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Licensed Moneylenders Ubi


Ubi is known for the Ubi MRT Station (DT27). It is an underground MRT on the Downtown Line in the Geylang planning area. Also, it is near the junction of Ubi Avenue 1 and 2.

With this station, industrial workers and residents ease travel in and around Kampong Ubi estate. In addition, it provides easier access to schools, markets and licensed moneylenders in Ubi. 

Secure a Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Ubi

Got financial problems?

Can’t seem to balance your budget and expenses? 

No worries. You got licensed moneylenders in Ubi to lean on.

Just apply for a loan. Get approved within a day and manage your financial problem with ease. Don’t forget to repay on time for future benefits.

Although it is pretty easy to take out a loan, searching for a reliable lender is challenging. Recently, there has been an increase in loan sharks or unlicensed money lenders around Ubi. Therefore, you must be vigilant whenever interacting with lenders. To ensure a safe loan application, you need to spot the difference between loan sharks and licensed moneylenders in Ubi.

Loan Sharks vs Licensed Moneylenders in Ubi

Loan sharks are in camouflage that you need to differentiate from licensed lenders. Spotting them is quite tricky, but you can decline loan sharks’ offers without hesitation if you know their common characteristics. The following describes what a loan shark is:

Not included in the list of licensed money lenders

Licensed money lenders are listed as advised by the Moneylenders Act. If a lender is not on the list, consider it loan sharks.

Displays physical or emotional pressure

Loan sharks persuade their borrowers like how teenage peer pressure does. If you feel pressured by your lender to apply for a loan, think for a while. Tactics done by loan sharks are more on emotional pressure. Also, they will coerce you to continue your loan application. Plus, they won’t let you weigh the pros and cons and discuss the repayment plan. 

Forces to keep the SingPass 

Every  Singaporean has a SingPass. Loan sharks will tell you that they need your SingPass to process your loan. However, it is strictly prohibited. You, the owner of the SingPass, should be responsible for keeping it safe.

Takes the original copy of personal documents

Show your original copy with the photocopied documents as you submit your requirements. Licensed moneylenders in Ubi need to compare your documents. 

On the other hand, loan sharks take both the original and copy. It is not allowed by the law. You have the right to keep your original documents and IDs like NRIC card, personal ID, passport and ATM. If your lender insists, you may consult help from authorities. 

Vague contract

Read your contract carefully with complete understanding. If you have questions about the statements in the agreement, always ask your lender and clarify every detail. Licensed moneylenders in Ubi are willing to explain and discuss all your questions. 

Unlike loan sharks, their contract contains vague statements. If you ask further about it, their answers are not accurate. Also, look out for possible hidden fees stated within the contract. It is one of the loan sharks’ ways of earning more from you. So before you sign that contract, make sure you understand it clearly. In addition, always ask for your contract copy from the licensed lenders. 

Single document process

The payday loan process as of today is easy. You don’t have to fill up long forms and submit many requirements. Although there is a particular list of requirements, a single document will not suffice. 

Loan sharks will convince you that the latest process wouldn’t need another paper to prove your credibility. You should know that this is forbidden. Lenders practising this are most likely loan sharks. Licensed moneylenders in Ubi treat each application with due process.

Upfront processing fee

Licensed moneylenders in Ubi will ask you to pay the processing fee. Settle in according to your preference. It can be included in the repayment on an instalment basis or is deducted from the principal loan upon disbursement. You have these options to manage your financial problem. 

Meanwhile, loan sharks will insist you pay the processing fee in cash before proceeding with your instant loan application. They are not considerate of your situation that you need quick cash immediately. Also, they promise to give out the money after payment of the processing fee. Come to think of it, how will you pay them if you need cash from them? 

Common Misinterpretation about a Personal Loan in Ubi

People in Ubi are hesitant in taking out a personal loan because they are not knowledgeable enough. They typically believe that personal loans are the following.

High-interest rates

Online personal loans are best when taken in a shorter term. First, you’ll finish your repayment fast. Then, you can take up another loan right after. While taking up a longer-term accumulates your interest. Thus, making you pay more than you intend to. 

In addition, licensed moneylenders in Ubi do not charge an interest rate higher than 4%.

Plenty of requirements

Licensed moneylenders in Ubi do not require borrowers to submit a long list of paperwork. However, certain IDs like NRIC card, personal ID, passport and SingPass are vital. Moreover, your employment record. Compared to traditional lending requirements, personal loan paperwork is easier to accomplish. There is no need for collateral or a co-borrower.

Emergency purposes only

Licensed moneylenders in Ubi offer products and services for all sorts of borrowers and their purposes. Emergency situations are a common reason. But, it doesn’t mean you can only take out a loan in this case. Also, you can get a loan for business expansion, unforeseen hikes in utility bills, time-sensitive purchases, investments, wedding purchases, and the list goes on.

You can use a loan for whatever purpose you want. Applying for a loan secures your financial management as long as you deal with licensed money lenders. Keep in mind that a flexible personal loan is for everybody. You can get a loan in any financial situation you’re in. Only have a transaction with legal lenders and repay on time.