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Clever Ways to Save Up When Shopping for Groceries

Singaporeans have made saving up when shopping a hobby nowadays. But no matter what happens, nobody wants to cut down their expenses when it comes to groceries. According to Singstat, a huge chunk of Singaporean’s income goes to food and beverages. So we all constantly spend on groceries. Won’t it be awesome to save up while shopping? It has been made possible through credit cards.

Top 5 Credit Cards you can use to save up when shopping for groceries

5 Credit Cards you can use to save up when shopping for groceries

Citi Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card offers cashback of $120 for those who will apply for membership before 2016 ends. In addition to the $120, you get to earn 8% cash back every time you use this card in any supermarket and grocery store across the globe. It means that you can use this card even when on holiday overseas. As an added benefit, you save up to 20.88% every time you refill at Esso and Shell. If you prefer other petrol stations, you still get 8% cash back.

If you want to eat out after shopping for groceries, you can earn 8% cashback when purchasing food and beverages in cafes and restaurants. However, before you go on splurging to get as much cash back as possible, you have to know that you can just earn up to S$25 per category. It means in total. You just get a maximum amount of $75 a month after spending on petrol, groceries and dining.

UOB Delight Card

UOB Delight Card gives up to an 8% cash rebate every time you shop in Market Place, Giant, Jasons, Guardians or Cold Storage with a minimum purchase of $800. If you can’t purchase as much as S$800, you can’t get any cash rebates. Do not forget to use UOB Delight Card every time you ride the MRT or LRT, public bus, and taxis, as you can get 3% rebates from these. Remember that you have to spend a minimum of $400 every month on all transactions via NETS FlashPay Auto Top-up. Be mindful that the cash rebate cap is $50. So you won’t spend too much than you should.

OCBC NTUC Plus! Card

OCBC NTUC Plus! Card offers a 12% discount every time you shop at Warehouse Club and FairPrice Stores. In addition, if you love purchasing from FairPrice Online, you can get free delivery and an 8% discount. To qualify, you have to spend at least $400 in stores aside from FairPrice Online, FairPrice, Unity and Warehouse Club.

Maybank Family & Friends Platinum

If you have Maybank Family & Friends Platinum, you can relish 8% cash rebates when you shop in participating merchants, but you have to spend at least $1,000. If you can only spend $500- S$999, you can still get rebates up to 5%. When you make purchases in other stores, you can still get 0.3% cash rebates.

Maybank Family & Friends Platinum has actually been renamed as Maybank Family & Friends Card. It is part of the bank’s move to give added protection to their cardmembers. All benefits will remain the same. But, you can only use the old cards until 1 December 2016. Upon expiration, cards have to be cut and adequately disposed of. After that, members will receive their new cards with the same name and other details.

POSB Everyday Card

Using POSB Everyday Card, you can get as much as 6% on your everyday essentials, including your groceries. When you go dining, you can get 9%cash rebates. If you shop for groceries at Sheng Siong, you will get a 5% cash rebate. Let’s say you plan to go on overseas vacation before February 28, 2017, use the card and earn a 5% cash rebate. Also, remember to use the card when refilling your car at SPC and get up to 20.1%. Enjoy shopping at Watsons with a 3% cash rebate.

These cards give cash rebates every time you buy your groceries. However, never forget that there are terms and conditions that you have to follow to get these. Also, never choose a card just because of the discounts and rebates, as there are minimum expenditures that you have to meet. It makes you spend more than you actually should. Instead, choose the card that fits your lifestyle and gives you benefits while spending what you usually pay.

Nevertheless, take out a payday loan from legal moneylenders if you want to save up when shopping for daily essentials. Cash Mart approves a personal loan for any financial needs.