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DBS iBanking in Singapore: Facts and Services

(Updated 30 January 2018) Almost everything is available online. And it is highly possible thanks to DBS iBanking in Singapore. Learn more facts and services about it.

From shopping to studying, the internet has brought convenience, which people did not have just 20 years ago. And now even banks have gone digital! So yes, there is no need to frequent the bank- just like the DBS bank.

The iBanking service lets Singaporeans see their account balances, pay bills and transfer money. And since February 2016, DBS iBanking registration will give you instant access to the digibank app, eStatements, SMS Banking and PayLah! app.

Sounds suitable for the city-state, which is excited to go cashless! And before going any further, let’s first find out how to register your account for DBS iBanking in Singapore.

How to Apply for DBS iBanking

There are four ways to register or apply for iBanking in DBS:

  • Online through the DBS website
  • Open the digibank mobile app and tap “Get Started.”
  • Personally, visit a DBS branch
  • Call 1800 111 1111

Of course, when registering online, you have to identify yourself. If you have a debit or ATM card, you must key in the 16-digit DBS/POSB Debit Card number or 8-digit ATM Card number. These are the numbers appearing at the front of the cards. Afterwards, enter the six-digit card PIN.

Use the 15 or 16-digit DBS/POSB Credit Card number if you have a credit card. Then, type in the 4 or 6-digit Credit Card PIN.

You can use an email and mobile number different from the ones you have in the bank records.

However, the mailing address has to be the same. Then, you will receive your temporary User ID and PIN. If you want to change your mailing address, you have to update it through a DBS branch, any AXS machine or the Personal Details Update Form.

DBS iBanking in Singapore


DBS iBanking First Time Login

For your first time iBanking login, you will need your temporary User ID and PIN. Please note that you have to personalize your account immediately to secure it.

  1. On your first login, key in your temporary User ID and PIN.
  2. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services before clicking “Next”.
  3. Enter your personal iBanking User ID consisting of 5-20 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Review the details before finally clicking Submit.

DBS iBanking Services

View Multiple Accounts 

With the DBS iBanking Singapore platform, you can quickly view your multiple DBS accounts. Seeing your bank balances is vital to know if your finances are right on track. In just one page, you can easily view the summary of your Deposits, PayLah! Account and Investments.

In this simple interface, you can quickly transfer funds, pay bills and view eStatements with one click.

Managing Bills 

Oh, what a bliss! You can manage your credit cards in just one place. With the DBS Personal iBanking, you can overview your credit and debit card expenses together with the recent transactions.

Also, you can even access it 24/7. The summary lets you see how much you have to pay easily.

Furthermore, you can pay your Visa and MasterCard bills from any other bank with your DBS iBanking account. DBS Money Safe Guarantee backs the transactions. The best part? This service is free of charge! You need to key in your name and the Visa or MasterCard Credit Card number.

Organizing Investments 

Track your investments with the DBS Personal iBanking too. It is never too early for investing. Now that the costs of living are steadily rising, even small investments will add up in the future.

In addition, having multiple investments, no matter the size, is more manageable in a simple online banking interface.

So whether it is Unit Trusts, CPF Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and other diversified investment products, keep yourself updated any time of the day. Save time, too, when filing new investments with just a few clicks!

Investment Options in DBS iBanking

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Unit Trusts
  • Exchange-Traded Bonds
  • Singapore Savings Bonds
  • Structured Deposits
  • Mutual Funds

Must-Know Facts on DBS  iBanking in Singapore

If you have a DBS bank account, the DBS Singapore iBanking services are free. However, if you have an account with another bank, you still need a DBS bank account to access its iBanking services.

If the transaction fails and your account gets debited, you will automatically receive a notification from the DBS bank Singapore. They will contact you through your registered mobile number and email address.

Also, they will examine the details of the unsuccessful transaction before you get a refund.

DBS iBank Quick Reminders

Managing your finances is always crucial but never easy. It would be best if you balanced everything to ensure that you won’t suddenly get broke. That is why DBS iBanking in Singapore platform comes in handy.

The navigation makes your banking efficient and smooth. You can easily see your savings, credit card bills and other financial responsibilities in a few clicks. Transfer funds, pay bills, settle your loans, and manage your investments smoothly.

On the other hand, a handy tool will be meaningless if you are not financially literate.

The primary financial, credit, and debt management skills are crucial to avoid financial trouble and live a convenient future life. Everyone knows that our life expectancy is now getting longer. If you can’t save now and invest, you will have a hard time getting enough retirement savings.

Cash Mart allows you to begin your investment through their personal loan. It is a legal money lender with a fast yet secure online loan application.