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Effortlessly Pay Your Cash Mart Loan with PayNow

True to its promise, Cash Mart has always looked for innovations to make its loan process and service more convenient. As a result, the new PayNow Corporate e-payment service is now available to Cash Mart’s customers. It gives a more efficient service to every borrower who prefers cashless payment.

What is PayNow?

PayNow is an electronic fund transfer service available to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents who have existing bank accounts in nine participating banks in the city-state. These banks include DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, OCBC Bank, UOB, Standard Chartered Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Citibank Singapore Limited, and Bank of China.

With PayNow, you can seamlessly send funds from your bank account directly to Cash Mart to pay your loans. In addition, you no longer need a bank account to transfer your money. Instead, you can simply scan Cash Mart’s official QR code.

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How to Repay Your Cash Mart Loan With PayNow?


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Why Use PayNow For Your Loan Repayments?

Cash Mart always values the security of every client’s personal and financial information. With PayNow, you can transfer funds without giving out your banking details or bank account number. Also, it has the most convenient alternative payment option available to every Singaporean.

Scan the QR code provided by Cash Mart or simply enter Cash Mart’s Unique Entity Number to transfer the funds in just a few seconds.

How PayNow Work?

To make payments for your Cash Mart urgent cash loans, you need to link your chosen bank account number to your selected PayNow Proxy (mobile number and/or NRIC/FIN number). To do this, you have to log in to your digibank app or online banking app and choose “Register PayNow.” Next, link your NRIC/FIN number. Then set a PayNow Nickname for your PayNow account.

From here, you now have a PayNow Proxy. It will serve as your personal identifier. Take note that you can only use your bank-registered NRIC/FIN number and mobile number. If there are some changes with your PayNow Proxies, you need to update the bank you are linking to.

Additionally, you can link two PayNow Proxies (one is with a bank-registered NRIC/FIN number and the other using your mobile number) to the same bank account.

However, you can’t link more than one bank account to a PayNow Proxy. So if you wish to use a proxy to a particular bank account, you have to first de-register the Proxy from its existing bank account. After that, you can link one Proxy to one bank account and another proxy to another bank.

Ensure that you have successfully registered for PayNow first before transferring your funds.

Now that Cash Mart uses PayNow, you can quickly repay your loan in Singapore’s fastest and most convenient way. Give us a call at  +65 6397 4111 or send us a message at +65 9183 6177 on WhatsApp to know more details.