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Licensed Moneylenders Serangoon


Serangoon, a residential town in the Northeast Region of Singapore, has an original bus interchange along the Serangoon Central. In addition, it has a large part of the Northeast MRT Line that runs parallel with the arterial road. Alongside this are the stations of Little India, Farrer Park, Boon Keng, Potong Pasir, Woodleigh, Serangoon, and Kovan. 

Also, Serangoon offers a wide variety of opportunities for its residents. But many individuals still experience rough financial times every once in a while. Fortunately, there are licensed moneylenders in Serangoon. 

10 Simple Steps to Get a Loan in Serangoon 

The lending industry evolves to accommodate all sorts of borrowers. One of its perfect examples is its availability online. Like shopping, you can take out a loan with the internet’s help. 

But how does it work?

Step 1:

When you have decided to get a loan, search for licensed moneylenders thru the internet. Legal lenders do not use social media ads and other kinds of advertisements. So you have to browse the net to identify the legit websites and which lender best suits you. To be safe, you have to check the list of licensed money lenders in Singapore.

Step 2:

Once you find a licensed lender, identify if the loan you need is offered. For example, will you need a car loan, a wedding loan, a payday loan, or a multi-purpose personal loan? Once you find the loan you need, you should make sure that you fit the eligibility requirements.

Step 3:

Fill up the application form online and be honest with all the details.  Filling up forms doesn’t mean you write everything down. Since you are applying for an online loan, you can use it through your computer or laptop. It is less complicated since you can correct your mistakes without ruining the form. 

Step 4:

Wait for approval-in-principle. Unlike traditional lending, the waiting time is shorter. It usually takes a few hours to know if you’re pre-approved. Pre-approval or approval in-principle is different from approval. Pre-approved means the lender considers your application. Plus, you have a high chance of approval. Once you receive this decision, you can proceed to the next step. 

Step 5:

A representative will verify your basic information and invite you to the lender’s office. Being pre-approved allows you to talk to the representative and clarify certain information. Also, the representative will explain more about how the loan process takes place. Once you have understood everything, the representative will invite you to visit their office. 

Step 6:

Before proceeding to the lender’s office, make sure you have the complete requirements. Visiting the office means you have to submit your documents. When giving your documents, keep in mind that the original copy stays with you. In addition, don’t give out the original copy for your safety and privacy. 

Step 7:

Personnel in the office will conduct a thorough interview. Answer them honestly as they verify all your answers from your documents. Also, they will discuss the repayment plans that best suit you. 

Step 8:

You don’t have to come back to the lender’s office to know if you’re approved. Also, you can make your application during break time at work. Therefore, it won’t consume much of your time. 

Step 9:

Once your loan gets approved, get the cash disbursed quickly. You can ensure your loan approval and bring home your quick cash if you follow the steps above.

Step 10:

Pay off your debts. Your loan responsibilities do not end when you get your cash. It continues until you repay the loan amount and interest completely. So finish your obligation on time and get a chance at a higher loan amount in the future. 

Borrowing money is as easy as that. Be sure to comply with all the steps. Then, your loan will be approved. 

Purpose of Personal Loan with Licensed Moneylenders in Serangoon

Anyone can apply for a loan as long as you know when and where you will use it. The following are some reasons why people in Serangoon get a loan. 

Home renovation

Licensed moneylenders in Serangoon give out personal loans to people who need home renovation. For example, residents in Serangoon may have purchased a condo that’s not yet fully furnished. They may have funds for the purchase. However, they lack the cash to refurbish the place. It is where a personal loan can help. 

An unsecured personal loan can help you buy pieces of furniture and gadgets. Plus, you can redecorate your place.  

Avoid borrowing from families and friends.

Your families and friends are always there to help in any troubles you face. But the financial aspect needs a different approach. For example, when you borrow money from your families and friends, they might reject you upfront because they also need cash. Also, it may strain your relationship with them if you fail to repay them on time.

Help out your families and friends.

If you can’t lend money to your family or friends, you can help them out by borrowing money for them. Often, some borrowers get rejected because they can’t complete their requirements. Be careful, though, and make sure that your family and friends pay you on time. 

Cash for foreign workers

Licensed moneylenders in Serangoon accommodate several types of borrowers. Furthermore, it includes foreign workers. So if you are an expat who needs to send money back home, don’t worry. A personal loan can help you.

Singapore based their credits through the Credit Bureau. Moreover, it includes both locals and foreigners. The lending industry has improved to help borrowers manage their finances. It has a faster processing time and offers plenty of repayment options. You can apply for a loan for whatever reason you need it as long as you pay as expected.