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How Flexible is the POSB Education Loan?

We all know studying can be very expensive. Most students need a loan to get to college. Unless your parents use their CPF to help you out, you must find a good student loan in a bank. Find out how flexible the POSB Education Loan for you is?

Facts about POSB Further Study Assist

POSB Education Loan in Singapore


POSB Further Study Assist Eligibility

Of course, you have to check if you are qualified to apply for this loan. POSB Education Loan only offers its study loan to students 17 to 50 years old. This may be good news for those who want to continue studying later in life.

However, if you are a full time student under 20 years old, you need to have a guarantor. Part-time students ages 21 to 50 are not required to have a guarantor if they can meet the required minimum income, which is $18,000 annual gross income.

POSB Education Loan Guarantor Criteria

As said earlier, applicants who are 17-50 years old and couldn’t meet the minimum income requirement has to present a guarantor.

Your guarantor has to be between 21 and 55 years old with an annual gross income of at least $24,000. You can’t just choose anybody to be your guarantor just because he or she is a Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident. Your guarantor should be a family member who is not an existing applicant or guarantor for this student assist loan. This means he/she must be your parents, sibling, spouse or child.

Who needs a guarantor?

If you are younger than 21 years old, you will need a guarantor, a full-time student earning less than $18,000 per annum, or requesting a loan amount higher than your eligible credit limit.

POSB Study Loan Required Documents

  • Salaried employees have to submit their CPF Contribution History Statement for the last 12 months, Income Tax Notice of Assessment, and computerized payslip. However, if your salary is credited via Giro to your Personal DBS/POSB Account (at least for the last three months), you don’t have to present any income documents.
  • In addition, it can be for the variable or commission-based employees. They have to present their NRIC and CPF Contribution History Statement or the Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last two years.
  • If you are self-employed, you must provide your NRIC and Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the last two years.

POSB Education Loan Fees

Just like most bank loans, you’ll be charged a processing fee. POSB Education Loan charges 3% of the amount of the loan. You need to make sure that you have enough funds on your account to avoid a late payment fee of $30 per month.

How long will it take to get your funds?

The loan process is within seven days, provided that you can present complete document requirements. After loan approval, it will take three (3) to five (5) working days for the cashier’s order to be mailed out.

Take the cashier’s order or demand draft to your institution within 30 days from the issue date.

How flexible is POSB Further Study Assist?

  • Many student loans commence their repayments a few months after getting out of school or graduating, but the POSB study loan is different. Repayment will start the following month after your loan has been approved and not after the course is completed.
  • The monthly repayments must be made either through your DBS/POSB bank account or your guarantor’s. If neither of you has a DBS/POSB bank account, you must open one.
  • Your loan amount will not be sent directly to your bank account. This loan is specifically made payable to your designated institution of study. This is why it is released in form of the cashier’s order or demand draft. For example, let’s say you need a new laptop for your school activities or research. Then, you will need to get a loan which you can use to pay for it.
  • You can’t request a loan increase. Whatever amount has been approved will be final.
  • There will be no monthly statement detailing the payments. To track your payments, you will have to call the bank’s hotline. If you are too busy, your repayments might slip your mind.

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