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Licensed Moneylenders International Plaza

International Plaza

International Plaza is within the Downtown Core of Singapore. Also, it is on Anson Road in Tanjong Pagar. Plus, it has a high-rise commercial and residential building. 

International Plaza houses the Honorary Consulate of Malta and the Honorary Consulate of Tuvalu.

Moreover, International Plaza epitomises the concept of living and working in the financial hub of the city. It integrates apartments, sports facilities, offices and retail malls in a single building.  

On top of that, the best online licensed moneylenders in International Plaza are here. They give all qualified borrowers full access to their loan products and services. 

Borrowing Cash from the Licensed Moneylenders in International Plaza

Even before the lending industry boomed, money lending already existed. Through time, the lending process developed, thus the online payday loan. Here’s how you can take out this loan. 

  1. Find the best-licensed moneylender in Singapore perfect for your loan purpose. Also, identify your reason for borrowing for a faster loan process. 
  2. Submit your duly accomplished application form. Make sure it is the legal online money lending website. Also, enter the correct details. 
  3. Talk to the lending company’s representative. First, they will conduct an assessment of your loan request. In addition, listen attentively as the representative discuss the requirements and next steps. 
  4. Accomplish all your requirements first. Then, proceed to the online cash lenders office. You’ll finish your loan transaction faster with your completed documents on hand. 
  5. Be confident during the loan executive’s interview. Answer their questions with respect and honesty. Your stay at the office won’t take much of your time. It usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. 
  6. Get your instant cash and receipt at the lender’s cashier. Don’t forget to count your money. Also, verify it with your receipt. Always keep the receipts with you. 
  7. Be a diligent payer as a responsible borrower should be. Your future financial plans will be affected by your payment strategy. Always pay on time. 

Your flexible online loan is the financial solution for your dilemma. You can easily get a loan from any licensed moneylenders in International Plaza with the digital world. 

Requirements for an Online Loan in International Plaza

Applying for an online loan nowadays is not as tedious as before. There are no more long lines and mundane application forms. Also, it guarantees quick and easy approval. All you have to do is comply with the simple requirements listed below. 

Applicant’s Age

Your age defines your capability to pay off your loan amount. For example, money lending institutions won’t let children get a loan. Also, the elderly are considerably not allowed. Banks and other lending companies require an applicant’s age 21 years and above. 

In addition, licensed moneylenders in International Plaza allow you to take out a loan for someone else. Just make sure that they will responsibly pay you on time. 

Applicant’s Citizenship

Basically, only Singapore citizens and permanent residents are entertained by banks and financial institutions. So it assures them that you won’t run away from your obligation. 

On the other hand, licensed moneylenders in International Plaza give the same opportunity to expats. You can take out a loan after you present your regular annual income. Just make sure to settle it on time. 

Applicant’s Identification

As part of the assessment and verification process, your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) and SingPass Login are vital. Present a photocopy of your ID and enter your SingPass password personally. Do not divulge your password to any person for your safety and security. 

Licensed moneylenders in International Plaza prioritise your privacy. So they will ask you to come by the office and key in your private details.

Applicant’s Proof of Billing

Banks and financial lending companies need to check your current address. It is visible on your latest proof of billing. Present any of the following: electric bill, water bill, cable bill, phone bill or even your credit card bill. 

In addition, Licensed moneylenders in International Plaza may visit you to check your present location. 

Applicant’s Regular Payslip

Money lending companies must know your source of income. Just give them a copy of your latest monthly payslip for the last three months or a copy of your Central Provident Fund (CPF). 

Licensed moneylenders in International Plaza only get the photocopy. Therefore, always keep the original copy with you as the Ministry of Law advises

Applicant’s Letter of Employment

Ask your employer about this requirement. They are aware that it is part of the requirements needed by the licensed moneylenders in International Plaza. This letter proves your capability to settle your loan on time. Also, you’ll not be tagged as a delinquent borrower. 

With all the listed requirements, ensure that you provide it entirely to your trusted lender. It assures a faster process and a high approval rate. Also, make sure that all details are consistent. 

Go to the nearest licensed moneylender and take out an online personal loan. It is the most excellent solution to your money problems. Complete all the requirements to qualify. Don’t forget your financial obligation. 

Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart Private Limited (CMPL) started in its humble abode at Balestier Road in 1969 with the vision to be the best moneylender in Singapore. After 48 years, Cash Mart stands as the top loan service provider to Singaporeans and working foreigners. Cash Mart did not strike a luck to have a growing loyal clientele. It was the fruit of unending dedication to creating an unmatched customer experience. Each client is treated as the centre of business throughout the challenging market fluctuations.

Behind Cash Mart is a team of professionals who keep serving with high standards. They do what is right, not what is the easiest. It includes being responsible for personal information every client shares. Your trust is valued, and we take pride in our integrity. And though we constantly bring excellence to every client, we still aim to move forward by taking personal loans right at their doorstep. In Singapore, you can reach us through our secure website. Use the loan calculator to gauge the right loan amount you can handle easily. We believe that every loan you get is tailored-fit just for you.

Apply for a loan now and get to know what it’s like to bring world-class service.

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