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10 Dumb Travel Habits that Could Ruin Your Holiday Vacation

It is no secret that Singaporeans are avid travellers abroad every time there is a chance to grab. However, with the demanding jobs and everyday stress, travelling is surely meant to be an enjoyable relaxation. Sadly, certain avoidable travel habits must not restrain.

Travel Status of Singaporeans

In 2015, 9,125,331 Singaporeans travelled abroad with leisure as the main purpose.

Travel Destinations

In addition, a travel search engine called Skyscanner identified the most visited countries. Most Singaporeans headed to Bangkok, Thailand. Their reason is to breathe away from the daily bustle of life. Others prefer Bali’s beaches for their ocean adventure. Some visit Hong Kong’s shopping districts for some fun spending. Furthermore, families with kids tour Tokyo for its Disneyland. On the other hand, they opt for Seoul to have an exciting nightlife.

Each year the number of outbound departures has constantly been growing. It shows Singaporeans’ increasing desire to spend more holidays in other countries. Regardless if they want to travel alone, with family and loved ones.

Earlier in 2016, intentions to travel have drastically shifted to Japan, followed by Australia and South Korea.

Travel Ranking

And despite the unpredictability of the economy, travellers would instead tighten their belts than give up a choice to go abroad. As a result, there is a noticeable decline in the traveller’s expenditures. So it is according to the Visa Global Travel Intentions Study in 2015.

Saudi Arabia was the top spender in 2015. But from 2013 to 2015, their expenses declined by 12%. Plus, it was expected to go down a further 6%. On the other hand, Singapore ranked in 17th place with no change in expenditure from 2013 to 2015. However, seemingly unaffected by the increasing cost of living, Singaporeans are to increase their spending by 53%.

Based on the Visa Affluent Study 2015 survey conducted in 2014, Singapore residents are the most travelled affluent. They come with 3.1 average trips from November 2013 to November 2014. The total number of trips has even matched the trips of Chinese overseas. An affluent Singaporean has an average age of 37 with a household income of over 150,000 SGD. Moreover, four in five Singaporean respondents have travelled with their families. Plus, they plan to do more adventure in other countries at 4.7 average trips this year.

During the family vacations, 81% of the Singapore affluent shared that they aim for a special family bonding. However, they tend to binge on various luxuries. Also, the survey showed that shopping is the most popular reason why Singaporeans choose to go to other countries such as Hong Kong. Around 37% determine their destination based on sightseeing. Meanwhile, 29% travel to explore the food in popular restaurants.

Travel Habits that You Need to Avoid

Trying To Tick Things Off Of A Bucket List

Some travel habits are to complete a bucket list, thinking they ‘have to do’ it before passing away. Meanwhile, others have a list of ‘must-do’ to impress their social circle. Rather than having a list of destinations you can’t afford yet, you can explore less known places. Also, you get to discover hidden beautiful vacation spots. Enjoy what you see rather than be pressed by a list.

Taking too many pictures

Rather than seeing the sceneries through the lens, give yourself some time actually to take in everything with your own eyes. While it is understandable that you want to bring memories in photos, it is better if you experience being there and your presence felt by your companions.

travel habits of picture taking


Trying hard to experience the culture

Stop trying so hard to be like a local. You don’t have to dress and talk like them to experience and learn more about the culture. In addition, there is no need to be on the cultural tour for days. Instead, go to a local bar and chat with the locals. Moreover, experience their warm friendship. Also, if you don’t know the language, you can use universal body gestures.

Living up to expectations

If you have expectations, expect disappointments to come their way. Embrace the experience as it is.

Partying too much

You won’t enjoy the place you have travelled and paid for if you have a terrible hangover.

Forcing yourself to enjoy something you don’t really like

If you go to France to see the famous Louvre and the other museums, you will see a café where you would love to spend the afternoon sipping coffee and viewing from that perspective. Then, do what will make your heart content. Do not do something you don’t enjoy just because it is famous in that country. Your time is very limited. Remember that a vacation has to make you fill relaxed, not taxed.

Worrying about getting lost

Getting lost abroad is terrifying because of the thought that you may end up in a bad neighbourhood. Or get stranded away from the comforts of your hotel. However, this same fear will lock you in places too generic for tourists. If you want to enjoy the area as it is and meet the locals, wander.

Sacrificing for your travelling companion

Are you travelling with your longtime boyfriend or best friend and want to go to different places? There is no need to sacrifice. You can split up. Then, contact each other later or arrange to meet up.

travel habits with your companion


Refraining from looking stupid

It is fine to look stupid in a place you are not familiar with. You might only be in that place once in your life. Enjoy with travel habits in the most comfortable way you can. However, do not let this worry stand you from learning culture, languages and traditions. It is common for foreigners to look silly to locals.

Thinking about work

Let out the steam. Do what you want at the pace you need. Your work will be waiting in Singapore, but your vacation will only be for a few days to make the most out of it.

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