main purpose of travel insurance: saving money.

Let’s say you did not inform the insurance provider about your medical condition. Then, your flight got cancelled due to this illness. You had most probably lost eligibility for the insurance benefits. As a result, you did not only lose money for cancelled flights. But you did not also gain the advantage of having travel insurance you might have been and will be paying for months. That’s why it is very crucial to be honest. It saves you from travel insurance mistakes. 

Drinking Too Much

Other travel insurance mistakes involve getting into any trouble. It can be caused by getting too drunk or high with non-prescription drugs or medication. It is your responsibility to drink only as much as you can handle. In addition, always stay away from prohibited drugs.

Trusting “Too Friendly” Locals

Singaporeans being robbed in other countries happens from time to time. Yet, some of these incidents are avoidable if some Singaporeans had not been too trusty with the locals.

Unfortunately, some locals can get too friendly. Meanwhile, some are just plain good hosts to their country. So it’s no surprise it leads some unsuspecting Singaporeans into places where they get robbed and mauled.

Coverage of Travel Insurance

Travelling to other countries, no matter how short it could be and how famous the destination is, involves risks. In times when you are in a foreign land, who will protect you and your welfare?

Accidents and unwanted things happen in the least expected moments despite a well-planned holiday. That is why it pays to have travel insurance.

A lot of travel insurance is available on the web for Singaporeans to grab. However, it is better to compare various products, services and insurance providers. Also, look into its benefits, coverage and terms. Travel insurance can be the last string of hope you can cling to.

Trip Cancellation

Have you already booked a family flight for the holidays? But you suddenly have to cancel? Whatever is the unanticipated situation, your travel insurance can cover the expenses of the tickets. But if you have none, it’s like you throw your funds into the ocean. So avoid such dilemmas by taking note of the travel insurance mistakes.  

Emergency Medical Expenses

If you suddenly get sick while in the middle of a cruise and need on-land hospital treatment, there is no need to wait until you get to the next destination. Usually, it may take a day or two, resulting in a worsened health condition. 

But with travel insurance, you can request an emergency medical chopper. It can fetch you and take you to the nearest hospital to aid your child. As you imagined, expenses will be astronomical. But, if you’ve got travel insurance, your overseas medical costs will be covered by up to $2,000,000.

Emergency Telephone Charges

Should there be an emergency? Or probably the need to get in touch with your family back home? Your travel insurance has coverage for this. So make sure to have one before you leave. Or you’ll forever regret the travel insurance mistakes for the rest of your life. 

Travel Inconvenience

Travel Inconvenience includes travel cancellation due to death and severe injury or sickness. In addition, it covers unexpected natural disasters like your home residence being flooded a week before the travel date. Also, it applies when you have a witness summons. Plus, it keeps you covered when a major event occurs at your destination. If you have travel insurance, you guarantee the costs will come back to you. 


Travel insurance covers the expenses sustained for the homecoming of your remains to Singapore if you pass away during the trip. It is such a burden for your travel insurance mistakes if you lack this. 

Baggage Delay and Lost

It is not unusual to hear incidents when Singaporeans lose their baggage abroad or even on flights. Also, there are times when the luggage is lost on other flights, left behind, or delayed. Therefore, secure your travel bags with travel insurance. 

Kidnapping, Hostage, and Mugging

Of course, this is one of the rarest yet one of the most feared incidents when travelling abroad. Ask your travel insurance provider about their coverage with this.

Various travel insurance has different add-ons, benefits, coverage, and prices. Take time to compare each. Also, get in touch with the provider to answer your inquiries. While many think it is unnecessary to get travel insurance, it is better to protect yourself, your family, and your finances. Do not take chances because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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