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10 Popular Part Time Jobs in Singapore

Are you looking for extra income but have no idea which is the best option. Here is a list of the top 10 popular part time jobs in Singapore.

Since 2010, the average unemployment rate in Singapore raised to 2.1 per cent. Thus, it is not surprising that Singapore’s employment growth has been slowest since four years ago.

In addition, fresh college graduates face difficult times to land full-time jobs. As a result, it pushes them to pursue further studies or look for part-time jobs in Singapore.

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If you are one of them, here are the ten popular part-time jobs available in the Island Republic.

1. Banquet Server

Hotels and catering service providers are usually on the lookout for part time banquet servers. Unlike in a restaurant, they are assigned to accommodate all guests in an event.

A banquet server’s duties may vary depending on the situation. Nonetheless, they must be able to focus on their job while circulating the room.

2. Service Crew and Waiter

A restaurant service crew is responsible for taking and serving orders. Also, they clean and set the table and handle the cash register if needed.

Usually, there is no minimum requirement to get this part-time job. However, understaffed restaurants would mean you won’t have holiday leave.

3. Bartender

Bartenders are responsible for preparing and serving drinks to customers. Also, it is expected that bartenders can maintain positive guest interaction. Because other than mixing and serving beverages, they also ensure that bar and lounge guests will have a good time.

4. Music Teacher

If you know how to sing or can play an instrument, you might want to give teaching a try. Other than teaching music lessons, a music teacher is also responsible for the following:

  • Planning and preparing lessons
  • Acquiring teaching materials appropriate for their students’ needs
  • Teaching musical theory, auditory skills, and practical music techniques

music teacher | part time jobs in Singapore


5. Warehouse Assistant

If you’re a warehouse assistant, your priority is to ensure that all warehouse activities are functioning and running smoothly.

Basic requirements would be methodical organization skills, a comprehensive understanding of stock management, and inventory control methods.

6. Delivery Driver

While duties and training vary depending on your employer, a delivery driver is responsible for transferring goods from one location to another. The job may also include filling out papers, loading and unloading goods, and talking to customers.

There’s no formal education required to become a delivery driver. However, you must have a driver’s license and possess customer service skills.

7. Event Promoter

An event promoter or helper is responsible for helping with the event set up, guest assistance, registration, and clean up. They may even be involved with the planning.

Meanwhile, being an event promoter is one of the most fun part time jobs in Singapore. Depending on the event, you’ll get to familiarize yourself with varying challenges and job scopes.

And the best part of it is you’ll get a chance to rub elbows with the rich and the famous.

8. Data Entry or Administrative Clerk

If you want to earn while working from home, you might want to be a part-time data entry or administrative clerk.

You’ll be responsible for entering, updating, and maintaining information in a computer database. This database can be as simple as a Google spreadsheet or an online directory.

What’s good about being a data entry clerk is that you get to work in your pyjamas. If you opt to work in an office, you get to sit in a nice chair, air-conditioned, once you’re done with your tasks.

9. Housekeeper or Cleaner

Singaporeans usually pass up a job as a cleaner. Why? Because it comes with small compensation (around SGD 450 – SGD 1500 per month), and the work itself is dirty. No wonder a lot of ex-pats take this part-time job.

A cleaner’s job scope includes sweeping, mopping, and dusting a house or a hotel room.

Housekeeper or Cleaner | Part Time Jobs in Singapore


10. Caregiver

If you’re the kind who loves giving back to the community, working as a caregiver or in elderly care might suit you.

The part time jobs in Singapore include essential care assistance, such as helping the elderlies in their day-to-day activities.

It is ideal if you have a background in primary school education, can speak basic English, and can commit your weekdays.

 Applying for part time jobs in Singapore can sure help with your finances. However, it would help if you also treated it as a way to gain experience.

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Acquire industry insights while forging new relationships. After all, it’s better to be productive than bum around.

Do you currently have a part-time job? Share your experience in the comments section!

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