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Smart Money Saver: The Best Petrol Credit Cards

Petrol is a necessity that drains most of your finances. So if you’re a smart money saver, you must have the best petrol credit cards.

Although the petrol price may go down a bit, we all know it will never be cheaper. So with your daily refill, do not miss the chance to save up with these petrol credit cards.

Valuable Petrol Credit Cards

ANZ Switch Platinum Card

ANZ offers an upfront 14% discount on the total fuel purchase at any Caltex station in addition to Caltex’s loyalty points. You do not have to make any registration nor wait for a couple of days to get a reimbursement or cashback. You can get a discount right there with just a swipe of your ANZ Switch Platinum Card.

Three Caltex loyalty points are earned for every litre, and a total of 150 points can be redeemable to $1 off from your purchase.

Aside from your discount, you can also get 20 times more Rewards Points every time you go shopping at a participating merchant branch with a minimum purchase of at least $500. Also, you can get six times more reward points when using petrol credit cards for your groceries and entertainment. In addition, if you sign up before March 31, 2017, you can get up to a $168 cash rebate with a 28inched luggage and no processing fee for a balance transfer for 6 months at 0% per annum.

ANZ Switch Platinum Card

Citi Cash Back Petrol Credit Cards

For each charged refill at Shell, you can have more with up to 20.8% fuel savings:

  • 5% Shell site discount
  • 5% Shell Escape Card discount
  • 4% Citi Rebate on the amount left after Shell discounts
  • 8% cash back on the total amount after Shell discounts provided that you spent a minimum of $888

If you prefer ESSO, you can have a 5% onsite discount and a 5% Esso Smiles Card discount in addition to the Citi Card Discount and cash back. Other Citi Back credit cards can only offer 14% savings. In case you refill in other petrol stations, you can still get an 8% cash back.

The maximum cashback of $25 if from every state of the count with 1 Citi Rebate equals $1.

Aside from the discounts and cash backs, you can also get a 20% from Instant Motor Insurance and a $150 Fairprice Voucher with AXA SmartDrive if you register before December 31, 2016.

Citi Cash Back Petrol Credit Cards

DBS Esso Card

DBS Esso Card gives 17% instant savings every time you get a refill in an Esso station island-wide. It comprises a 7% discount on DBS Esso Card, a 5% upfront discount at the Esso station, and a 5% Smiles member discount. In addition, you will also be earning 1 Smile Point for every litre of petrol you refill your tank with. The 300 Smile Points can be equivalent to $10 instant fuel redemption.

DBS Esso Card | Petrol Credit Cards

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

HSBC offers up to 16% instant discount at all Caltex and Shell stations. You can also earn 1 point for every S1 you use charge on the card for groceries, dining and entertainment. In addition, if you use your card to pay your regular utility bills, you can get a 5% cash rebate.

HSBC Visa Platinum Card

MANHATTAN World MasterCard

MANHATTAN World MasterCard offers as much as $800 cash back in a year for purchases made both locally and abroad. Earn up to 26.6% savings on every fuel purchase you make at Caltex. It’s inclusive of the following:

  • 14% Instant upfront Standard Chartered Cards discount
  • 70% Standard Chartered rebate on the nett transacted amount at Caltex
  • 3% MANHATTAN Cashback

If you apply before 31 December 2016, you get up to $138 cashback, $150 Caltex StarCash card and $150 Uber credits.

Manhattan World MasterCard | Petrol Credit Cards

OCBC 365 Credit Card

You can get up to 23.9% savings. It comprises a 16% upfront Platinum 98 discount, 5% cashback, and a $10 rebate every time you purchase a minimum of $300 worth of fuel in Caltex. You also earn 3 LinkPoints for every litre of fuel you purchase.

If you prefer Esso to Caltex, you can get up to 18.3% fuel savings comprised of 14% upfront discount and 5% cashback on the next petrol purchase.

OCBC 365 Petrol Credit Cards

UOB One Card

UOB One Card can give up to 20.8% saving at Shell and around 24% off on petrol purchases at SPC. However, to get the full 24%, you have to spend $2,000 monthly for each quarter with a minimum of 3 purchases.

uob one card

If you base on the most fuel savings, MANHATTAN World MasterCard has the most to offer with up to 26.6% savings on Caltex petrol products. Each petrol credit card has attractive benefits. However, you have to choose what best fits your needs and your lifestyle. Don’t just focus on its rebates and rewards.

Also, aside from the petrol, you have to consider other car-related expenses such as regular car maintenance, road tax, vehicle and renewal of registration. If you need urgent cash for car expenditures, you can get it from Cash Mart today. It is a legal money lender that approves a personal loan application without hassle.