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How to Get the Best Hassle Free Family Vacation Abroad

Do you want to take a break from your stressful work life? Then, get the best hassle free family vacation abroad with the following tips.

Have A Blast With A Hassle Free Family Vacation

Here are the 23 essential things you need to do. It ensures you for the best and get a hassle-free family vacation.

Go to eRegister of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Hassle free family vacation

Register as a group. Include all family members who are not yet registered. The eRegister is a free service created by MFA. It is for all Singapore citizens who want to travel or live abroad. But, it has no regard for the reason. It can be either for leisure, work or studies.

The system records the itinerary of the citizen and other data. Also, it includes contact information. It is vital since it ensures the safety and quick assistance during an emergency.

Registering will only take a few minutes if you already have an existing account. Also, you can easily retrieve it and update it with current travel details.

In addition, when you register, include information such as personal details and people travelling with you. Also, disclose accommodation and duration of stay in a particular city. Finally, don’t forget to add contact persons in case of emergency.

Your passport should have at least 6 months of validity.

If you don’t have a passport yet, register online through the Application for Passport Online Electronic System (APPLES). It is under Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). Do you feel hesitant with online registration? Then, submit your application forms through any Overseas Mission.

In case your passport gets lost or damaged, report it immediately. Contact the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority and Passports Unit (Citizen Services Centre). Or you may go to the nearest Singapore overseas mission abroad. Complete the Application and Supplementary Form for loss of Singaporean passport.

If you lost it abroad and are involved in a crime, report it immediately to the police. If you lost it by misplacing it, it is unnecessary to report it. Bring a valid ID to prove your citizenship and passport-sized photos.

Check the visa requirements.

Each country asks for specific requirements. So research the countries that you plan to visit and transit.

Visa requirements vary in different countries. Avoid any problems by checking if you have everything. Should there be a problem? Then, go to the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission.

Secure valid onward/return tickets.

It is better to have already a ticket going back to Singapore. Always remember to validate your scheduled flight a day ahead. It helps avoid confusion. Plus, it keeps you updated if there is any possibility of cancellation.

Check the health and vaccination requirements. 

Aside from the visa requirement, review their health protocol. Remember, these days, there is some prevalent sickness. It is best to avoid any holdup. So make sure you got these covered. Also, it maintains a hassle-free family vacation.

Make sure you have enough cash.

It is not just about the expenses before the travel. Also, it applies for the duration and purpose of your stay. Of course, you might get carried away shopping around for gifts, souvenirs, and local delicacies. But always budget ahead of time.

It is crucial to have extra cash in case of an emergency. In addition, you are in a foreign land. Therefore, getting extra money will be more challenging.

Prepare sufficient cash at your disposal.

You can apply for a personal loan in banks or online money lending sites. Personal loans are easier approved online by legit moneylenders than in banks. Some Singapore licensed moneylenders may even give you the cash you needed when you applied. Plus, it asks even with minimum requirements. So shop around for personal loans for a hassle free family vacation abroad.

Ask your travel agent and bank which currency you will need to bring.

If you are unsure which currency to bring, ask the professionals. It keeps you away from avoidable money problems. Plus, you can enjoy a hassle free family vacation outside the country. 

Know the type of credit card used in the country you are visiting.

Your credit card might not work in the country you are visiting or transiting. So ask yours about its availability. Also, know which bank it is affiliated with. In addition, tell your bank when and where you are going. This way, it avoids suspicion of identity theft.

Never countersign unused traveller’s checks.

Losing personal belongings is sometimes inevitable during travel. So never sign unused checks beforehand. It helps avoid losing money in case you lose your traveller’s check. Remember, anybody can encash it if you have signed it.

Check if a currency declaration is needed.

You may have brought cash in different currencies. Know if the country you are visiting requires you to declare it. Therefore, you can spend the money on a hassle free family vacation. 

Research where you can easily change currencies.

You might have brought different currencies. It is a must if you are transiting in various countries. If you need more cash, you must know where you can change the other currencies. 

Apply for an Exit Permit

It is applicable to male Singapore citizens in National Service. You can send the application to various offices. These are Central Manpower Base, National Service Department, and HQ SCDF.

Purchase full travel and medical insurance

It comes in handy if any of the family unexpectedly suffers heath issues. It covers illness, injury, or any accidents. Also, it assists you if you lose money, baggage, and tickets.

Remember, you will never know if an accident will happen. Therefore, it is better to be safe. 

Research about the country and any cultural sensitivities.

Different countries have various cultural sensitivities. What could mean well in one country could mean something negative in another country? For instance, hugging a woman in another country could be fine. But for more conservative countries look down upon it.

Bring your doctor’s prescription.

Do you have any illnesses? Regardless of chronic or acute, skipping your medication could mean a medical emergency. Also, use a wristband that tells people around you that you have a medical condition. Examples are diabetes, asthma, and more. Bring awareness not only to your group but to others as well. In addition, it provides you security and hassle free family vacation. 

Check if there is any health risk.

Each country faces different illnesses like Avian Bird Flu prevalence. Some diseases may be present in a particular country. Make sure you know how to protect yourself.

For example, Malaria is prevalent in some parts of Asia. Therefore, make sure you have brought anti-mosquito lotion.

Know the country’s regulations on controlled drugs.

Do you need to bring your home medication with you? Your medicine may require a special permit, especially for controlled drugs.

Also, not all medicines in one country could be legal in another. So to avoid any trouble, research it beforehand. If they have a special regulation, ask your travel agent. For sure, they know what you can do to deal with it.

Carry photocopies of your identity card and passport data page.

If you lost your original documents, use these to prove your identity and citizenship in the nearest overseas mission. The overseas mission will not give you cash if you go short of money. But they will surely get in touch with your family.

Get contact details of the nearest Singapore Mission.

Singapore Mission | Hassle Free Family Vacation

It is essential for the best hassle free family vacation. Moreover, it assists if you meet any trouble in another country. Also, the mission ensures that you meet your rights across the border.

Inform family or friends

It is crucial to update people close to you in your hometown. Tell them where you are going. Also, give details on how they may contact you. Plus, provide the names of all family members. Don’t forget the addresses where you will stay, too.

Monitor news in the country you are visiting.

Things happen in different places. So there may be unexpected incidences in other countries. Therefore, stay safe by knowing the current news.

Purchase a comprehensive tour guide booklet

Be knowledgeable about the country you will visit. Study places to enjoy and restaurants to eat in. Also, pinpoint the shops to get gifts from. Don’t forget to look for a hospital and banks to go to in case of emergency. If applicable, research the country’s culture and other special conditions.

Enjoying your vacation depends not only on how much you have to go shopping. But a well-planned itinerary will also ensure a smooth holiday for everyone in the family. Plus, it avoids stress, confusion, and possibly getting into trouble. Therefore, you get to enjoy the best hassle free family vacation.