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How to Polish Your Resume After Being Laid Off

It isn’t easy to survive without a stable what’s more, after getting laid off.  So, polish your resume to get a new job and continue earning.

Employees are not supposed to know, yet you have a gut feeling that something is up.

There are way too many meetings, some vacant jobs are not filled in, and delayed purchases from vendors. Usually, the employees don’t get a share in the business’s internal affairs. However, you should prepare for the worst.

polish your resume


Indications Why You Might Be Laid Off

You must recognise the hints if your company is about to fold and you might be laid off.

Insanely Low Product Prices

The big bosses are desperate to make sales to keep the cash flowing. So the sales department is forced to search for more prospective buyers. As a result, they secure longer contracts above all else. In addition, they keep on pushing clients for early payments. Aside from that, your employer approved the sales of products at the lowest price. Plus, they even threw in insane freebies just to make sales. An example of promos is a buy one printer and get another one absolutely free.

Cost Cuts

Supply for papers for copying machines had long dried out before being replaced by lower quality papers. As a result, your planned training for the year has been cancelled. Furthermore, vendors are not paid on time. Therefore, your salary is suddenly late.

Promotions after Layoffs

After the heartbreaking layoff, the survivors get promoted. While it is good for the resume, brace yourself for the workload fit for 10 people. Or else you are the next in line to be laid off. The company has to keep up with the productions. You have to handle jobs from different departments.

Sudden Bookkeeping Surge

Is your company suddenly interested in bookkeeping and orders everything to be on paper? Then, they are looking for a hole, if not a scapegoat. They need to see what has gone wrong, what could be the possible solution or who is to blame.

Mass Resignation of Senior Leaders

Senior leaders enjoy a high salary. Also, they are the ones who maintain the high morale of the rest of the employees. However, if they had suddenly decided to leave one after the other and the level of competence had gone down the drain, you should know that it is not because they all received better job offers simultaneously. On the contrary, they know the company will fall and are not receiving what they think they deserve.


You might get news saying the competitors quickly got hold of the key accounts you used to cater to. Furthermore, you check the social accounts of your senior leaders. Then, you see some messages hinting that they are no longer happy in their jobs. Sometimes, the industry has been waning, too.

Selling Shares

The directors have suddenly put their shares in the markets, and the prices won’t get any lower. It has ultimately set off some alarms that they are losing hope in the company. In addition, it makes a desperate move to escape as soon as possible.

What To Do With The Indications? 

It does not hurt to prepare yourself for job-seeking with these hints.

  • Start looking for job openings online, on the competitor’s career pages and ask your friends in the same line of career.
  • Make sure that you pay your financial responsibilities as much as possible. If this may be hard for now, try to get in touch with your bank or loan providers and seek possible ways to go around it.
  • Having gained much experience, you may not know how much your salary should be. You can try checking in the PayScale Salary Survey.

Be Prepared: Polish Your Resume 

The resume is your first representative of your future employer. Here are some tips to make an outstanding resume.

  • Have a cover letter that looks professional, neat, and concise, containing your request for an interview, self-introduction, your strengths, value, and background.
  • Keep your resume brief, concise and on points.
  • Grab your potential employer’s attention with the first few lines backed up with relevant details. Make sure that the resume fits the job you are eyeing. Highlight accomplishments, skills and experience related to your target position.
  • The hiring managers won’t take too much time browsing your resume. Therefore, put the most impressive qualifications on the first page.
  • As a standard rule, limit your resume to 2 pages of A4 paper.
  • Ask two professional friends to read your resume and give some feedback.
  • Read your resume the next day before sending it to your potential employers.

    Source: Singapore Workforce Development Agency

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