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One Motoring: Why Is It Top Vehicle Online Portal

One Motoring is a customer-centric one-stop portal launched in 2000 by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to serve all motorists and vehicle owners in Singapore. Its current management isNCS Portal City. So it ensures quality service and high online visitor satisfaction. Today, it is Singapore’s Top Vehicle Online Portal.

With this site, Singaporeans can enjoy the online convenience when getting road tax renewal, bidding for COE, paying traffic fines, looking for helpful information on selling and buying vehicles, and even viewing real-time traffic conditions in the city-state.

One Motoring covers information and services related to every part of the entire life-cycle of a vehicle.

Over the years, One Motoring can handle the increasing portal traffic without charging any costs to the users. ONEMOTORING Forum aids to increase the number of vibrant, active, and responsible motorists in the community.

One Motoring Lifestyle

In addition, if you sign up as a Happenings Lifestyle Member, you will get access to exclusive members-only privileges such as contests and promotions.

Be posted for auto shows, industry news, Formula One racing, and technology development updates worldwide.

Suppose you are into cars, One Motoring will help you maintain and modify your ride. It ensures that you are not beyond the legal guidelines. Also, you can access the complete list of motoring service providers and shops for cars and motorcycles. It includes care products providers, insurance agencies, and bodyworks services.

You can also read articles on car care, maintenance schedules, and necessary car adjustments.

Buying a Car with One Motoring

Suppose it is your first time buying a new car in Singapore, One Motoring will guide you on fees, taxes, and a breakdown of the costs. You will also get familiarized with the different types of vehicles and registrations.

Apart from that, OneMotoring provides a complete guide to know your way around your car and some maintenance tips.

You can also know more about car sharing if you want the convenience and flexibility of using a car without owning one.

Transferring of Vehicle Registration with One Motoring

One Motoring can also help Singaporeans who want to buy or sell a used car.

Aside from a complete guide on transferring ownership of a used car, diplomatic car or a vehicle of a deceased person, this motoring hub also provides necessary online services such as calculation payable road tax, PARF/COE Rebate Details, PARF/COE Rebate at de-registration and Transfer fees.

One Motoring Traffic News

Any incident on the road can cause traffic inconveniences. Fortunately, J-Eyes and EMAS cameras detect road incidents.

One Motoring lets you access real-time traffic information, including road accidents, current ERP rates, road works in progress, vehicle breakdowns and traffic signal status. Updates run every five (5) minutes.

One Motoring Traffic News in Singapore


One Motoring Camera

Expressway Monitoring Advisory System (EMAS) is OneMotoring’s intelligent incident management tool to manage the traffic along the expressways.

Also, it detects any traffic inconveniences from vehicle breakdown and other incidents. Thus, it helps restore regular traffic in no time. If it spots an incident, the recovery crew will deploy and arrive at the location in 15 minutes.

They assist the motorist, remove obstructions and tow broken down vehicles. This way you can avoid any traffic congestion. Thus, it enhances the safety of the motorists.

It serves as an offence if the car owner refuses to tow the vehicle to the nearest car park by the recovery crew.

OneMotoring COE

Whether you want to bid for a new Certificate of Entitlement (COE) or renew an existing one, OneMotoring will help you.

The OneMotoring site will direct you to the Open Bidding System of the Land Transport Authority (LTA). The bidding exercises for new COEs usually commence on the first and third Monday of the month at 12 pm and will last for 3 working days.

If you plan to renew your COE, you need the completed and signed application form. In addition, a cheque for payment must be payable to the “LAND TRANSPORT AUTHORITY”. Take note that postdated cheque is not acceptable.

One Motoring Road Tax

One Monitoring helps vehicle owners to pay their road tax conveniently and smoothly.

There are four ways to pay your road tax.

Via Internet

The service is available from 1 am to 12 midnight. To complete the transaction, spare only 5 minutes for it. You will need your vehicle number, identification number (NRIC/FIN/Passport/ /Association Registration Cert.) and a credit or debit card.

Once you enter the needed details, you need to tick the box below to agree to the set of Terms and Conditions.

A successful road tax renewal is visible by LTA receipt.

Via AXS Stations

It is available daily from 1 am to 12 midnight. 


Submit your application for ‘Interbank GIRO for Road Tax’ to LTA

Via SingPost and Collection Centres

It is essential to renew your road tax before it expires. Take note that LTA is no longer issuing paper road tax discs. That’s why you need to keep a valid copy of your vehicle’s certificate of insurance.

Benefits of One Motoring

As of date, One Motoring can increase usage of critical LTA e-Services by more than 70%. In addition, it delivers high customer satisfaction ratings of 95.3%.

Furthermore, encourage Singaporeans to participate in the motoring community of the city-state actively.

It is no secret that ownership in Singapore is not as easy and cheap as in the neighbouring countries, but OneMotoring made it more convenient. Therefore, it is not a surprise it won various accolades, such as the National Infocomm Award (Singapore).

To become a diligent One Motoring taxpayer is a secured fund. Get it through Cash Mart. It is a licensed moneylender in Singapore that approves a personal loan hassle-free