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20 Free Dating Activities in Singapore

Are you looking forward to having a special moment with your partner? But due to a tight budget, you’re lacking ideas? No worries. We listed free dating activities in Singapore that you’ll surely enjoy. 

Date Under the Stars

Want a free movie date under the stars? Then, you don’t only save around $8.50 – $12 for each ticket. Also, you get to watch it under the romantic skies.

MovieMob is a free outdoor drive-in movie screening. It caters to at least 600-800 Singaporeans. So if you don’t fancy sitting in blankets next to other couples and families, you can drive in and sit in your car. Then, enjoy popping home-cooked popcorns.

Is it not good enough? No worries. MovieMob invites viewers to vote for the next movie on its Facebook page.

moviemob - free dating activities in Singapore

Explore Contemporary Arts

In Singapore, Substation is a popular name for arts. It is the first-ever independent contemporary arts centre in the country.

In addition, it is the go-to spot for couples who love indie films. It is the best advice if you need free dating activities in Singapore, head over here. 

Travel Back in Time

Do you want to have a date like travelling back in Singapore’s past? Then, visit the last surviving native village, Kampong Lorong Buan Kok.

During the ’60s, there were still 40 families living here with rich culture and boasting heritage of Malay-Chinese. But now, there are only 13 houses left. Explore the area since it is free to visit. Also, hang out and take photos while respecting the residents and their beliefs.

Go Hiking

Hiking up a trail may be too tiring, especially if the slopes are steep. However, you can go to Macritchie Treetop Walk.

Experience walking on a 250-meter suspended bridge with wildlife animals on top of the trees. Also, feel the cool breeze on your face while taking in the luscious green scenery just near the metro.

Visit Gillman Barracks

The place is ideal for artsy couples. The former military barracks now house 17 art galleries hosting various international artists. Also, it caters to 5 restaurants, bars and cafes.

Art lovers will surely adore the tours and walk around. It is like having a crash course in mixed history and art. At the same time, you enjoy your free dating activities in Singapore. 

Be Enthralled with Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Are you curious about Buddhism? Do you want to feel a part of Singapore’s culture during Tang Dynasty? Visit the temple. It looks magnificent, especially in the morning during the monks’ prayers. In between prayers, experience the calm halls and meditate with your thoughts. But, the temple will require you to cover up. It applies to girls who came wearing short skirts.

Another perk aside from the peace of mind, the monks offer free vegetarian food to their visitors.

If you want to be here, walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT or Chinatown MRT towards 288 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058840.

Enjoy The Esplanade

The Esplanade offers various entertainments for couples, families and groups of friends. Enjoy performing arts, from theatre arts to concerts.

Also, you can head to the rooftop. Enjoy the magnificent view of the great architecture Singapore has to offer.

In addition, it is known to locals as “the Durian.”  

The Esplanade - free dating activities Singapore

Spend Time At Gardens By The Bay

Singapore takes pride in its Merlion. Also, it boasts of its Gardens by the Bay. It is where the Supertrees stand tall. Plus, it is more colourful at night with lights dazzling to the eyes of those beholding it. The lights and sound show of Garden Rhapsody is a must-see. So drop by in time to view the whole 15-minute show daily at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm.

Aside from the gigantic Supertrees, appreciate the exotic flowers and plants in the man-made gardens. It is so hard to miss. The garden is just next to Bayfront MRT Station.

Savour Nature

Nature-loving couples will surely agree that Southern Ridges is a must-go spot for a date. It gives those whose idea of romance is walking with intertwined fingers.

The 10-kilometre pedestrian bridge connects two hilltops. Also, it stretches between Mount Faber and the National University of Singapore (US). Plus, there is no need to worry if you hate challenging trails and navigations. Therefore, you can even bring along little cousins and siblings.

It is not a demanding hike. But, do not forget to bring bottles of water, sunscreen and face towels.

Listen to the Orchestra

Are you feeling romantic tonight? Don’t just go ahead to a candle-lighted dinner. Instead, head first to Singapore Botanic Gardens and catch the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Let the lush greenery backdrop set the mood together with the world-renowned music of the orchestra.

Also, get there earlier before the show starts. Then, pass the time by locating together the famous Tembusu tree printed on your $5 bill.

Shop at Singapore Really Really Free Market

Do you want to dare each other and shop without a single cent? Then, it is the best place to be.

For the free dating activities in Singapore, pick something for your partner. Examples are clothes, books, and other good finds.

Also, the mart promotes sharing in the community. It includes skills in tarot card reading and yoga. Though this is a free market, everyone is encouraged to share or give back something in return.

Be Awe in Elaborate Carvings

Thian Hock Keng shows you and your partner the deeper culture of Singapore. The oldest Chinese temple in Singapore is an excellent spot to relive the previous lives in the country.

Also, appreciate its architectural marvel and unique charm. So don’t hesitate to visit the temple for your free dating activities in Singapore. 

Have a Picnic

Are you up for something different? Why not fly a kite at Marina Barrage? Hang out with your other friends and family.

Also, it is a place great for picnics. Plus, you can admire the rising buildings while breathing in the fresh air.

Go Fishing

Relish some tranquillity as a couple. Go to Yishun Dam. Take time to catch some fish. The density of the fish is high. Therefore, more chances of a sumptuous meal. In addition, you will notice the clean water it swims from.

Adventure with the Merlions

Do you know that there are actually 8 Merlions? So the famous symbol of Singapore is not alone half lion-half fish. So why not set out on an adventure together.

Hunt all 8 merlions. In addition, make sure to take a photo with each one. Then, post them on social media.

Start the journey at Merlion Park. Afterwards, work your way towards the other 7.

Tour Mount Faber

Explore Mount Faber. Then, be rewarded with a breathtaking aerial view of Singapore’s skyline.

Have your timing ready. Reach the top before the dusk starts with your loved one. It shows you such colourful scenery. It’s one of the perfect free dating activities in Singapore. 

Create your Graffiti

Doodle and create your graffiti together at your heart’s content. Do it without worrying about being caught or mistaken as a troublemaker working for a loan shark.

In Somerset Skate Park, unleash your creative selves, individually or as a couple. It is a perfect way of making your bond stronger. Yes, painting on the walls of this park is totally legal.

Take a Boat Ride

Do you love the sea? Ride a boat and visit the wild dolphins at the Sisters Islands Marine Park.

The water is clear, warm, and blue, unlike East Coast Park’s waters. Also, the place is perfect for snorkelling. You can see the coral reefs and diversified fishes. Plus, you can encounter hairy crabs, Smooth-eyed ghost crabs, stonefish sea cucumbers, and starfishes.

It is a national marine park. You can sign up for free guided tours. That’s why it is one of the best free dating activities in Singapore.

Sisters Islands

Ride a Bike

Are you an active couple who loves nature and exercising? Then, go biking at Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail.

Race each other down the rigorous 6km trail. Or just enjoy the slopes together. There are two most preferred starting points. These are the Dairy Farm Car Park and Visitor Centre Carpark at Hindhede Road.

Rooftop Relaxation

Do you want to see the skyscrapers without illegally sneaking onto the roof of Swissotel? Go ahead to ION Orchard. Then, get in the elevator straight to its 56th.

The magnificent birds-eye view will make you feel in awe while in each other’s arms.

Who says that going out on a date needs to be expensive to be romantic and worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be more awesome to try different things aside from dinners and movie theatres?

Remember that the most precious memories can be the free ones. But, if you want an extra special date that needs a little more cash to surprise your better half, you can try checking top licensed money lenders in Singapore. Or better yet, visit Cash Mart and start its short, quick and easy loan process. A friendly team will be ready to assist you every step of the way. So you can enjoy free dating activities in Singapore more.