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Need a Job? Here are 5 Steps to Make Catchy Resumes

Most of us make catchy resumes to land a job. But, of course, it may just be a page or two. However, creating an effective resume may be your ticket to your chosen career path.

How will you catch your employer’s attention with perhaps hundreds of applicants?

You might have heard that your resume gives your employer the first impression of you. It mirrors your work attitude. Therefore, you can’t just make a lame one out of a template.

Yes, employers are aware that countless templates are hanging around the website. After reading this article, you will learn:

  • How to make a unique resume headline
  • How to create resume profiles
  • Which is a must exclude information
  • And what technicalities must be avoided

Plan your framework and which information you have to include.

Steps to Make Catchy Resumes


Start with a Resume Headline

Keep it short, direct and simple. There is no need for overused adjectives. Instead, a couple of words may be enough to highlight your value as an applicant.

Write your headline below your name and contact information. Then, your employer will only have a few minutes to read your resume. Time is valuable. Seeing your clear headline gives the reader an idea of who you are and what you can do.

3 Simple Tricks for Writing a Resume Headline

  • Keep it short by stating your value as an applicant in one short phrase. It is not even a sentence.
  • Use keywords to help your interviewer easily know if you are fit for the job. Before creating a resume, you should have conducted some research about the company and the specific job position you are applying for. It will help you choose the right keyword.
  • Personalise your headline for each job position in each company you are applying for if you have a few job interviews.


  • Detail-Oriented Web Designer with Multiple Successful Campaigns
  • Results-Driven System Administrator with In-Depth Knowledge of Oracle DB and MySQL
  • Education Graduate with Experience in Tutoring Japanese Students
  • Bilingual Nurse with Five Years’ Experience in Intensive Care Unit

Resume Profiles

Your resume profile may come next after your headline. It is a summary of your qualification. While the resume headline is only a phrase, the resume profile may be in paragraph or bulleted form. Most people prefer the bulleted format. It is concise and on point.


Detail-Oriented Web Designer with Multiple Successful Campaigns

  • Transforms visual designs into completed HTML pages while strictly following the design specifications
  • Implements creative, technical and conceptual digital design solutions
  • Maximises the use of WordPress, making the web pages easily accessible

Professional Contact Information

Some employers prefer seeing the phone number, email and link to your LinkedIn page in just one line.

When it comes to email, make sure that it looks professional. For example, do not include your hobby or favourite band’s name.

  • Do not use emails such as
  • You can use emails such as

Employment History

List your employment status with the most recent first. There is no need to include irrelevant roles on the job training almost 10 years ago.

Include your employer’s name, the exact period you worked in each company and your job title. Make sure to write your job accomplishments instead of job responsibilities.

Instead of “responsible for answering customer inquiries,” you can write “Handled at least 100 customer calls per day.” In addition, you can include related job awards if you have some.


You may include your college and post-graduate job. On the other hand, it is not practical to include your high school education unless you do not have a college degree.

Interpersonal Skills List

There are what you call soft skills. While these are technical skills, they are equally necessary to land the job. An employer values someone who can interact well with co-workers. Choose your words wisely and create an active sentence or phrase.

Instead of writing “When I was in my previous company,” you have to make it into “I have strong motivational skills to…”

It may be easy to create a long list, but make sure that it shows in your character when you meet your potential employer. For example, if you say you are always confident about beating the deadline, your confidence must be seen in your personality.


Nurse: empathic, caring, and passionate

Sales Manager: friendly, persuasive, convincing

Select a resume layout but not totally copy it.

Personalise it to make catchy resumes. Employers will know if your resume is only a downloaded template. It is obvious if you just filled in the blanks.

To make catchy resumes, use professional format text 

Your text must seem professional. Use Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman, or Verdana. Then, use bold and italics to highlight the details.

Save in various formats.

Save in Microsoft Word, PDF, and other formats. Furthermore, save in your PC, USB, or cloud for backups.


  • Customise to make catchy resumes according to the job position you are applying for.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Most employers get annoyed with this. However, it shows if you have an eye for details.
  • Make it concise and check for grammatical errors.
  • Read the employer’s job posting and match your resume to it.

Creating a resume may be challenging, but you really have to do it to put all the details you already have. So be genuine and highlight what you have to offer.

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