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Top 3 Ideas to Get Emergency Cash in Singapore

Emergencies happen. Fortunately, we have available emergency cash in Singapore. Here are the top 3 ideas where to get them.

Where do you get your instant cash when sudden needs arise?

Of course, you would first need to calm yourself. It helps you in finding a way to get your funds. You can easily compare your options. Therefore, you can find the best answer to your financial problems.

Which one would be the most accessible and safest among these options? 

Let’s find out the most suitable emergency cash in Singapore for you. 

Emergency Cash in Singapore


Credit Card Cash Advance

If you have a credit card, you also have that key to get cash from any affiliated ATM on the island. It will directly charge the withdrawn money on your credit limit.

It is so easy. You just need to key in the one-time PIN. Remember that you should withdraw within the cash advance limit. It is lower than the credit limit of your credit card.


The feature is only for credit cardholders with good credit standing. It means that you take your responsibilities seriously. Also, you pay your monthly credit card bills on time.

Cash Advances are short-term loans from banks. Expect the high-interest rates that come with it. The charge for you starts from the day you have withdrawn the cash. Cash Advance interest rate ranges from 28% to 29.9% per annum.

Speaking of interest rate, cash advance interest rate is compounding. The interest will be charged on the current balance. It is not from the principal loan amount you have withdrawn.

The longer it takes to settle the cash advance, the higher you have to pay. Unfortunately, this can also drag your credit score too.

Credit Line or Line of Credit

The credit line is a pool of cash readily available for you to access. Like with a credit card cash advance, you can go to an ATM and withdraw the money you need. Then, use the cash for any purpose, anytime you need it.

How does it work?

You need to go to your bank and request a credit line or “line of credit.” The bank will require you to provide the documents required. It is essential to evaluate your creditworthiness. Then, you have to wait for a couple of days to get approval.


You might say that you can access cash instantly. But in reality, you need to apply for it and wait for a few days.

Once approved, you will get an ATM card. You will use it to access the cash on the credit line account. You can borrow any amount without a withdrawal fee. But, there is an annual fee whether you use it or not.

In addition, you need to have a good credit standing for the service. Banks are very risk-averse when it comes to loans. As a result, some banks may require collateral. Meanwhile, others just offer this to their longtime customer.

Instant Cash Loan in Singapore

Personal loans from registered moneylenders are one of the best options if you need emergency cash in Singapore. In addition, the loan process is faster than the bank’s personal loans.

A loan company in Singapore usually offers short-term loans. The best part is that you can pay either weekly or monthly. It all depends on your preference. Also, you may use loan calculators. It helps you know how much you can borrow, the interest charges and the number of monthly instalments.

Moreover, some moneylenders process loans online. As a result, it is way faster than before. The online process can take at least 30 minutes up to 24 hours.


You must be careful when choosing a moneylender. First, make sure you are borrowing from a registered moneylender. So check the Registry of Moneylenders found on the official website of the Ministry of Law.

Licensed moneylenders are helpful in times of need for emergency cash in Singapore. However, there are loan sharks who pretend to help you financially. But later on, it will only suck on your finances. Learn how to spot a loan shark to avoid falling prey to their scam.


When it comes to accessibility, personal loans can be your best bet. However, if you need emergency cash in Singapore, you may use credit cards mindlessly. Also, the inability to pay your dues on time will put you in more financial distress.

A credit line requires you to have a good credit standing. Plus, you need an existing credit line account to use it. However, opening a credit line account will take days. Luckily, personal loans only take hours.

When getting emergency cash, learn the benefits and limitations of your options. It is best to shop around for the best solution despite the emergency situation’s pressure.

And no matter what is the reason for the loan, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions to avoid mistakes. Yes, there is a serious need for emergency cash in Singapore. But, you must not let this need be your financial downfall.

Also, it is still recommended that you maintain emergency funds. While it is helpful to find ways to borrow cash, having cash savings is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial.