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As a licensed personal loan moneylender in Singapore, we do not advertise nor solicit any advance fees for pre-approved loans through SMS, over the phone or emails.Incase of any issues, contact us at 6397- 4111 or

From humble beginnings 50 years ago

Award-winning Private Money Lender

Cash Mart is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers
through our expertise and our promise to always provide the lending experience you deserve

Cash Mart Private Limited (CMPL) is principally engaged in the licensed provision of loans to individuals and companies. CMPL is fully compliant to the Moneylenders Act as mandated, authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw). CMPL is a well-established licensed money lending organization in Singapore founded in 1969, four years after Singapore’s independence from Malaysia.

Headquartered in Balestier, Singapore’s old world charm with a vibrant neighbourhood at the fringe of the city, CMPL specialises in the providence of small-cap express loans. Our products are designed to provide responsible solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life, turning clients’ worries into solutions, dreams into reality. We serve clients that cover a wide spectrum of the credit cycle, from industry professionals to small-income earners in genuine need for financial relief.

Cash Mart is a leading institution in the list of licensed moneylenders based in Singapore. After 50 years of growth, we have learnt that markets do fluctuate, but values don’t. We have stood by our customers and colleagues through good and challenging times. We believe that trust is the world’s strongest currency and it is the foundation of lasting relationships.

Our customers are the centre of what we do. We understand the day-to-day financial needs and pressures on cash constrained consumers. Thus, we aim to deliver financial products that give customers more financial control and help them to get on with their lives.

Cash Mart core values defines how we treat our clients and how we work with our colleagues. It is the key part of our ongoing success for more than four decades. Setting the standards on how we perform as individuals and as a team behind Cash Mart, our core values reflected in every aspect of interaction with each client.


Integrity means we are true to ourselves and to others by being transparent, honest, and consistent in all we do. We do what is right, not what is easiest. We take pride in our work and act with professionalism at all times.


Being responsible comes through being passionate about what we do by anticipation, solving problems and innovation. By embracing change that shapes the future of Cash Mart, we are compelled to constantly strive and find ways to improve our services.


We strive to become the best reviewed licensed moneylender in Singapore. Excellence leads us to challenge ourselves to consistently deliver the highest quality service to our clients. In excellence, we promote personal and professional growth. We aim to continuously exceed our goals and the expectations of our clients, our colleagues, and our shareholders.

Our approach is doing what is right, consistently. We have responded to improving the way that we work. We do our best to ensure customer interests are always put first.

In particular, we have strengthened our lending criteria and moved to a new decision engine to help ensure responsible lending based on individual portfolio risk. This is managed according to a client’s assessed affordable cash flow or source of repayment, because we believe that the best personal loan services must be tailored-fit for you.

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