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Best Instant Loan for Low Income Earners in Singapore

Despite being a first-world country, searching for the best instant loan for low-income earners in Singapore is still prevalent. It proves that the government still needs to help those earning low wages.

It is not easy working from payday to payday, saving or living by the budget and even sacrificing much of the luxuries to survive, yet all efforts seemed not enough.

With the Cost of Living Calculator, we can develop a sample monthly budget of $1,316.

As for the accommodation, we assume that it is a rented place in a suburban district, and the utilities are not yet included. But, of course, everyone has to use water and electricity to survive.

With the medical costs, the estimation only includes a visit to a general practitioner. Therefore, the medications and other health care needs are excluded.

In addition, the taxi ride to and fro work for transportation needs extra funds in your budget. 

The communication fee only includes the subscription fee, not the cost of the handset. With the budget of $1,316, it is a tight budget considering that there are many things you have to let go of, such as having better accommodation, visiting a specialist should your ailment become complicated or going to places for relaxation. So it is because there are so many sacrifices to stay on the budget.

Low Income Jobs in Singapore

It seems that despite the hard work put into their everyday tasks, they continue to earn low wages. However, rather than stay unemployed, many are still taking these jobs.

Every restaurant needs a service crew to run. They are the ones facing the customers with forced smiles. They take orders, man the cashier, clear the tables and serve the food and drinks.

The job is easy to get, but many Singaporeans will get it as a last resort for a job. The pay is low and the working hours can extend from 10 hours onwards due to understaffing.

Those in the construction and trade industry will not have a business if they don’t have construction workers, craftsmen, machine operators and assemblers. They work in extreme conditions under physical stress until the wee hours. Manual labour is very demanding, and they sometimes work in hazardous areas, yet the pay is meagre.

Nobody will clean someone else’s toilet, but some people do despite the low paycheck. They mop, wipe, dust, and take out the trash. Yet, with all the sweat, the income seems insufficient to survive.


Workfare is the government’s solution for low-income wage earners. Also, it rewards work and encourages workers to take up some training to up-skill themselves. Workers can find better opportunities to expand their work choices with more skills. Under the Workfare is the Workfare Income Supplement scheme.

Workfare in Singapore | loan for low income earners in Singapore

The scheme is for older wage earners aged 35 and up who work regularly and are willing to do further training to up-skill themselves. Those who have eligibility can have temporary cash supplements according to age group.

Also, they can avail themselves of a CPF portion to help them build a better retirement fund. Furthermore, if they choose to undergo up-skill training to improve their employability, they will receive subsidies.

In addition, they will raise the qualifying income for this permanent scheme from $1,900 a month to $2,000. With this change, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat expects to help around 460,000 Singaporeans to benefit from WIS. This way, they will help the bottom 20% of workers and those in the 30th wage percentile.

Those eligible will now get a bigger payout, yet it will still depend on the age group. For example, employees earning $3,500 now will get up to $3,600 a year because of increased WIS payouts; the workers earning $1,000 to $1,600 get a $100 to $500 increase.

From the quarterly payments, payouts are now monthly. With the newly revised scheme, the low wage workers will receive $770M.

Also, the criteria are now simplified: a worker has to work six months per calendar year, precisely two out of three consecutive months, or three out of six consecutive months.

Aside from those under age 35 and above, the scheme supports people with disabilities aged 13 and above with low wages.

With the existing effort from the government, is the Workfare enough for those earning low income?

Don’t worry.

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