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How to Improve Your Success Rate in Getting a Business Loan?

There are so many reasons a startup or a small business might need fundingSo here’s how you can succeed in getting a business loan. 

Convincing banks to give small business loans can be challenging. However, the chances of your success depend directly on your preparedness.

The idea of getting a business loan can be intimidating. It is enough to drive sleep away from your eyes. However, business loan applications are inevitable irrespective of the size of a company.

Every enterprise needs to assess its debt financing options. It is a must at least once within the first few years of breaking even. If you have already reached that turn on the road, you might want to ensure that you are entirely ready.

getting a business loan


What do you need to construct a compelling loan application?

You might find it daunting no matter how many blogs you have visited and how many applications you have drafted. But, applying for the funding will determine the future of your business. So, here we are, elaborating on the key steps you need to follow –

Gather all the business records you have

What business records do you already have in place? Are they all up-to-date?

Business records will include vital information about your credit card, current loan payments, and existing business assets.  Also, it has the recent business proceeds, loss reports and balance sheets. Plus, it holds year’s tax returns for your company.

Seed money applications from startups and small businesses are different. They do not have credit card records and business credit reports. Instead, you will need to submit pro forma statements to apply for your startup loan.

Preparation of the business plan

None of the lending parties will consider your loan application. But if you have a working business plan, you can. 

Every credit company will want to see it. It can be your green card for getting the funding you need.

We do not mean a 20+ page thesis when we say the plan. It does not involve outlining the genesis, progress, expansion and every possible facet of your business.

Something relatable and documented will always be welcome. Your business plan should at least answer the following questions.

  • How much money do you need?
  • Where do you intend to spend the money?
  • How are you planning to pay it back?

If you manage to answer these questions satisfactorily, you can get a go on that loan you need. Also, you can get information about business loan applications from Liberty Lending.

Learn all that you can about credit, capital, and collateral

Consider this, almost half of the business owners do not know about business credit. Or others have no idea how to check it. However, you should take this opportunity to learn all you can. Your business’s credit profile plays a crucial role in getting a business loan. 

Learn about ways to improve your credit score before you head to the lender’s office. Of course, your personal credit might not be relevant. But, it will not hurt to run a quick check.

Do you have enough business assets you can leverage against the cash you want as a loan? These assets count as the collateral for a secured business loan. Unless you have enough cash flow, your lender might wish to confirm payment security in the form of equipment and real estate. In addition, you might begin looking for a co-signer. It is significant if you struggle with procuring enough insurance against the payment.

Set everything you need for getting a business loan

Having the business plan and collateral in place are two steps toward getting a business loan. But that’s not enough. Each lender might have slightly different requirements. If you are applying to a private money lender, make sure you have all the documentation they ask for.

Are you looking for short-term loans like payday loans or personal loans? The qualification, terms, and requirements will differ from the standard business loans.

Do not forget your personal details.

Enclosing personal details is vital for business loans of all types. You may have applied as a corporation for funding beforehand. But, your personal finances will be a topic of discussion during the assessment.

Some loans require a personal guarantee, and you should get your personal financial records in order before the day of the verification. If you are unsure about the documents necessary, speak with the lender’s representatives. Clear everything before you turn in your applications.

If your lender is asking for personal details, these are a few things you will need to enclose –

  • A detailed credit report.
  • A record of your personal assets, liabilities and a personal financial statement
  • Your daily budget, including the money you require from your business, proceeds for meeting your living expenses.

Your living expenses and personal credit card statements might seem irrelevant. But, they show that you can pay off the loans on time. Also, you might want a loan veteran to vet these reports thoroughly. These records will influence the decision of your potential moneylenders.

After gathering the documents and collecting the reports, you might choose to create a binder or an e-copy of the entire proposal. However, do not forget to include the executive summary that ties the information together conclusively.


Apart from a spotless credit record, you will require a few other documents. It includes your company tax files, personal resume, business credit report, and other documentation. However, one of the most critical requirements is your business plan. Your business plan can determine the final decision of the money lending firm.

A practical and robust plan accounts for all future instabilities, inflation and expansion goals. Also, it will garner positive points from the potential lenders. Moreover, presenting a sturdy, well-researched, and informed business strategy will improve the chances of approval.

The amount of research you do before applying for the loan plays a significant role. Also, it will influence your chances of getting that business loan.

Visit the websites of contemporary lenders and online lending companies. First, find out what the other businesses are saying about them. Then, approach the ones with a record for financing new small businesses and startups.