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Where To Get The Best Instant Loan in Singapore

(Updated May 12, 2019) Are you in need of an instant loan in Singapore? Various financial institutions are available for you. Check it out.

With the need for fast cash loans getting more common for us, we are becoming more open to the ever-evolving lending industry.

The tightening competition in Singapore compels each unsecured loan provider to hustle and create different loan solutions to cater to the expanding market.

Some reputable moneylenders like us study these needs to build innovative products that can introduce to Singaporeans.

Although Singapore licensed moneylenders may offer different services to different clients, these will likely overlap.

On the other hand, if you want to get a flexible instant cash loan now and skip the long part of this guide, you can also connect with Cash Mart.


Usually, banks only serve their own account holders. If you plan to get a loan from the bank, prepare yourself for a grueling process.

This type of financial institution is careful with the involved risks in giving loans. Thus, they require a long list of legal documents that you have to provide.

The banks scrutinize your documents before getting approved to be sure that the borrower can pay back the loan with interest. As a result, it takes almost a week to disburse the cash. Moreover, they seldom approve expat applications even if you have a good credit history in your country.

Banks also have different products depending on your purpose. However, all of these have fixed terms and conditions–making them the least flexible. Despite the few tweaks, these may come with tight boundaries.

In addition, they require collateral in exchange for their instant loan in Singapore. Examples of these loan products are auto loans and mortgages. Therefore, if you do not have large assets, it may be difficult to have your loans approved.

Banks usually offer the shortest tenure at 3 years and can be extended to 7 years. However, this comes in with high-interest rates ranging from 4.35% to 8%.

It is common thinking that banks can only offer loans to those who don’t really need them, and they deny it to those in need. Thus, this makes low-wage earners go to pawnshops and moneylenders.

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Pawning is known for its fast transactions, quick cash disbursements, and availability to everyone not younger than 16 years old. These establishments are usually near the MRT stations and connecting bus stations.

Pawnbrokers only give secured loans against collateral such as jewelry, luxury watches, and bags. If you do not have any valuables, you can’t get an instant loan in Singapore from them.

You also need to have an identification card. Even foreigners can get loans in pawnshops if they have employment documents such as an E-pass.

Since the collateral does not have as much ceiling value as cars and houses, the loans can only have a maximum term of 6 months. The interest rate can start at 1.5%, yet it is topped with another 1.5% every month. The sooner you pay off the loan, the less interest you will worry about. Failure to pay off the loans will automatically transfer the ownership of the valuables to the broker.


Emerging and going strong in the lending industry, many Singaporeans are now going to moneylenders for various reasons.

Licensed moneylenders boast flexible, low-interest rates that the Registry of Moneylenders cap at 4%. In addition, since they require minimum documents to process an application, they can approve and disburse your money in less than an hour.

Many moneylenders also offer foreigner loans. These loans are specially offered to foreigners who need quick cash and don’t require any collateral.

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If you are worried about the payment schemes, do not hesitate to talk to your moneylenders. The licensed moneylenders will be willing to create payment schedules to help you pay off your loans. They will even guide you on how much and which instant loan in Singapore you can get.

instant loan in Singapore


Reasons You Might Need a Loan

With these three lenders to choose from, borrowers must also evaluate why they need quick cash. That way, they can make a clear and better decision on which loan provider best suits their need.

Emergency Bills

Singapore takes pride in its highly effective healthcare system, the best in the Asia Pacific. However, there is a possibility that health insurance cannot cover some parts of the hospital bill.

If you do not have emergency funds in your bank, you need a fast cash loan.

Business Operations

Most lenders, be it banks or licensed moneylenders, offer business loans.

You might want to put up a business and need capital to kick start it. Plus, you need to hire some staff to help you out, machinery, and possibly a place to rent.

Is business booming? You still need a business loan to expand or branch out. You might also consider automating your business to lessen your load and duties. This upgrade requires money.

Consolidating Debts

Let’s face it: Some Singaporeans end up with a couple of debts that have skyrocketing interest rates.

Thus, they apply for personal loans with low-interest rates to pay off their debts. Doing so allows them to be free from heavy financial burdens.

Debt consolidation is like combining your loans into one while lessening the interest rate at the most suitable tenure.

Surprising Increase in Bills

When you think everything is going smoothly, your bills will have funny ways to sneak up on you. For example, a sudden increase in your bills could mean that you will be short on budget. However, if your next paycheck is just around the corner, but you need the cash now, all you have to do is apply for a quick loan.

Purchasing Second-hand Bags and Watches

Are you eyeing a luxury watch and a second-hand suddenly came within your reach?

It is hard to pass up chances like this. Yet, buying second-hand items means you need to pay in cash. If that’s the case, an instant loan in Singapore can save the day.


Heard how the UOB gold prices are being dynamic these days? A business put some stocks on the market that you think has great potential to grow?

Sometimes the excellent chance to invest would knock at your door. However, you cannot push through with it if you do not have the money. Good thing. Applying for a loan can help you start with investing.

Getting Your Dream Vacation

There is a long weekend coming up. Are you ready to grab a vacation in Bali?

If you are a hardworking employee and need a breather, do not deprive yourself of the grand vacation you have always wanted. Instead, get a quick cash loan to book your tickets!

Gambling Habits

The risk of losing money will be imminent if you have gambling habits. While some profess that it is just a timeout from demanding work, others have made it a hobby.

You know you cannot enjoy gambling if you have very limited cash to bet. Thus, you will need more money to try and hit the jackpot. If you lost more than you actually have, then a quick loan is your escape ticket.

However, please do not overdo it.

Regardless of the reason, wisely choose where you are getting your loan. Banks don’t disburse cash quickly, pawnshops require collaterals, and so many moneylenders to choose from.

How Will You Spot a Licensed Moneylender from a Loan Shark?

First, you must check the business name against the list of licensed moneylenders available in the Registry of Moneylenders. If the business name is missing, it is probably a bogus lending company trying to milk your money instead of helping you out.

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How did you get to know the moneylender? The moneylenders cannot advertise through SMS, emails, phone calls, and even flyers. But, on the other hand, they can promote through directories, their own business websites, and their business establishments.

Then evaluate how they deal with their customers. Is the staff too pushy? Are they professional, or are they using abusive language? Do they blackmail you? Some unlicensed moneylenders get personal information to threaten clients signing contracts through social media.

Despite any coaxing, threats, or charm, never give away your SingPass. It is very personal, and even licensed moneylenders are forbidden to gain any access from it. Should they need it to get further personal details, it should be you who have to key it in their database.

Another red flag to look for is if they refuse to give back the original copies of your personal documents. Most moneylenders need copies of your documents, but they should never keep the original ones.

Quick payday loans are outstanding. But is there a due and legal process?

If you were granted an instant loan without much fuss, don’t be happy just yet. Remember that loan sharks would be more than happy to quickly lend money as bait to a life buried in debts.

Even heighten your suspicion if you are asked to sign a contract, but you are denied a copy. Remember that any financial transactions should be put in the paper for documentation.

As soon as you get your cash, count it before leaving the premises. You should get your approved principal loan as a whole and not in parts.

There are a lot of moneylenders willing to help you out, but some do not have the right intentions. Should you spot an unlicensed moneylender or a loan shark, email the Registry of Moneylenders at or call them at 1800-2255-529.

Are you looking for a licensed moneylender who can give you a quick loan? Then, give Cash Mart a call. Cash Mart offers flexible loans to the highest ethical standards with you in mind.