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Licensed Moneylenders Yishun


Yishun is a residential town situated in the northeastern corner of the North Region of Singapore. Also, it is formerly known as Nee Soon.

Yishun Bus Interchange serves its commuters until Northpoint City and the nearest MRT station is Yishun MRT Station. There are three MRT stations located in Yishun: the Yishun MRT Station, Khatib MRT Station, and Springleaf MRT Station. 

Singapore is popular for its parks, gardens and recreational facilities. Yishun has two major parks known as the Yishun Park and the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park. In addition, Yishun does not only offer recreational facilities. But, it provides financial assistance to its residents as needed just like the licensed moneylenders in Yishun.

Payday Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Yishun

Payday loan is an unsecured loan offered by licensed money lenders in Yishun. It is known for its fast loan process and flexible repayment terms.

It is a useful instant loan offered to employed Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and expats. There is no need to prolong your financial emergencies. In fact, more Singaporeans are now discovering its various benefits. That’s why it is becoming more popular across the city-state. Also, you can settle your unexpected expenses like hospitalisation, car repairs or even overdue bills. All the while, it helps you in building your credit score.

Benefits of Payday Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Yishun

Singaporeans in Yishun typically get a payday loan for the benefits it offers. 

Fast transaction

You will never know when an emergency will come.

Getting a hard time applying for a higher loan amount due to a bad credit score?

Afraid your credit card bill won’t get paid on time?

Are you a foreigner who needs to send cash back home due to a family emergency?

If you need cash now, you can apply for a payday loan. Fortunately, licensed moneylenders in Yishun approve payday loan applications almost instantly. As a result, the application process is very simple and quick. That’s why its residents choose it most of the time.

You have to provide the needed information on the online forms. This includes your name and contact number. Then, you will receive a call if you get pre-approved. For the final verification, you will be asked to visit the office in person.

In addition, your loan approval may only take from 30 minutes to an hour after the loan officer verifies your credibility. So you won’t wait too long for their approval.

Once your loan is approved, you can immediately get your borrowed cash.


A payday loan is very popular due to its convenience. You can simply apply for your loan online to a licensed money lender in Yishun. Imagine, you can start your process within the comfort of your home.

Afterwards, they will notify you if you’re pre-approved and that’s the time where you will go directly to their office. It’s less hassle. You will only go to their office once pre-approved. Therefore, it will save you time and effort. You don’t need to go to their office if you didn’t receive any notice. Don’t fret. As long as you provide all the correct information, high chance of pre-approval is at your fingertips.

In addition, a loan officer will speak with you to verify your information. Once approved, the loan officer will explain your rights and duties as a borrower. You can always ask them for further clarification. Finally, the loan officer will discuss your flexible loan term. Once everything is settled, you’ll surely get your loan immediately. Don’t forget your responsibility as a borrower. Always settle your repayment diligently.

Boost credit rating

A payday loan is one way to boost your credit rating. Do it by fulfilling your short repayment period successfully. After you settle your payday loan, you can avail another loan from your licensed moneylenders in Yishun.

A lot can happen in the long term. It can hinder you from being a responsible payer. For example, another financial emergency can occur like hospitalisation or job loss.

Defaulting will incur fees and penalties. Thus, increasing the cost of your loan. If you have another source of income, it is better since you can settle your loan balance.

You may think that a credit card seems convenient. However, you have to control your spending. If you fail to do so, you fail in protecting your credit score. Unfortunately, most cardholders find this task outrageously difficult.

Always keep in mind that once you take out a loan, be serious in your repayment. Don’t miss out on your payment. Also, don’t default to keep your credit rating healthy.

If you find yourself caught up with all of your expenses, look up for licensed moneylenders in Yishun. They will surely assist you in taking out a loan. In addition, they teach you about financial management.

A payday loan is a great help in your emergency expenses. You can claim extra cash quickly and settle your loan in a short period. 

In addition, you must make sure that you are getting it from a reputable money lender in Singapore. A licensed money lender will always give you a loan with competitive fees and fair deals. You can assure the best borrowing experience from licensed moneylenders in Yishun.

Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart Singapore is a licensed moneylender like no other. It is fully compliant with the Moneylenders Act as mandated, authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw). Furthermore, it acknowledges and understands that every client has unique financial needs to resolve. And we believe that trust and integrity is the most valuable currency in this industry.

In 48 years, Cash Mart earned an unmatched experience in moneylending industry. Withstanding the constantly fluctuating market, it has discovered the secret to becoming the most sought after private moneylender in Singapore. It is to put clients’ interests as the center of every business decision, whether optimising the website or creating new loan products. Mediocre financial solutions are not enough.

As a top licensed moneylender in Singapore, Cash Mart believes that while Singaporeans need loan products, they must also get it in the most convenient way…


This is why we have online loan applications! We want to be available to everyone who seeks financial assistance any time of the day, wherever part of the city-state you are. Our personal loan  Singapore products are planned to provide quality solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life.

Use our loans from bridging a financial gap to turning your dreams into reality.

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