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Licensed Moneylenders Rochor


Rochor is another planning area in the Central Region of Singapore. It shares boundaries with other planning areas like Kallang, Newton, Museum and Downtown Core. 

Rochor is famous for its shopping centres. These are The Verge, formerly known as Tekka Mall and Tekka Centre. 

People in Rochor can easily travel around. All thanks to its Rochor MRT Station.

As much as the people of Rochor want to handle their finances on their own, they know it’s impossible. Specific scenarios happen, and emergency cash is needed. But, with the licensed moneylenders in Rochor, everything is possible. 

Steps in Taking Out a Personal Loan in Rochor

Citizens of Rochor claim that they need financial assistance like everyone else. Therefore, they are glad to have licensed moneylenders in Rochor to provide them with exactly what fits their needs. The personal loan procedure is so easy that they can do it without too much fuss. Just take one step at a time. For sure,  your instant loan approval is within your reach. 

  1. Recognise if an instant online loan is necessary. Afterwards, partner up with the best-licensed moneylender near your place.
  2. Apply through an online application form. Complete all the required information for fast verification of your request. 
  3. Communicate politely with the representative. First, they conduct an initial assessment for your instant cash application. Then, listen carefully to the following instructions. 
  4. Complete your documents as soon as possible. You applied for a payday loan due to an emergency. Therefore, you need quick cash urgently. Your loan approval is fast as long as you have submitted what is required. 
  5. Visit the moneylender’s office with the prepared documents. An executive will further assess your requirements and conduct a thorough interview. Be honest at all times. 
  6. Sign the duly notarised contract without hesitation. But first, you must clear all your concerns and understand the terms and conditions. Moreover, never ever sign the contract without full comprehension.
  7. Claim your flexible cash loan at the lender’s cashier. Also, make sure to count it before leaving the counter. Finally, keep your receipt with you as proof of payment.
  8. Repay diligently at the moneylender’s office or thru online payment. Make a note in your calendar to avoid missing out on payments.

Before you know it, you have successfully claimed your loan cash and repaid the loan amount. Make sure that you follow the steps above and be a responsible payer. 

Guide in Repaying your Loan from Licensed Moneylenders in Rochor

The moment you receive your quick cash doesn’t mean your loan procedure stops. You still have your financial obligation of paying it back. It is not advisable to miss your payments or, worse, default. You can avoid these with the following guidance.

Choose the appropriate repayment plan.

Our financial management depends on your monthly income and expenses. Getting a loan doesn’t mean you can’t handle your finances. Instead, you’re wise, especially if you choose the appropriate repayment plan. There are three terms of repayment, and these are:

Weekly – your payment is every week. Depending on your preference, you can select which weekly payment you prefer below:

In weekly 3, your payment is divided into three weeks.

Meanwhile, weekly 4, your payment is divided into four weeks.

On the other hand, weekly 5, your payment is divided into five weeks. 

Bi-weekly – your repayment is every two weeks. Just like the weekly payment, you can choose which bi-weekly payment suits you.

In bi-weekly 1, you’ll settle your loan cash after two weeks.

Meanwhile, bi-weekly 2, your payment is divided into two.

On the other hand, on bi-weekly 3, your payment is divided into three. 


When you pay off your loan cash, take note if your due date falls on a holiday. If it does, pay your loan amount a day before the holiday so you won’t be tagged as a missed payment. 

Select a convenient method

You have two ways to pay off your loan. You can go directly to the moneylender’s office or pay it online. 

When you choose office payment, be in the lender’s office on or before your due date. Ensure you have the right amount in your hand. In addition, always get your receipt. 

If you choose online payment, affirm that the linked account contains sufficient funds. Majority of the Rochor’s residents pay online because it’s more convenient for them. Furthermore, they will send an email to confirm payment and serve as a receipt 

It is best that you choose a payment method suitable and convenient for you. Licensed moneylenders in Rochor will guide you in selecting the correct repayment term. 

Mark your calendar

To avoid missing out on your payment, make a note in your calendar. We all have a calendar at home and check it every day. Writing your due date in a calendar is a perfect way to remember your payment responsibilities.

Set an alarm

Setting up an alarm a day or two before your due date is a great reminder. You can check if your account has enough funds or budget as you pay off in the office. 

Whichever term or method you choose, what matters most is that you pay off your loan amount. A responsible and diligent payer gets rewarded with a good credit score and possibly a higher loan amount in the future. Keep in mind that you can always pay full ahead of time without being penalised by the licensed moneylenders in Rochor. 

You have read quick guidance in achieving your instant personal loan cash. Just be safe in choosing a licensed moneylender. Do not neglect your most significant responsibility, which is paying off. Apply for a personal loan now with the licensed moneylenders in Rochor.