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How to Use Pokémon GO to Instantly Boost your Sales

By the looks of the social media platforms, you will instantly see how Pokemon Go caught players all over the globe. With the combined existing fandom of hit anime series and Nintendo video games, Pokemon, and unique role-playing simulation game with augmented reality, Pokemon Go had made a grand hit. And it has landed here in Singapore.

To give you an idea of how much impact it brought to Singapore, you can see various organizations posting and using relevant hashtags to keep players within safety boundaries. For example, the Republic of Singapore Air Force, Singapore Police Force, and PUB reminded the Pokemon Go players to keep out of the restricted premises and be alert to their surroundings. With Poke-fever, now is your chance to lure more consumers.

use Pokémon GO


Your Business Can be a Gym or PokeStop

You have to open the Pokemon Go app to check the map if your shop is a Pokemon Gym or a PokeStop. The Pokemon Gym is where players of one team coming from either team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct can challenge another team and gain leadership over the gym. A PokeStop is where players can get items, eggs, and pokeballs and see where other Pokemons could be hiding.

If your shop is not indicated as either a gym or a PokeStop, you can send a request.

Activate ‘Lure’ for just US$1

With a Lure Module, you can attract Pokemons for at least 30 minutes. Pokemons do not just pop up in many locations. Some players are voicing frustrations over social media as they can’t find any Pokemons in their places. Use this to your advantage.

To activate Lure, you must tap the Pokeball icon at the bottom. Next, choose ‘Shop,’ then tap the purple icon. You will have to pay at least US$1 for 30 minutes of luring effect. Once redirected to the app, tap the Pokeball Icon to choose ‘Items.’ You can finally activate the Lure. Pokemons will appear and spawn faster than in other areas.

Capitalize on your business near Pokemon Gyms

If you are lucky enough to be near a gym, then take advantage and use it as a marketing tool. Since gyms attract a lot of players, you can whip up various marketing strategies.

  • Give freebies to those who can show a screenshot of a high-level Pokemon caught. It could be a small item, but a freebie is still a freebie. If your shop is a café, you can offer free Pokemon latte design, in which the player can take a photo and post on Facebook and other social media.
  • Give discounts for the winning team: either team Mystic, Valor, or Instinct. In addition, you can keep a board on top of your counter to inform players which team the gym currently belongs to.
  • Expand your social existence by using relevant hashtags such as #pokemongo. You can post various catch praise with hashtags or even use photos of players in your store and screenshots of items and Pokemons near your brand or logo.

Take your business where Pokemon Go

Open the app Pokemon Go and activate Incense, then take a screenshot photo of a rare Pokemon that appeared in your shop. Post it on your social media accounts and website. Optimize your Facebook existence with tools such as AdEspresso to catch the attention of the locals specifically.

Put signage on your window offering charging stations with free Wi-Fi

Pokemon Go uses data or WiFi because it is an online line. It also uses GPS to track the players. While players are out catching Pokemons, it is very possible that they run out of battery juice. Attract the players by letting them charge up in your shop either for free or at a cheap price.

You can ask players to Check-In while they are in your shop.

Users can Check-In in on their social media apps. It will tell their friends and followers their current location. Imagine what this can potentially do with your shop. Facebook keeps tabs on the number of people who ‘check in’ in a particular spot. Also, it creates suggestions for their followers and friends. For example, you can offer a freebie in exchange for a check-in.

With permission, take a video of the players in your shop.

Have you seen various videos players put up on Facebook and Instagram? You can do the same in your shop. If you spot players taking their time catching Pokemons, ask their permission you can take a video. Sometimes Pokemon hunting makes people look ridiculous. Players must walk the distance and go to places just to get a rare Pokemon and special items. You can attract them by showing that your shop is the hub players usually hang out.

Take advantage of the Pokemon Go and the cheap advertising chances. If you need more cash to add to your working capital, do not hesitate to choose Cash Mart. While the Pokefrenzy may not last forever, these advertising tips are still ventures worth a try as this make be your chance to take your brand to the top. Get the best personal loan in Singapore only from Cash Mart to start luring your consumers today.