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How To Effectively Grow Your Business In 3 Months Without Doing Expensive Advertising

Even for a small business, marketing is not easy and must not be done lightly. But, despite being a small or medium company, you should still take marketing seriously. So, learn how to effectively grow your business in 3 months without doing expensive advertising.

The success of your business does not solely depend on your quality service and products. Also, it relies on your small business’ marketing strategy. Even if you have world-class service, it will be hard for your business to thrive if nobody knows about it. It is known that the marketing umbrella does not come cheap as this includes promotion, sales, advertising, and public relations.

You must reach as many potential customers as you can. Here are 20 simple ways to advertise your company but still save more!

Always have a business card with you.

There will be chances popping out when you can introduce yourself to people that could be your potential clients have your business card ready. You may not promote your product yet, but the idea that you exist can be a good start.

Take advantage of local opportunities.

During free events, you can meet people in your field. Having people aware of your business services and products is a good start for marketing strategy. To find events and local gatherings, take time to research for local groups and organizations related to your business.

Also, you can join other groups that interest you, like book clubs, networking events and others. Each event is an opportunity you have to grab.

Utilize the printing space of your product.

Website and social URLs helps promote QR codes or promo details. Since you are already printing labels on your products, make sure you use some space for promotion. URLs and QR codes can help your clients get in touch with you. You can also do this with pens, ID laces and others.

Set up a laptop in your client’s waiting area.

It helps make their time productive. Also, it keeps clients in a good mood. Plus, it is better to have your customers do something while waiting.

Use this to promote your company at the same time. For example, you can put a promotional video on the laptop or an interactive program.

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grow your business in 3 months without doing expensive advertising


Wear your brand name

You can print your brand on shirts, caps and the like. Then, have your team wear apparel with your company name. It is a simple marketing method popularly used even by big companies.

Give complimentary meetings.

A free consultation gives the customer a feeling that they are essential. They will take note of it and the way they had their experience. You can win their confidence, and they will likely remember your company once they need your services or products.

Create press releases

Announce all your new products, services and events. Think of an internal event in your company that may interest the public, such as a plan to expand, charity events, sponsored sports events, and product developments. Healthy publicity draws positive attention to your company.

Claim your business listing

The latest news source is Google Places/Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo Local. With this, you have a quick way to make your existence felt. They give a solid feel that you are a real business with a physical location.

Use SEO to optimize your website.

Search engine optimization is now becoming a powerful tool to get traffic to your website. It creates awareness of your target market. Also, it attracts curious searches. Plus, it helps you gain more attention.

Comment on other blogs related to your field.

Leaving positive feedback on others is a way to get your name online. Just make sure that you are well versed with the topic. Also, add more information to make you more credible.

If potential customers deem that you know the topic well, they may contact you.

Join a local forum community.

A forum community is a perfect platform to connect with others. Also, it assists you in learning more in your field. Plus, you also get to know the latest trends and news.

Make your presence felt.

You get your brand in various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites. Be up to date. Know the latest trends and apps you can use.

Social media presents free advertising in a large community of people. Use hashtags and make go around the sites.

Use Reddit

Reach out to the techie audience. Reddit presents many people with various interests waiting to share their thoughts and ideas on various topics. Use Reddit to get your name out to trusted, tech-savvy people.

Apply web hosting services.

Web hosting services help make your brand reliable. Also, it offers discounts like Facebook.

Use DIY Infographics

Visual eye candies help retain your target market’s attention. Attracting an audience with a helpful infographic can give you a reputation that they can turn to you if they need more in the future. Also, they can use your infographics to link back to your site.

Utilize LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is an essential factor to grow your business in 3 months without doing expensive advertising. It has a pool of potential clients and colleagues that you can get in touch with. Also, you can put your ads and business details so they can quickly know you.

linkedin ads


Have a customer referral program.

Customers love it when they feel valued and taken care of. They can even suggest your business to their family and friends.

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Join online business awards

Awards and recognition help you gain credibility and attention. Customers prefer seeing awards and recognition.

Invest in Google AdWords.

With Google AdWords, you can optimize your website content. Also, you get more customers to see your posts.

Donate products and volunteer

In line with your vision to help, joining in a cause is a perfect move. First, it shows your company cares. Also, this is a chance to give away freebies with your name on them.

There are many other cheap ways to market your company. But it is still better to hire an expert marketing team to do the job.

If you are short of cash, you can easily apply for a business loan from trusted moneylenders. Taking out a loan from these licensed moneylenders is easier than banks. Plus, they quickly approved any loan application.  It won’t hurt your pockets, and you can get your business brand out there.