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Licensed Moneylenders Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is a housing estate within the Bukit Merah Planning Area in the Central Region of Singapore. The main estate consists of 30 apartment blocks with more than 900 units. Also, it has high-rise Housing Development Board (HDB) flats and condominiums. 

Aside from this, Tiong Bahru is now home to hipster cafes, murals, indie boutiques, start-ups, galleries and more. Plus, it entertains its residents living on top of their lifestyle. But, it has a hard time sustaining it. Thankfully, licensed moneylenders in Tiong Bahru exist. They help residents organize their finances through a loan application. 

Getting a Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Tiong Bahru

The money lending industry boomed as expected. People in Tiong Bahru experienced it first hand. They learn how to manage their financial crisis with licensed moneylenders in Tiong Bahru. It has quick and easy steps, and these are as follows.

  1. Submit a completed online loan application form with a licensed moneylender. Once you decide the loan type you need, figure out the best lender for you. Afterwards, apply for an instant loan online.
  2. Talk to a representative. He/She will discuss the subsequent procedures. Also, you may ask your questions to the loan executive. They will enlighten your doubts and queries. Plus, they will explain the documents needed. 
  3. Visit the official workplace of the licensed moneylender. Bring with you the documents required. Also, take time to have a chat with the lender’s executive. Be knowledgeable before indulging in your loan. 
  4. Wait for confirmation of your loan approval. Then, sign the contract with complete understanding. It should be of your own free will. Ensure that there’s no pressure from the lending company. 
  5. Receive your loan cash and receipt. But don’t forget your repayment obligations. The lender’s executive must explain it beforehand.

Your online loan application will not take much of your time. However, it takes at least a day or two to finish the whole process. Just be safe and secure that you’re dealing with a trusted moneylender. 

How to Find Licensed Moneylenders in Tiong Bahru

As the lending industry expands its products and services, moneylenders progress. Therefore, it is crucial that you only have your transactions with licensed moneylenders in Tiong Bahru. No worries. You can easily recognize them. Look for the following characteristics.

Included in the List of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore

The Ministry of Law released a list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Check it out first beforehand. It saves your time and effort. Then, shop around for moneylenders. If a lender is not on the list, they are not the trusted ones you’re looking for. 

Friendly and accommodating staff

As you visit the lender’s office, you will experience hospitable and accommodating staff. In addition, they are patient enough to guide you. Also, they explain every step of the loan process and every detail clearly. Taking out a loan as initially planned is easy with this kind of behaviour. 

Transparent contract

Applying for a loan like a payday loan needs an understandable contract. A moneylender’s executive explained it to you. Hidden charges and fees and vague statements are not part of it. Take this advice. Reading it with complete comprehension is a must. Afterwards, you sign the contract. 

Provides a Contract Copy

You have the right to have a copy of your loan contract. But, it would be best if you inspected for any alterations in your contract copy. Also, it must be duly notarized. Licensed moneylenders in Tiong Bahru practice this, earning trust and a good reputation. 

Attainable List of Requirements

Your loan application requires your paperwork. Don’t stress too much about it. Most of these are easy to accomplish. The majority of the requirements are basically inside your house. For example, your personal and national IDs and passport are within your possession.  

Regulated Processing Fee

Licensed moneylenders in Tiong Bahru know the proper computation of the processing fee. As stated by the Ministry of Law, the maximum cost is 10%. Also, it should be done either on an instalment basis or deducted from the loan amount. In addition, they are aware of the prohibitions. Collecting payments of more than 10% is a big no-no. Also, the collection before a loan process starts is a red flag. 

Be guided in choosing a licensed moneylender, as explained above. Remember that borrowing money is a solution to financial problems. It is not the other way around.

Why Cash Mart?

Are you looking for the nearest moneylender who understands your personal financial needs? Your search is over! Wherever you are, you can apply for Cash Mart’s personal loans at any time of the day. Also, there is no need to worry about office hours, even if you have a hectic working schedule. You have to go online to start your loan application. And it gets better with Cash Mart’s professional team. They put their clients at the centre of everything they do. We focus on clients’ convenience in mind, from processing loan applications to creating better loan products. It results in a user-friendly website, the fastest turn-around time and flexible loan terms. In almost five decades of lending experience, we have built a long list of loyal clientele. It is the fruit of our excellent products served with integrity in every stage of our loan process.

Cash Mart is an established moneylending company known to push boundaries. It offers flexi loans to low-income earners, personal loans with low interest rates and financial guides to help you balance your finances. Because Cash Mart does not only aim to be your best moneylenders, it has the vision to become Singaporean’s financial partner.

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