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POSB iBanking Guide For First-Timers

POSB iBanking is now called POSB Digibank with more than 150 online banking services all in one place. From opening a new savings account to transferring funds to almost any other bank in Singapore, you can surely handle it smoothly with POSB iBanking.

Upon signing up, you will be able to access the full range of banking services such as eStatements, PayLah! and SMS Banking. It is simple, secure and always available.

What are The POSB iBanking Eligibility Requirements?

You have to be at least 16 years old and currently have a personal or any joint-alternate account of:

  • DBS AutoSave Account
  • DBS Current Account
  • DBS Savings Account
  • DBS Savings Plus Account
  • POSB Savings Account
  • POSB Current Account
  • DBS or POSB Credit Card/Debit Card
  • DBS Cashline
  • DBS Home Loan with Servicing Account

POSB iBanking Registration

You can register for POSB iBanking via four (4) channels:

  • Online at,
  • Digibank mobile app by selecting on “Get Started”,
  • any DBS/POSB Branches, and
  • by calling the Contact Centre at 1800 111 1111

For online registration, you will need to identify yourself with your Debit/ATM Card Number or Credit Card Number. These series of numbers are found in front of the card.

You will also need to provide your mobile number and email address during registration.

What are The Benefits of POSB iBanking

Effortless Application

You can register using your personal ATM card (DBS Bankcard, ALUMNUS card and POSB ATM cards), debit card, or credit card. Once you have registered, you can start accessing your accounts online.

Quick Bank Access

You can easily access your latest banking information on both your POSB and DBS accounts. You can instantly see your deposit accounts, cards, investments and credits.

POSB Security Features

The smooth online services are ensured by the intuitive navigation toolbars. The built-in security features protect every banking transaction and activity you do with POSB iBanking.

  • In addition, POSB provides 100% security on your funds by covering them under the Money Safe Guarantee. In the event that authorized access and transaction was done in your account, POSB will repay the money taken from your account.
  • You can also set and customise your email and SMS notifications. Every time you perform selected transactions, POSB will send an alert the moment transactions occurred and exceeded the amount you have specified.
  • The iBanking OTP serves as an additional security feature with a One Time Password authorisation. This is why you have to register your mobile number with POSB in order to receive a digibank OTP every time you make a transaction.


Getting your latest account information is just a breeze. You can even complete your banking transactions online to avoid the hassle and effort of queuing.

Anytime, Anywhere

You can do any banking transactions anywhere you are. You can also access your DBS and POSB monthly statements any time of the day.

Money Saver

POSB offers discounts when you use selected internet banking services.


There is no need to worry about compatibility hardware. POSB iBanking is designed to run even with a PC with the minimum configuration.

Free of Charge

The standard commission or transaction fees for some services such as purchasing of cashiers’ order, demand draft or traveller’s cheque still applies but the use of the iBanking services themselves and sign-ups are free.

How to Log In to digibank Online for the First Time

Use your temporary User ID and PIN when logging in for the first time. You must also register your DBS iB Secure Device once you have been prompted.

Step 1: Enter your temporary User ID and PIN

Step 2: Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services

Step 3: Click “Next”

Step 4: Key in your preferred digibank User ID

Step 5: Click “Next”

Step 6: Click “Submit”

What is iBanking OTP?

The iBanking One Time Password (OTP) is a security feature introduced by DBS for DBS and POSB account owners with online banking access. It is important to have your active mobile number registered with DBS or POSB to receive your iBanking OTP via SMS. You can use the iBanking OTP for the following services.

SMS Login

You will receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS. SMS Login with iBanking OTP is a new feature introduced in 2012. It is an alternative second-factor authentication on top of using your iB Secure Device.

Banking transactions

A 6-digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. This is to authorise and complete the selected banking or online transactions such as updating personal information and contact details.

Bank notifications

SMS alerts will be sent to your registered mobile number once your online transactions have been completed.

You will not receive an iBanking OTP for online transactions if your mobile number is not updated correctly or the merchant website you are transacting on is not supported by the 3D Secure™ technology.

You will need your registered mobile number to add a payee, transfer funds overseas, pay bills, update personal details and update your mailing address.

You will need both your iBanking OTP and your iB Secure Device to authorise personal and contact details update, manage alerts, add new cheque, and demand draft recipient.

How to Change POSB iBanking PIN

You can change your iBanking Pin on the iBanking platform. Simply click “Preferences” on the top right-hand corner to access the “Change iBanking PIN” service. You will be required to key in your iBanking OTP before you can access this service.

Your DBS iBanking PIN and your Credit Card or ATM PIN number are not the same numbers. Changing your iBanking PIN does not change any of your cards’ PIN numbers.

How to Use iB Secure Device

The iB Secure Device keeps your transactions secured and safe from any fraudulent activities. Certain transactions require specific buttons on the device.

On the other hand, to access services such as Transaction History, Bill Payment or Funds Transfer, you will need an iBanking OTP sent to you via SMS. Otherwise, press and hold the button with the DBS logo on iB Secure Device.

How to Replace DBS iB Secure Device

In case that your DBS iB Secure Device has been damaged, you can request for a free replacement in three ways.

Via Video Teller Machine (VTM)

Step 1: Proceed to your nearest VTM and complete the authentication process with your NRIC, passport, or ATM/Credit/Debit card.

Step 2: Select “iB Secure Device”

Step 3: Tap “Yes” and select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 4: Collect your new DBS iB Secure Device

Step 5: Register the new device

Step 6: Scan the barcode

Step 7: Key in the 6-digit iB Secure PIN

Step 8: Press “Confirm”

Via digibank Online

Step 1: Log in to your iBanking account

Step 2: Select “Request” and then “More Requests”

Step 3: Tap “Other Services” and select “iB Secure Device Replacement”

Step 4: Click “Login with SMS” and then choose “Get OTP via SMS”

Step 5: Key in the OTP sent to you via SMS

Step 6: Click “Login”

Step 7: Select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 8: Click “Next”, then “Submit”

Via digibank Mobile

Step 1: Log in to digibank

Step 2: Select “Settings” and then “Request New iB Secure Device”

Step 3: Tap “Request/Replacement Reason”

Step 4: Verify your Mailing Address

Step 5: Select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 6: Click “Submit”

If your request via digibank Online/Mobile, your new DBS iB Secure Device will be sent to your mailing address within 3-5 working days

Final Thoughts on POSB iBanking

POSB iBanking lets you Make a Transfer, Manage Payments, GIRO Arrangements, Top Up, Redeem Rewards, Manage Investments, Apply to New Accounts, and Update Personal Details and Preferences. Each transaction is secured with iBanking OTP.

Managing your banking transactions has become more convenient. However, it is still your responsibility to be financially savvy to manage your overall finances.

And when it comes to convenience, getting a loan is just as smooth if you apply in Cash Mart. Cash Mart provides flexible online loan solutions for every Singaporean whenever you need them.