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Quick Guide: OCBC iBanking in Singapore

The Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited is among Singapore’s top players in the small and medium-sized enterprises market. The Singapore dollar capital market, bancassurance sales, and unit trust distribution are its best assets. Now, it offers free OCBC iBanking.

With OCBC Singapore, you can conveniently enjoy various services through secured internet banking. Here’s a complete guide on using your OCBC Online Banking for your daily banking needs.

OCBC iBanking is free of charge. However, note that standard transactional fees for some banking services may apply.

OCBC iBanking

How to Apply for OCBC iBanking?

There are four (4) ways to apply for OCBC online banking. However, no matter which way you use online banking, you need to satisfy these requirements:

  • Not younger than 16 years old
  • Has a mobile number registered with OCBC
  • Owns an activated OCBC ATM card, principal credit card or debit card, and PIN
  • Has at least one of the following OCBC accounts:
  • Savings Account
  • Current Account
  • Foreign Currency Checking Account
  • Foreign Currency Call Account
  • Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) Account
  • CPF Investment Account

Get OCBC iBanking access via online or mobile banking

1: Go to the online registration page.

2: Fill in all the required information before submitting the form.

3: Get instant access to OCBC online banking.

Get OCBC iBanking access via OCBC ATM

1: Insert your OCBC ATM card into the machine.

2: Enter your ATM PIN and select “Other Services”.

3: Select “Other Services”.

4: Select “Internet / Mobile / Phone Banking”

5: Then tap “Internet / Mobile Banking Application.”

6: Enter your new 6-digit Internet Banking PIN

7: Re-enter your 6-digit Internet Banking PIN and wait for the transaction receipt stating your access code for your login.

8: Select the 2FA token of your choice.

Get OCBC iBanking access by mail.

1: Complete the online banking application form.

2: Mail the duly filled in form to:

Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd

Account Services

Bras Basah Post Office

Locked Bag Service No. 8

Singapore 911886

Get OCBC iBanking access personally at any OCBC branch in Singapore

1: Visit a branch.

2: Select your Internet Banking PIN.

3: Start accessing Online Banking.

How to update your personal details via OCBC Online Banking?

1: Log in to online banking.

2: Click “Customer Service” right at the top navigation bar.

3: Select “Change personal details”.

4: Change the details you want to update.

5: Click “Next”.

6: Make sure that every detail is correct.

7: Authorise transactions using your hardware token.

8: Click “Submit” to save changes.

What are the OCBC iBanking Services?

Singaporeans are now enjoying the advantages of technology. Many even think that the time for going totally cashless is near. That’s why internet banking is necessary for every Singaporean’s lifestyle.

Keeping up with the fast-paced trend, OCBC iBanking brings many services. With OCBC internet banking, you can pay your bills, settle your fines, access your OCBC accounts and investments, pay your OCBC credit cards, transfer funds even to other banks, top-up cards and apply for an IPO.

How to Login to OCBC iBanking

1: Go to the OCBC Login page via your PC, OCBC mobile banking app or your smartphone’s browser.

2: Enter your access code and PIN you acquired when you signed up.

3: Key in the one-time password (OTP) sent to you through SMS or Hardware Token.

Avoid accessing your OCBC online banking account using a public or shared PC. It is to keep your banking details safe from malicious programs or viruses.

Common OCBC iBanking Login Problems

In case you encounter any of these problems when logging in, follow the given steps.

I can’t log in to OCBC online banking.

If you are accessing your OCBC iBanking account through a local area network, you need to ensure that it allows secured transactions online.

Also, it helps that you clear your cache and cookies in your browser.

How to clear cache and cookies in Internet Explorer

1: Go to “Tools”

2: Choose “Internet Options”

3: At Temporary Internet Files, select Delete Files and Cookies

4: Tick the “Delete all offline content” and select “OK”

5: Go to settings

6: Select “View Files”

7: Choose “Edit”

8: “Select All”

9: Choose “File”

10: Click “Delete”

How to clear cache and cookies in Netscape

1: Go to “Netscape”

2: Click “Preferences”

3: Select “Advanced”

4: Choose “Cache”

5: Click “Clear Memory Cache” and “Clear Disk Cache”

How to clear cache and cookies in Chrome

1: Open Chrome.

2: Click “More” on the top right of the page.

3: Click “More Tools”

4: Select “Clear browsing data”

5: Choose a time range or select “All time”

6: Tick the boxes next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”

7: Click “Clear data”

How to clear cache and cookies in Safari

1: Go to “Safari”

2: Select “Empty cache”

I forgot my Access Code or PIN

1: Go to the OCBC reset page.

2: Fill in your necessary personal details, the last 8-digits of your card number and your 6-digit PIN.

3: Type in your One Time Password (OTP), which will send to your registered mobile number.

4: Upon successful verification, you can retrieve your OCBC online banking access or reset your Online Banking PIN.

If you are a new customer, you can also request New Hardware Token and Sign up for Online Banking.

How to Know If You Are Visiting the Legitimate OCBC Website

Phishing activities are growing prevalent around the world. The fraudsters create bank websites that look identical to the authentic ones.

Once you enter your personal and banking details, they access and use them to get your money or even pose as you do online transactions.

Protect yourself from this risk. Ensure that the website you are visiting belongs to OCBC Bank.

  • A security icon looks like a lock or key appears before the website URL.
  • The URL starts with ‘https://’ (’)
  • The URL must not contain any misspelt words or random letters/numbers.

OCBC guarantees a full refund of any money that has been transferred out of your account. If it is due to fraudulent activities via its Internet Banking Services, you don’t have to worry. 

How to Pay Bills via OCBC Internet Banking

1: Log in to OCBC online banking.

2: Click the “Payment & transfer” menu.

3: Select “Pay Bills”.

4: Select “Pay billing organisation”.

5: Select the bill you want to pay.

What is OCBC Voice Banking

Say, “Ok Google, talk to OCBC” to access your OCBC account online.

OCBC Bank is the first in Singapore to have launched an AI-powered voice banking service in partnership with Google. You can now access OCBC Bank’s services through Google Assistant via Google Home devices or your smartphone.

OCBC iBanking helps you manage your finances. But if you need a faster cash loan during demanding financial emergencies, you can conveniently apply for a loan from Cash Mart online.