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What To Do: Lost Credit Or Debit Card In Singapore

Most Singaporeans don’t carry cash anymore. So, if they lost credit or debit card in Singapore, it’s indeed a hassle. Find out what to do.

Singapore is becoming a cashless society wherein most people transact with cards.

Credit cards and debit cards are becoming a way of life when spending and keeping track of finances. It has a direct connection to your personal finances. However, you look at it.

That is why losing your precious credit or debit cards can make you lose your mind. It feels like losing your money in the bank in just one snap!

Do not let panic grab your senses. Instead, take these steps to limit potential damage and protect your finances from looming risks.

Keep Calm and Retrace Your Steps

There are two possible reasons your cards got lost: Either you misplaced them, or someone intentionally stole them. Consider the first possibility first.

Consider the first possibility before anything else.

Take out everything from your bag, turn it upside-down and inside-out if you must. Your card may be just in between in the inner layers of your bag.

If it’s not the case, retrace your steps to revisit the places where you could have dropped or misplaced your card.

If you have been in public transport, it does not hurt to ask the people handling the company’s “Lost and Found” service. Here are the lost and found numbers worth checking out:

  • CityCab Pte Ltd – 6552 1111
  • Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd – 6552 1111
  • Go-Ahead Singapore Lost and Found – 6812 6458
  • Grab Lost and Found – 6655 0005
  • HDT Singapore Taxi Pte Ltd – 6258 8888
  • Premier Taxis Pte Ltd – 6363 6888
  • Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd – 6898 2000
  • SBS Transit Lost and Found – 383 7211
  • SMRT Lost and Found – 1800 336 8900
  • SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd – 6555 8888]
  • Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd – 6555 3333
  • Tower Transit Lost and Found – 1800 336 8900
  • Yellow Top Taxi – 6293 5545
  • Uber Lost and Found – Contact the concerned driver with the Uber App

If nobody has given you a positive response, you must assume it fell into greedy hands. Call your bank and cancel your lost debit or credit cards.

Freeze Your Card

If you have lost cards from multiple banks, call each one immediately after exhausting all possibilities that the cards were just misplaced. They will put accounts on hold until you get your replacement cards and activate them with a new PIN. Asking for a new card is easy, although it requires fees and will take a few days to replace them.

ABN AMRO Lost Card Contact Number: 6597 8866

If you lose your ABN AMRO debit card, you can block it through Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app.

Use your identification code to block your card immediately. You can then ask for a replacement which you can receive in at least five days.

ABN AMRO Lost Card Contact

American Express (AmEx) Lost Card Phone Number: 1800 732 2244

Whether you lost your card or it got stolen, you can call AmEx to cancel your card and send you the replacement within a week.

American Express (AmEx) Lost Card

Bank of China 24 Hour Hotline: 1800 338 5335 and (65) 6338 5335

You can also send an email to to cancel the card and ask for an immediate replacement.

Bank Of China Lost Card

Citibank Credit Card Hotline: 6225 5225

Dial the hotline number and enter the account number of the credit card or debit card you lost. Then press number 6 to report the lost card. Card replacement fee can cost $10.

Citibank Credit Card Hotline

DBS / POSB Credit Card Hotline: 1800 111 1111

If your card is lost or stolen, you can call the bank and cancel your card. You can also use iBanking to request a new card. Then, you will receive your card in 3 to 5 working days.

POSB Helpline

HSBC Customer Service Hotline: 64722 669

Call the HSBC Hotline to notify them about the lost card. HSBC will then activate its Singapore Fraud Team to watch out for any possible fraudulent activities coming from your lost card. Also, they can immediately tell you if your card has been part of such activities.

HSBC SG Contact

OCBC Credit Card Hotline: 1800 363 3333

Ask for your card to be blocked immediately. OCBC will offer you a replacement card that costs S$30. If your credit card is FRANK Card, the fee for the first two replacement cards is waived.

OCBC Credit Card Hotline

UOB Credit Card Hotline: 1800 222 2121

You must report your lost UOB cards or used PINs without authorization immediately. You will not be liable for any card transaction after you have notified the bank.

UOB Credit Card Hotline

Maybank Hotline: 1800 535 4142 (ATM) and 1800 535 4084 (Credit Card)

Maybank debit and credit card replacements can cost from S$15 to S$30. On the other hand, Card PIN Replacement is free of charge.

Maybank Credit Card Hotline

Make a Police Report for the Lost/Stolen Card

If you think that someone stole your cards, you have to file a police report as soon as possible. However, if you can’t go to a police station, you can simply do it online in three easy steps.

1: Log on to E-service with your SingPass.

2: Follow the instructions in lodging a Police report

3: Confirm the submission after reviewing all the details.

Unfortunately, if they terminate your filing halfway, it will not save any details you filled out. 

Why is it essential to make a Police report?

It is your responsibility to report your lost card to the issuer immediately. If you think that your card was actually stolen and not simply misplaced, make a police report. Then, call the card issuer.

After you have reported the lost or stolen card, you will only be liable for up to $100. It applies to any credit card fraudulent activities.

However, you must be able to prove to the bank that your card was stolen through a filed police report. You made efforts to report the incident to the issuer as soon as you discovered that it was missing and possibly stolen.

You would not be entitled to the capped liability if the card was lost due to your gross negligence.


As you can see, there is an urgent need to report the loss of any valuable items. A lost credit or debit card in Singapore has procedures to follow. It protects your finances from any possible fraudulent activities.

Nobody wants to go through such trouble, but it is still best to get ready when the worst comes. Make sure that you have a copy of your card issuer’s contact details with you. Have your card number written, but keep it safe from other people.

If you have lost credit or debit card in Singapore, all you have to do is cancel the card. But you still have to monitor your bills. First, observe that there is no suspicious transaction. If there is, report it immediately.

Losing your credit card or debit card may bring the initial panic. It can result in finances collapsing. Also, you will be helpless if you are already used to doing a cashless transaction. However, knowing what to do lessens the panic. Plus, it makes the experience less distressing.

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