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10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch Investors Can’t Resist

Anxious about your business pitch? You have the right reasons to be. We prepared 10 easy steps to a perfect pitch. Find out how.

A pitch may just take a few minutes. But, it has the power to propel your business to the top. Or crash it into dust.

That is why you need an irresistible pitch that gets funded.

Open a golden opportunity.

Create a pitch that makes heads turn and lingers in the investors’ minds.

easy steps to a perfect pitch


10 Easy Steps to a Perfect Pitch

1. Focus on a single product


2. Write a business plan


3. Show your figures


4. Keep your elevator speech short


5. Your presentation should not be longer than 15 minutes


6. A thought-out executive summary


7. Realistic exit strategy


8. Never ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement


9. Work on your delivery


10. Be open-minded

Each investor has their own reasons for funding a business.

Some invest based on facts and experience, while others consider how they deliver the pitch. And your goal is for the investors to beg for a piece of your business.

It sounds impossible, isn’t it?

But don’t fret. It can be done. If you know what your investors want, learn how to tempt them. Therefore, create an irresistible pitch to entice and convince them. Take note of our helpful tips to achieve your goal.

However, what if you failed and didn’t win the additional funding you need for your business? Don’t worry. Also, you can reach out to trusted licensed money lenders for immediate cash.

Some reviewed moneylenders and credit companies such as Cash Mart offer business support. Through a small business loan in Singapore, it is possible to help you have a better cash flow for your business.