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Licensed Moneylenders Shenton Way

Shenton Way

Shenton Way is a major trunk road in the Central Area of Singapore. It is popular for commercial skyscrapers flanking on both sides of the road. In addition, the road is a one-way street, built almost entirely on reclaimed land of Telok Ayer Basin. 

Furthermore, Shenton Way is Singapore’s Wall Street because of the commercial developments and government offices built in the 1970s. As of today, it continues to be a prime commercial address on par with Raffles Place.

With the growth and development of Shenton Way, its citizens needed financial assistance to cope with their high standard of living. Licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way positively affect them in their financial management. 

How to Get a Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Shenton Way

If you find yourself in trouble with your finances, go to the nearest well-trusted licensed moneylender. They have a wide variety of products and services offered, like online personal loans. The application process is hassle-free as long as you have a strong internet connection. Just follow the steps below. 

  1. Identify the appropriate and trusted lender for your online personal loan application. Check their official website to see if they are licensed.
  2. Fill up the instant online loan application form and wait for an immediate response from the lender’s representative. First, listen to the instruction given to you. Then, write it down so you can remember it. 
  3. Visit the moneylender’s office and bring your requirements as well. An executive from the office will conduct a thorough interview to assess your credibility. Be honest at all times.
  4. Read the contract and understand the terms and conditions and fees included. Then, clarify vague statements with the lender. Afterwards, sign the notarised contract and get your copy.
  5. Claim your loan cash from the cashier and verify it through the receipt. Keep your receipts in a secured place. Also, pay your dues diligently. 

Failure of payment means defaulting. Moreover, you’re at great risk of adding up your fees. Avoid this by dealing only with the licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way.

Quick Guide to Personal Loans in Shenton Way

Personal loans are proven the best way of solving financial issues with licensed moneylenders. Check out the following guidelines to know if you’re on the safe side of your loan process.

Modulated interest rates 

Online personal loans are short-term loans with strictly regulated interest rates. It’s better to pay off your loan in a short time. The accumulated interest rates cost more instead of taking out instant cash with a longer repayment term. 

Keep in mind that only loan sharks charge outrageous interest rates without basis. Therefore, it is best for you only to have your loan processed by licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way.

Visit personally 

Submit your requirements to the lender’s office personally. Even though online lending is common nowadays, sending in your documents thru fax is strictly prohibited by the law. However, it ensures privacy and security on your part. Don’t worry, your stay in the office won’t take all day. 

Website promotion

The marketing strategy of licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way is to develop their own website. Therefore, the authorities do not allow the use of social media, flyers, posters, or any kind of advertisement.

No pre-termination charge

You can pay off your instant cash on time or settle it ahead without additional charges during your repayment, as stated in the Moneylenders Act.

Unlike banks or other lending companies, penalise borrowers who pay off ahead of time. Beware of them. 

Payment mode

You can pay off your loan amount either online or at the office. Select the payment mode that suits you best. If the moneylender’s office is near your place, you can always drop by for payment. But if you prefer online payment, link your account with sufficient funds. 

On-time payments

Missing out on payments means penalty fee accumulation, thus paying more. It is avoidable if you pay off your loan amount on time. Also, on-time payments are rewarding in nature. Your trusted lender can give you a higher loan amount in the future and a positive credit score. 

Credit Ghost

Most zero credit score bearers are first-time borrowers. Other lending companies do not entertain these kinds of borrowers. If ever they do, they grant a smaller loan amount. On the other hand, licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way approve them. 

Knowing how the loan process works with reputable lenders is very helpful in your future financial plans. So always take out a loan with the licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way and repay diligently. 

Clear Warning Signs of Loans Sharks in Shenton Way

Nowadays, the lending process is straightforward and convenient. Moneylenders are accessible everywhere, just like loan sharks. Familiarise yourself with the following characteristics to avoid them.

Not enlisted 

The Registry of the Moneylenders provided a list of Licensed moneylenders in Singapore. If a lender is on the list, they’re probably loan sharks. Search for a licensed moneylender within the list near your area. 

Persuades in a threatening behaviour

Persuasion with either physical or emotional pressure is one of the standard features of loan sharks. They convince you to immediately take out a payday loan and present the terms and conditions without too much explanation. 

Licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way present all their products and services properly without threatening you.

Keeps original documents

Loan sharks always ask for your original documents even though the law prohibits them. They are persistent in taking it without acceptable reasons.

On the other hand, licensed moneylenders in Shenton Way ask you to only present the original copy for verification purposes. Therefore, be aware that you should submit an only photocopy. 

Apply for a flexible online personal loan now and get approved in no time by following the correct procedure. Be guided accordingly as discussed above. Also, stay out from the lurking loan sharks. Keep in mind that your personal loan solves financial problems, especially if you partner with licensed moneylenders. Finally, be a diligent payer of your instant cash loan.