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Licensed Moneylenders Novena


Novena is another planning area within the Central Region of Singapore. Most of the houses in the area are condominiums and private housing. So it’s no surprise the land in Novena is very expensive. 

In addition, Novena is surrounded by three primary schools, three secondary schools and Catholic Junior College. 

Also, the area provides several commercial services such as Square 2, Novena Square, and Licensed Moneylenders in Novena. All of these establishments help the people of Novena live a successful and fulfilling life. 

Borrowing Instant Cash in Novena

People in Novena have been dependent on the licensed moneylenders within the area. However, they give out online loans without too much fuss. So follow the quick steps in getting approved.

Send in your loan application online.

Do it with the licensed lender you chose. Make sure that it offers the loan you need as of the moment.

Expect a call from a representative anytime.

Always have your phone within reach. So you can answer the call immediately.

With the given information from your application form, the representative will reassess your request. In addition, the representative will discuss more the requirement needed to accomplish. Ask away all your concerns before proceeding with the next steps.

Visit your trusted lender’s office

Do it once you have completed all the required documents. Ensure that all are photocopied clearly and no alterations. 

Afterwards, an executive will further interview you to check your credibility. Don’t worry about your credit score. Licensed moneylenders in Novena allow credit ghost borrowers. 

Affix your signature

Sign after you have fully read and understood the contract. Remember, if you find a statement unclear, clarify it as soon as possible with the executive. 

When you sign the contract, you should feel free or without pressure. Licensed moneylenders in Novena lets you understand all the details in the contract. 

Receive your instant cash loan at the cashier.

Always demand a receipt and keep it for future reference. Paying off your total loan amount should not be neglected. Keep in mind that a good payer receives a good credit score.

With only five easy steps you can obtain your loan cash. It’s more convenient now than before. Look for the best-licensed moneylender near you and get that instant cash now. 

Ensure Loan Approval with the Licensed Moneylenders in Novena

The licensed moneylenders set a borrower’s criteria to lessen the hassle of a loan application. If you’re planning to take out a flexible loan from the licensed moneylenders in Novena, check the following first.


Always remember that age is nothing but a number, especially in the lending industry. Your age does not define if you’ll get approved or rejected. 

In a bank set-up, the young ones have a hard time getting approved because they lack a credit history. While older borrowers get declined once they reach 65 years old.

Contrary to this, licensed moneylenders in Novena does not solely base on the borrower’s age. As long as the borrower is a responsible payer, the chance of rejection is low. 


Whenever you go out of the country, insufficient funds is inevitable. So a good thing licensed moneylender in Singapore offers payday loans to all its people. Singapore citizens, permanent residents and even foreigners can apply for a loan with a high approval rate.

Unlike banks who only grants to Singaporeans and permanent residents.


Licensed moneylenders in Novena are very considerate with their borrowers. They have flexible loans that you can take any time you want. The most important part for the lenders in the repayment process.

Are you planning to get a personal loan for your family? First, make sure you have a source of income to pay it back. Moneylenders will let you get a loan as long as you can prove your credibility of repayment. A stable job with a steady income is the best example.

Credit score

As early as possible build a good credit score. It defines your payment behaviour. Every moneylender checks this out to know if you’re a high or low-risk borrower. 

To keep your credit score healthy, pay off your loan on time. If you can, settle it ahead of time. Licensed moneylenders in Novena allows pre-termination without charge. 


Keep your debts afloat. Do not go around every lender to take out a loan. You will be interpreted as a credit hungry, which is very negative. 

To help you, always finish off your first financial obligation before taking another one. It will help you manage your finances and at the same time build a good credit score. All moneylenders evaluate if you can handle repayment at ease. 

Employment duration

You transferred to a new work location and you need extra cash to make a comfortable living? No worries. You can still manage to set-up your new place with the payday loans given by the licensed moneylenders in Novena. 

You must be employed at least three to four months in your current company. This way, the money lending institution can consider your request.

Co-borrower details

A co-borrower is still necessary to ensure that your instant loan is granted. Always consider that it should be a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident.

Talk to your close friend and explain the gravity of your financial urgency. Licensed moneylenders in Novena gives you the best loan option based on your co-borrowers credibility.

Considering you passed the criteria discussed above, your request has a high chance of approval. Therefore, proceed with your payday loan application and get approved. 

Licensed moneylenders in Novena are the best reputable lender you can get in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of loan products and services suitable for any financial situation. So apply for a loan now. Then, get approved, claim your cash within the day, and repay diligently. 

Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart is a licensed moneylender like no other. It is fully compliant with the Moneylenders Act as mandated, authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw). Furthermore, it acknowledges and understands that every client has unique financial needs to resolve. And we believe that trust and integrity is the most valuable currency in this industry.

In 48 years, Cash Mart earned an unmatched experience in moneylending industry. Withstanding the constantly fluctuating market, it has discovered the secret to becoming the most sought-after licensed moneylender in Singapore. It is to put clients’ interests as the centre of every business decision, whether optimising the website or creating new loan products. Mediocre financial solutions are not enough.

Cash Mart believes that while Singaporeans need loan products, they must also get it in the most convenient way. This is why we have online loan applications! We want to be available to everyone who seeks financial assistance any time of the day, wherever part of the city-state you are. Our personal loan products are planned to provide quality solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life. So use our loans from bridging a financial gap to turn your dreams into reality.

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