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Licensed Moneylenders Orchard


Orchard is popular for its Orchard Road. It is a 2.2-kilometre long major road in the Central Area of Singapore. 

In addition, the area is a major shopping belt and tourist attraction. It includes Tangs, Orchard Central, Tanglin Mall and more. 

These establishments set a bar of high-standard living for Orchard’s people including foreign guests. That’s why the financial dilemma is inevitable. Fortunately, people can cope with the licensed moneylenders in Orchard’s guidance and finances. 

Borrowing Money in Orchard

Borrowing money has always been in the industry even in early times. Its main concept is you take out a loan and pay it off with interest. 

Thru time, its process develop. Finally, transactions can start in an online procedure. But you still have to talk to the lender personally. It doesn’t take too long for your personal loan to get approved. A day or two is enough to successfully claim your instant cash.

Here is a quick guide if your planning to take out a loan at Orchard.

  1. Identifying your loan purpose and finding the right lender for you is the most important step. You’ll have a hard time to proceed if you cannot figure out what you actually need.
  2. Submit your instant online loan application form to your trusted lender. Always check if you are on their official website. Also, complete all the necessary details needed.
  3. Expect a call from a representative. They will assess your financial request and credibility. Be honest at all times. 
  4. Complete your requirements first before you stop by the moneylender’s office. This will assure a faster transaction and a one-stop visit.
  5. Talk to the executive with confidence and respect as they interview you. Answer all their questions truthfully. No worries, your stay will last for at least 30 minutes up to an hour.
  6. Claim your instant loan cash by the cashier. Don’t forget to count your money before leaving the counter. In addition, always verify every transaction through your receipt.
  7. Repay as you must. A responsible borrower is a diligent payer. Keep that in mind as it pays off in your future financial dealings.

Finding a solution for your financial difficulty is a lot easier now because of high-technology. Licensed moneylenders in Orchard adapted the online process since it is in demand. So apply online. Then, get your quick cash. Afterwards, pay off your loan more convenient than ever.

Licensed Moneylenders in Orchard

With the growing population of borrowers in Singapore, the number of moneylenders grew as well. If you plan on taking out a flexible personal loan, beware from unlicensed lenders or loan sharks. The following will help you find licensed moneylenders in Orchard.

Offers convenient payment method

Since lenders are dealing with tech-savvy borrowers, payment can be done in an online setting. Just link your account and set payment on your due dates. But check your account first. Ensure that it has sufficient funds a day before the scheduled payment to 

Despite the convenience of online payment, borrowers still prefer the conventional way. Office payment seems more reliable to them. When your due date comes, you’ll drop by the office to settle your loan amount. 

Whichever method you prefer, keep in mind the importance of paying off your loan on time. Also, settle your total loan amount without getting penalized. Licensed moneylenders in Orchard abides the law by allowing early payment without pre-termination charge.

Offers flexible payment terms

Even though you decided to pay your dues online, you have to select which payment term fits you best. Always consider your next paycheck in choosing the best repayment term for you.


Mark your calendars to remember correctly when is your next due date. There is a longer interval from your last payment to the next. So forgetting it might happen. It’s best if you write a reminder about it. 


In bi-weekly repayment, you settle your loan amount every two weeks. Set a phone alarm. It keeps you reminded of your payment schedule.


In weekly repayment, you pay off your loan amount every seven days or every week. Post it in your room. It helps you recall that you’re paying off your loan. 

In the event that your payment date falls on a holiday, settle your loan amount a day before the holiday. It prevents you from incurring charges. Licensed moneylenders in Orchard will notify you if you’re nearing your due date. 

Offers unsecured personal loan

Licensed moneylenders in Orchard entertain all sorts of borrowers. It includes even a borrower with a credit ghost. If you have no credit history, you can still take out a personal loan like the collateral-free loan. 

Use your unsecured personal loan in paying off your hospital bills, unforeseen rise in utility bills, home refurbishing and many more. Also, you’ll feel safe and secure that all your properties are still in your possession. 

Licensed moneylenders in Orchard offers unsecured payday loans without hesitation as long as you repay your bills on time. Be responsible for this task.

Offers loans to foreign friends

Licensed moneylenders in Orchard indeed help all kinds of borrowers. It includes foreigners residing in Singapore. They give out loan amount based on the annual income as stated by the Credit Bureau. Do you have foreign friends struggling in handling their finances? Suggest the licensed moneylenders near them.

With the knowledge of how licensed moneylenders work, you can easily identify which lender to choose. Be wise by checking if they are included in the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. Look out if they have a similar offer with the Licensed Moneylenders in Orchard. 

You can always take out a personal loan anytime, anywhere with the help of technological advances. Just make sure you have the right moneylender in front of you before signing a contract with them. Don’t forget your repayment responsibility. 

Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart Private Limited (CMPL) started in its humble abode at Balestier Road in 1969 with the vision to be the best moneylender in Singapore. After 48 years, Cash Mart stands as the top loan service provider to both Singaporeans and working foreigners. Cash Mart did not strike luck to have a growing loyal clientele. It was the fruit of unending dedication to creating the unmatched customer experience. Throughout the challenging market fluctuations, each client is treated as the centre of business.

Behind Cash Mart is a team of professionals who keep serving with high standards. They do what is right not what is the easiest. This includes being responsible with personal information every client shares. As a result, your trust is valued. Also, we take pride in our integrity. And though we constantly bring excellence to every client, we still aim to move forward by taking personal loans right at their doorstep.

Wherever you are in Singapore, you can reach us through our secure website. Use the loan calculator to gauge the right loan amount you can handle with ease. This is because we believe that every loan you get is tailored-fit just for you. So apply for online loans now and get to know what it’s like to get world-class service.

We make sure that you will get a loan the Cash Mart way – the loan you deserve.