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Exclusive 80,000 sqft Warehouse Club with All Your Grocery Needs (at its cheapest!)

Perhaps you have hit the jackpot upon stumbling into NTUC’s Warehouse Club if you are into savings. Find out why.

The holidays are seemingly coming in surges as the year ends, and the Chinese New Year is fast approaching. The Warehouse Club comes as a welcoming fresh air for shoppers who desire to save more and put a new twist on the festive table. However, if you love the frills of a usual supermarket, then you will feel uncomfortable with its high ceiling, visible pipes and minimum embellishments. Yes, it has the ambience of walking into a huge warehouse, especially its 80,000 sqft area.

Warehouse Club in Singapore


“Think Big, Save Big”

The Warehouse Club (WHC) is members-only in Singapore. If this reminds you of United States’ Costco, then that is. It has the similar concept of ‘buying more is saving more.’ Only members can purchase, although everyone can enter and look around. Most of the products there are not on the shelves of the other local supermarkets.

WHC has been open in Singapore since 8 Dec 2014. If you are not familiar with it, you can check it out at 1 Joo Koon Circle. It is just beside the MRT Station. Expect to see a wide range of products, from fresh fruits to household appliances. In addition, there are luggage, clothes, and kitchenware. If you are into Kirkland signature products, you will be delighted to find them only here.

While there are products that can buy in individual pieces, the idea is to provide buyers with most products in bulk to offer 10% to 30% savings. It is perfect for those who frequently buy social functions or corporate events. If you are neither, you can still save up if you shop for items you usually restock every month. Also, it is helpful for those who love to shop with friends every now and then.

Exclusivity of Warehouse Club

Also, the warehouse offers promos. But of course, only members can avail it. To get a membership, you have to fill up an application form. Then, pay a fee of $50 or $35 (for NTUC Union members).

Membership is renewable every two years. That is enough time to do as much shopping as you need. So you can get back more than what is worthy of your membership fee. However, the membership is non-transferable. Only you can use your card. You can bring along your family. But it has to be you who will present the membership card upon purchase.

Free Delivery

Yes, when you go shopping in WHC, you are bound to leave the building with bulk purchases. So how are you going to haul those back home? Do not fret yet. WHC offers free delivery. That is, if you can show a receipt at least worth $500. If you cannot reach $500, you can still have them delivered for $35.

Free Parking

The parking was usually charged $1.07 for the first hour with an additional $0.30 every 15 minutes block. For a limited (undisclosed) period, the parking for the first two hours for members will be free. The next hour will be free if they can present a receipt with at least $100 net.

If you go shopping in WHC, make sure to have a list to shun compulsive shopping temptations. After Christmas and New Year, Chinese New Year will be just around the corner. It is your chance to stock up on your festive groceries and save more.

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