Low Interest Personal Loan in Little India

Do you want to know more about the low interest personal loan in Little India? Then, you’ve come to the right page. Read more to learn more.

Urbanites now have better choices in life. They can pick inexpensive products over designer items without compromising quality. Even in financials, they can settle for different options to choose the very best. However, if you’re looking for a debt option, you probably encountered the lingering issue between personal loans and credit cards.

Which of the two debt tools is the best for you? Read on.

Interest Rate Variance

When it comes to interest rates, nothing beats the advantage of personal loans. The low interest personal loan of Little India is lower than credit cards. It makes them fantastic options for everyone.

Credit cards offer convenience. But, you have to sacrifice huge interest rates monthly. In addition, it draws out your credit line. So you’ll face huge penalties. Thus, it greatly affected credit score.

Repayment Factors

It’s easier to repay a low interest personal loan in Little India. You just go to the lending office near you and hand over the money. For example, if you are near Little India, visit a lending company called Licensed Moneylenders in Little India. Then, hand over the money.

Meanwhile, credit card offices are the same. But, you have additional electronic repayment options. It all depends on your desired level of convenience.

All About Terms of Low Interest Personal Loan in Little India

The common repayment term for a personal loan is around 3-5 months. Some lenders, such as Licensed Moneylenders in Little India, may allow you to pay in advance. But, there may be additional fees. Shorter terms are better for you. The interest rate scaling is not that high.

On the other hand, credit card companies stretch the repayment terms. Usually, it takes more than 6 months. The longer you’re chained with that piece of plastic, the greater the chance of accidental defaulting. Simply put, the risk is high enough.


Are personal loans just about money? Unfortunately, you’ll rarely find a lender who can give you complimentary perks and privileges. More often than not, the low rates are the privileges themselves.

But credit card companies have dozens of privileges. You can choose from gadgets, accessories, basic products, and even travel amenities. It’s no surprise why these privileges attract borrowers.


If you want to refinance your personal loan account, there are fewer hurdles to break. Also, being a good payer helps your reputation and credit stance. It is even more valid with independent personal loan lenders. But, again, your attitude plays a major factor.

On the other hand, credit card companies will run multiple checks before you have a new line of credit.

Once you’ve weighed the above factors, you’ll know which debt instrument will work. Of course, both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. But always remember, you must repay your personal loans and credit cards accordingly.

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Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart PTE LTD is a reputable licensed moneylender which started to offer flexible loan solutions to Singaporeans. Over the years, it has earned various recognitions for its innovative solutions to help with financial needs. It includes the low interest personal loans that help low income earners survive the financial gap.

Behind Cash Mart is a group of professional and well-trained staff willing to assist borrowers in their loan applications. Being a moneylender, Cash Mart recognizes that the best way to serve its clients is to build a lasting financial partnership. Therefore, Cash Mart comes to mind as the best-licensed moneylender in Singapore whenever there is a cash loan need.

Just apply online with your basic information, and they will get in touch with you within the day. You can quickly know how to process your loan, what else you will need to provide and if you are pre-approved. Then, get down to the office to get your cash disbursed in 30 minutes.

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