Low Interest Personal Loan in Balestier​

It is natural for us to have financial problems in life. Unless you have a rich uncle who had left you millions of dollars, a mansion and a thriving company (which is impossible), you will need a loan at least one point in your life. Even businessmen get a low interest personal loan in Balestier to patch up their working capital needs.

With the growing need for a low-interest personal loan in Singapore, licensed moneylenders in Balestier have created flexible loan products. However, the increasing demand for private loans gives more opportunities for loan sharks. As a result, they prey on innocent borrowers.

Facts and Top Risks when Borrowing Low Interest Personal Loan in Balestier from Loan Sharks

Credit Score Damage

You will damage your credit score if you get a loan from a loan shark. Either you repay the loan diligently or don’t repay the agreed amount does not make any difference. However, your credit record will reflect on the credit bureau. And if you keep on borrowing from unregistered moneylenders, you will end up with zero credit or a credit score. In addition, it means it will be hard to get a housing loan or car loan from banks.

Feeling Stuck

Personal loans from loan sharks will seem unending. If you manage to pay it off, you most likely will have paid twice or thrice the amount of your principal loan. However, if you choose to run, you will suffer from public humility. Loan sharks are famous for their hostility to their borrowers. The aggression usually gets the innocent neighbours involved, too. Ah longs don’t care about who gets affected. What matters to them is to milk cash from borrowers.

This experience can cause hopelessness and depression. Borrow only from reputable lenders such as the licensed moneylenders in Balestier. Registered moneylenders have low interest personal loans with flexible repayment terms. As mandated in the Moneylenders Act, they must access the capability of the borrowers to repay the requested loan amount.

Loss of Financial Flexibility

Loan sharks overcharge loan repayments. When you think that you could repay as soon as possible, you will be surprised with more fees charged. It can lead to shaky finances. A low interest personal loan in Balestier is useful. There are multiple benefits to help you get back to stable financial status. On the other hand, if you borrow from a loan shark, expect a mess in your budget. Tons of hidden charges that you have to pay are yet to surprise you.

Unsecured Transaction

Aside from outrageous fees and aggressive treatments, loan sharks have no shame. They will call your family, friends and colleagues to share your financial status. Also, they will use your personal information and documents for other illegal activities. It is especially dangerous if you have let them keep your ATM card.

While there is an immediate need for a low-interest personal loan, you must only borrow from a licensed moneylender. Always check the registration of a moneylender. It ensures you of a legal transaction. Remember that a low interest personal loan in Balestier must help you get back to financial stability, not pull you deeper into debt. For the best loan experience, get it from the Licensed Moneylenders in Balestier.

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Why Cash Mart?

Looking for a reputable licensed moneylender? Cash Mart started to serve Singaporeans in 1969 to create convenient loan products and help borrowers get back to financial stability. That is why it advocates financial literacy to everyone in all walks of life, from young adults to parents rearing children.

With 48 years of lending experience, cash Mart has continuously created various loan products that can benefit Singaporeans. This includes personal loans for low-income earners. Personal loans with low interest are also a valuable loan solution Cash Mart offers.

If you are looking for a personal loan nearest to you with a competitive interest rate, you should get it from Cash Mart. Apply online and experience the best borrowing experience.