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Licensed Moneylenders Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat

Joo Chiat or Joo Chiat Road is an arterial road and a residential conversation area in the eastern part of Singapore. It is in between Geylang Serai and Marine Parade Road. 

The place is very famous as a dining spot. It houses various Vietnamese, Chinese, and western restaurants present. But what stood out the most was Vietnamese cuisine. Thus, making Joo Chiat known as the “Little Vietnam.”

Another outstanding feature of Joo Chiat is the presence of licensed moneylenders within the area. As a result, many products and services are offered for Singaporeans and foreign residents. 

How does Online Loan work in Joo Chiat?

Recently, people in Joo Chiat discovered that personal loans are available online. However, there are still those who are doubtful of this process. 

With the number of borrowers succeeding in online instant loans, it has been proven that the steps below are the perfect guide for you.

Choose the best-online licensed moneylenders within your area.

When choosing a licensed moneylender, it is advisable to select the ones near you. It is a lot more convenient and accessible, especially if they offer the perfect loan product for your needs. 

Fill up the application form online. 

You can start your payday loan application anywhere. That’s right! You can begin your financial adventure even at home, at work or at school. But, of course, a gadget with a strong internet connection is needed as you fill up all the information required for the online form. 

Answer the representative’s call.

Expect a call from the money lending company’s representative. It is part of the assessment and verification of your loan request. Always be present with your active phone to avoid missing out on the call. 

Complete your required documents. 

There’s no long list of requirements for your instant loan. Just comply with the required paperwork. Then, you’re good to go. Keep the original copy with you. Moreover, submit only the photocopy personally at the moneylender’s office. 

Stop by the licensed moneylender’s office. 

As you submit your completed documents, an executive will interview you. Be honest during your conversation with the executive. Your answers will determine if your loan application gets approved or rejected. 

Sign the contract.

Once informed of the approval decision, they will give a contract to you. Don’t be too excited. Most importantly, read it between the lines. Also, examine for possible hidden charges. Don’t worry if you’re dealing with licensed money lenders. Their contract is very transparent.

Claim your instant cash.

As you sign the contract, you have agreed to all the terms and conditions, including your payday loan. Then, you may go by the cashier for your quick cash. 

That’s quick. You just applied for a loan, and you can get your loan cash within the day. It is possible thanks to the very convenient loan products and services offered by licensed moneylenders in Joo Chiat. 

Last but not least, pay off your loan amount on time. Always be a diligent payer, too. 

How Much Loan is Given by Licensed Moneylenders in Joo Chiat?

Don’t believe when a lending institution promises you a high loan amount. Every resident in Singapore has a ceiling value. But it depends on whichever type of loan based on the regular annual income. 

If you plan to take out a secured personal loan, you can obtain any loan amount. 

However, if you’re planning to take out an unsecured personal loan, there is a maximum amount you can borrow. Furthermore, it depends on your salary.

Singaporeans and permanent residents 

If you have an annual income of less than $10,000, you can borrow $3,000.

But, if you have an annual income of at least $10,000 and less than $20,000, you can borrow $3,000.

Meanwhile, if you have an annual income of at least $20,000, you can borrow six times your monthly income. 

Foreigners residing in Singapore

If you have an annual income of less than $10,000, you can borrow $1,500.

But, if you have an annual income of at least $10,000 and less than $20,000, you can borrow $3,000.

Meanwhile, if you have an annual income of at least $20,000, you can borrow six times your monthly income. 

One of the perks of the licensed moneylenders in Joo Chiat is that even expats can take out a payday loan. However, the loan amount is centralised and regulated by the Ministry of Law. So choose only the lending company. It obliges the regulations of Min Law. 

How to Pay Off your Loan Amount in Joo Chiat?

Your financial obligation begins once you have received your quick loan cash. Licensed moneylenders in Singapore will explain that your repayment is just a simple task but a big responsibility. To help you finish off early with your financial obligation, follow these quick and easy steps.

Mark your calendar

Let’s be honest. We tend to forget due dates. But, this is avoidable, especially if you mark your calendars. Then, every time you look at the date, you’ll be aware of the nearing due date. 

Link funded account

You can repay your loan online. If you link your rightfully funded account, there’s a decrease in missed repayments. After setting up your account and the proper schedule, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your dues. 

Apply for a payday loan now with a good moneylender for better financial management. Licensed moneylenders in Joo Chiat allow you to get a loan for emergency cases, business purposes, personal expenses, etc. You’ll get approved as long as you don’t neglect your repayment responsibility.