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DBS Credit Cards: Fine Prints You Need To See

Looking for your first credit card? DBS credit cards are one of the best options. So check out the fine prints you need to see.

Do not get giddy yet with rebates, rewards and free miles. Read the fine prints first. That’s where you will know if you really need the card or not.

We know banks will do various promotions to entice people to spend with credit cards. It could be worth it and fun. But, wrong decisions can be your pitfall to a financial crisis. That is why you need to read the fine prints these promos and benefits have.

Yes, it could make feel you lazy seeing the small prints. Sometimes, long paragraphs with what seem to be alienated words.

We have summarized them for you here.

DBS credit cards

DBS Takashimaya Card

This card lets you have only one redemption a day. Take note that you must use up the points you will earn before the cards expire. If not, you will forfeit the bonus points.

DBS Woman’s Card

This card is laden with promos. They say, you can earn rewards up to nine times (9x). However, these are only applicable if you can spend the minimum amount. You may think that this is easy. You will just make multiple retail transactions.

Take note that you only have up to five retail transactions to meet the minimum required $500. On the other hand, certain promos are only applicable to online retail spending.

DBS NUSS Visa Card

This card is only for a graduate of the National University of Singapore. If you’re not from the school, you cannot avail yourself of it.

DBS Altitude Card

As much as you want to earn miles, only up to $5,000 spent will be awarded miles. In addition, if you wish to avail the free pass for the airport lounge, you still need to apply for Priority Pass™ Membership.

Moreover, the miles awards come within 90 days. So do not expect it to be reflected automatically. If you want to use the free mile to fly by the end of the year, earn points at least 90 days before booking a ticket.

Additionally, miles will not be awarded for some scenarios. An example is if you made a big purchase through a 0% interest-free instalment plan.

DBS Live Fresh Card

You can only get as much as $70 cashback per account per month. It has no regard for how much you spend for the month.

POSB Everyday Card

You maximize this card only if you are an avid shopper at Sheng Siong. If not, it’s not worthy as you think.

Also, the maximum spend is $1,000 a month to get rebates.

DBS Black Card

The 5% cashback on shopping is valid only until 31 March 2017. Take note that the minimum spend is $700 each month to get the cashback. However, no matter how much you spend you can only get as much as $70 cashback a month.

SAFRA DBS Credit Cards

The minimum spend is $500 per month. Meanwhile, the cashback has a cap of SAFRA$50 each month.

DBS Live Fresh Student Card

The credit limit is $500. Online transactions award your purchases. But, this excludes the bills and payments through online banking. In addition, the cashback earned has a cap of $70 per month.

DBS Credit Cards Promotion

You must pay all promos in a single receipt charged to DBS/POSB Credit Card. If there is any dispute between the merchant and the cardholder, the merchant’s terms and conditions will apply. In addition, all information is correct at the time of print. Therefore, check your receipts carefully before signing.

Dining Promotions Terms & Conditions

All the promos offered on the card are valid only for dine-in. Also, there are a lot of promos in various restaurants during holidays. Therefore, the card promos will not be valid during these days.

Moreover, the amount considered in the dining promotion excludes service charges and taxes.

Travel Promotions Terms & Conditions

All travel promotions require a booking. The amount considered excludes service charges, surcharges and taxes. So the full amount of your payment must be charged on the POSB/DSB Credit Cards.

0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Yes, it is 0% interest. However, do not forget that it has an administrative charge of $150. It applies if you settle the amount before the agreed due date. Should you want to close your account? You must pay the remaining balance, including the fees.

Not all items can be approved for the 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan. However, if you need to make an immediate purchase, you can just get a loan from Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers quick cash loans, disbursed in as fast as 30 minutes. Visit to apply now.