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Licensed Moneylenders Bedok


Bedok is the largest planning area. But now, it is a mature residential town in Tanah Merah. In addition, it is along the south-eastern coast of the East Region of Singapore. 

Due to high demography, there is affordable public housing in Bedok New Town. However, it is relatively distant from the Central Area. 

Aside from this, private residences are prevalent. Most are in the neighbourhoods of Bayshore, Frankel Avenue and Siglap. 

Travelling is made easy in Bedok thanks to 6 Mass Rapid Transit stations across the East-West Line and the Downtown Line. These stations are EW4 CG Tanah Merah, EW5 Bedok, EW6 Kembangan, DT38 Kaki Bukit, DT29 Bedok North, DT30 Bedok Reservoir. 

In addition, financial literacy and guidance are genuinely provided by licensed moneylenders in Bedok. As a result, residents in the area are well-aware of when and how they will utilise the loan products and services offered.  

Lending Procedure of Licensed Moneylenders in Bedok 

Are you in a dreadful emergency cash situation? If your answer is yes, you can always seek financial assistance from online payday lenders. With this short-term personal loan, you can hassle-free solve all of your financial problems. Just follow these steps. 

  1. Pinpoint the specific loan you need. Be rational when choosing your online loan. Also, weigh if it’s a necessity or just a passing interest. 
  2. Look for the best-licensed moneylender in Bedok. Everywhere you go, there are money lending companies available. Moreover, always choose a licensed moneylender by searching online. Then, see that it belongs to the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. 
  3. Apply for your instant loan online. First, send in your request form thru the licensed money lending company’s official page anytime, anywhere. Also, you may use any of your gadgets with a strong internet connection. Then, fill up the online application form with the detailed information needed. 
  4. Wait for the pre-approval confirmation from the representative. Waiting time takes only a few hours. Once the representative contacts you, answer all their questions about your loan. Remember, your answers are being assessed and verified together with your form. 
  5. Granted that you’re pre-approved, prepare all the required documents before proceeding to the next steps. Furthermore, only photocopies are needed. 
  6. Visit the licensed moneylender’s office. Bring your completed requirements. Your stay in the office takes about 30 minutes to an hour. In addition, the executive will interview you first. Therefore, be honest. 
  7. Sign the contract after the executive explains the loan, terms, and conditions. In addition, request for a duly notarized copy. Be confident with your decision. The lending company will not pressure you to sign if you’re unsure.
  8. Get your online cash loan from the cashier after the confirmation from the executive. Use your instant loan cash wisely. Then, repay your loan as scheduled. 

Simple as that! You can solve all your financial difficulties with the flexible online loans given by licensed moneylenders in Bedok. 

Signs of Harassment with Licensed Moneylenders in Bedok

With the number of money lending companies present in Bedok, it’s pretty tricky to identify which is legit and not. So shop around for a trusted lender. Also, check the following lending company’s behaviour and avoid them. 

Requires you to submit your SingPass user ID and/or password. 

Never share your SingPass with anyone. Don’t jeopardise your safety. If the lending institution insists on taking your information, you must go personally to their office and key in your information.

Keep your NRIC card and other personal ID. 

Your original documents stay with you at all times. Keep that in mind. Giving your IDs to lending companies might lead to fraudulent activities. Also, you wouldn’t want to be involved in such issues. So your documents are always safe with you. 

Requests you to sign an incomplete contract.

Your contract is the legal proof of your bond with the lender. Therefore, it must be thoroughly detailed and transparent with the loan amount and charges.

Licensed moneylenders in Bedok provide all the information inclusive of your loan. Also, ask them questions for clarification. 

Exhibits are too good to be an actual loan.

Your loan application follows a specific procedure. For example, some lending companies take days or weeks before approval, yet some within a day. 

Think twice before signing the contract if your loan grant does not exercise due diligence. Some licensed moneylenders in Bedok decide within hours. But, they go through credit history checking with the credit bureau. 

Shows threatening behaviour and uses abusive language

In some instances, licensed moneylenders may visit your place to collect your loan balance. Therefore, disturbing behaviour such as vandalism and threatening behaviour is prohibited. 

In addition, you must feel safe when you talk to the lending company’s personnel. Licensed moneylenders in Bedok are friendly and accommodating. You won’t hesitate to ask them about your concern.

Collects outright processing fee before cash loan disbursement

Licensed moneylenders in Bedok do not solicit any advance fees from their borrowers. You can either pay your processing fee on an instalment basis. Or opt for a deduction from your total loan amount. 

If the lending company’s executive insists on payment first, refuse their offer. Moreover, don’t sign any document. 

If your lender observes such behaviour, report them to the authority. Let’s help one another by keeping the lending industry safe and secure for everyone. 

Licensed moneylender in Bedok prioritises the welfare of their borrowers. They are a law-abiding lending company that gives out instant loan cash without tedious procedures. However, be vigilant when choosing a moneylender. Not all companies are legit. Make it a habit to check the official list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore when taking out a payday loan