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The Best Credit Cards for Your First Dinner Date

We all know that your first dinner date is crucial to making lasting impressions. Unfortunately, we are now in modern times that we believe in gender equality. But, Singaporeans still tend to be conservative with first dates. Men must pay for the date. While women can offer to pay for their share, the guy who accepts the offer rarely gets a second date.

Sticking to a dinner date doubles the chance of seeing her again. Are you looking for a grand dinner date style? However, you are worried about paying way too much that you can spend at one time. So you have to get a credit card with the best dining privileges. Some cards can even get you a VIP reservation at Michelin Star restaurants here in Singapore and abroad.

What’s with the Michelin Stars? Prestigious restaurants around the globe aspire to get the hallmark stars. It is proof that they are the best among the best. Michelin awards these stars. Yes! The same company makes tires and grades restaurants according to a set of standards. If you take your date to these restaurants, nothing can go wrong but first, get the right dining credit card.

POSB Everyday Card

POSB Everyday Card offers a 9% rebate on your dining purchases. Also, this card lets you relish the braised four-head South African abalone and exceptional Cantonese cuisine in The Ritz-Carlton at10% off the total bill. You can take your date to Crystal Jade Golden Palace if you want more reasonably priced meals. Then, enjoy a 12% rebate on the ala carte food bill.

Both of these restaurants have one Michelin Star. It means that their food has consistently high standards and worth a visit if ever you are in the neighbourhood.

POSB Everyday Card for your fist dinner date

UOB Visa Infinite Card

UOB Visa Infinite Card is excellent for your first dinner date. Why? Because it offers VIP booking in Michelin Star restaurants. These restaurants are naturally sought after by locals and foreigners. That’s why you need to have a reservation. If you take your date abroad, impress your date by making a VIP booking and having dining privileges in 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Shanghai (3 Michelin Stars), Opera Bombana, Beijing (3 Michelin Stars). Moreover, bring her to Le39V, Paris (1 Michelin Star) and Pipero al Rex, Rome (1 Michelin Star).

Do you want to have a date here in Singapore? You can take her to Grand Hyatt Singapore and get up to 50% off on the total bill. Grand Hyatt Singapore has top restaurants with one of a kind spectacular style.

UOB Visa Infinite Card for your first dinner date

UOB YOLO for your First Dinner Date

Are you the type of guy who wants to keep it simple yet still in sleek style? Then, use your UOB YOLO credit card to get more than 50 exclusive promos in various bars and restaurants. It includes Bedrock Bar and Grill. So, if you think your date is more of a sweet tooth, take her to Cold Stone Creamery or Dean and Deluca. Afterwards, enjoy 10% off à la carte food bill. Then, take her to the movies as the card also gives 1-for-1 weekend movie tickets and up to a 10% rebate at Cathay Cineplexes.


Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card has dining privileges you might want to check out. It offers up to 8% cashback at all partnering restaurants, cafes, and food and beverage. If you want to take your date for a joy ride, you also use this card to refill your tank as it gives up to 20.88% Cash Back from Esso stations, up to 20.8% Cash Back at Shell, and 8% cashback at all other petrol stations. So take your first dinner date to various places in Singapore. Also, discover interesting things about each other.

Citi Cash Back Card for your first dinner date

On the other hand, no matter how prestigious or exciting the venue of your first dinner date is, it is more important to focus on the person you are with. Are you dating a rebel; who wants to cast off the usual romantic dinner dates? Then, you might need more cash than a card. So don’t miss the chance to get a quick cash loan from Cash Mart. Then, take your date to an entirely new level. Make it unpredictable, thrilling and adventurous. Keep the conversations interesting, wear your best, and most importantly, be yourself.