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Licensed Moneylenders West Coast

West Coast

West Coast is a subzone area in Clementi. Also, it is in western Singapore that lies in the West Coast GRC. 

West Coast offers private houses, condominiums, and town centres. These are West Coast Community Centre, Ang Chee Sia Ong Temple, Clementi West Market and West Coast Plaza. 

Furthermore, West Coast is connected with an array of road networks. Examples are the West Coast Road and West Coast Highway. These roads link to various sports and recreational facilities. These are namely the West Coast Park, Clementi Woods Park, Clementi Stadium and West Bowl. 

West Coast gives out the best financial assistance the licensed moneylender offers within the area. 

How to Start a Loan in West Coast?

Taking an online personal loan in West Coast is like a walk in the park. Its online feature makes everything fast and simple. So take a look at this. 

  1. Search for a licensed money lender near you. Also, consider if the loan you need is their loan product and services. Many money lenders are available now. Therefore, choose a trusted and reputable one before sending in your application. 
  2. Complete the loan application form online at the official money lending website. Do this during your break or any time at home. Also, it takes only a few minutes to accomplish all the required information. 
  3. Answer the loan representative when they contact you. Remember to provide your active phone number so you won’t miss their call. In addition, your proper communication with the loan advisor determines your pre-approval. 
  4. Visit the trusted money lending office at West Office. Moreover, bring the completed requirements and submit them to the loan advisor. This visit takes about 30 minutes to an hour since the advisor will talk more about your chosen loan product and the flexible loan terms and conditions. Keep a note of all the crucial details. 
  5. Claim your quick cash loan on the day of your visit. There’s no need to go back the next day. It’s a one-stop visit to the licensed money lender’s office on West Coast. Repay your loan amount on time or as quickly as possible.

It’s as easy as that. You can have the instant loan cash within a day or two. Look for licensed moneylenders in West Coast and learn more about the loan products and services. 

How to Choose the Right Licensed Moneylenders in West Coast?

The money lending industry in Singapore provides strict regulations. However, there are still lending companies that don’t oblige. For your safety and security, make sure that you borrow money from a lending institution that submits to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Law. It’s not nice to interact with an illegal unlicensed lender and pay more because of exorbitant interest rates. 

Help yourself from becoming a victim of unlicensed lenders. Therefore, be familiar with the characteristics of a reputable one. 

Ministry of Law listing

The Ministry of Law website is the first step in identifying a licensed lending company. This website keeps a current listing of every licensed private money lender in Singapore. 

The Ministry of Law remains up to date in this list, immediately adding new members to avoid borrowers’ confusion. Licensed moneylenders in West Coast reflect on the website. Also, it proves that they are not frauds. Instead, you are safe in taking up a loan. 


Licensed money lenders must be transparent to every borrower. Therefore, they laid and explained all the terms and conditions to you thoroughly from the onset of the loan application. 

Besides, reputable lenders ensure that you understand all the requirements needed for the loan and answer questions until you’re satisfied. Contact the licensed moneylenders in West Coast representative if you need assistance before an office visit. They are glad to review your financial situation and find a payday loan package that suits you best. 

On top of that, legal money lenders discuss the interest rate, loan tenure and various repayment options available. If you feel that they don’t answer your questions adequately or the advisor keeps on dodging them, you should look for a new lender. 

Loan Amount

According to the legal guidelines of licensed lenders, they base your loan amount on your monthly income. So check how much you’ll be able to borrow with your regular salary with a loan calculator. 

If your lender is willing to grant a loan amount exceeding what is allowed in your income, leave them immediately, for this is what a loan shark does. 

Unlike licensed moneylenders in West Cost, they say upfront the ceiling amount for your loan. 

Loan Contract

Observe the note of the contract given to you by your chosen lender. It must contain the following information. 

  • Borrowed loan amount 
  • Charged interest rate
  • Repayment period
  • Repayment options
  • Charges and fees, including penalties

If a lender disburses funds prior to contract signing is probably an unlicensed moneylender. Review the contract and fine prints thoroughly. If you find something unclear, ask questions with the loan advisors on West Coast. They explain everything until it’s clear. Remember, your contract should be precise and on point. 

Interest Charged

The Ministry of Law has stringent guidelines, especially on interest rates. For example, every licensed money lender should not exceed 4% of the principal per month. No licensed money lender will dictate their own interest since the law already lays it out. 

Licensed moneylenders in West Coast do not charge outrageous interest rates because they don’t want borrowers to be in a debt trap for more extended periods. 


There are only three types of fees for every borrower that can be charged on top of interest. These are:

  • Loan processing fee. Also known as upfront free service and should not be more than 10% of the principal. 
  • Late payment fee. The amount charged must not exceed $60 monthly, and the accumulation is every month only. 
  • Legal fee. The court orders the legal costs for a successful claim by the moneylender for loan recovery. 

Be responsible for knowing the right and legitimate money lenders in Singapore. Every characteristic is in your best interest. So take charge of your finances and visit licensed moneylenders in West Coast now. 

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