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Citibank Credit Card Fees You Don't Know About

Are you considering a Citibank credit card for your purchases?

There is no denying that the Citibank Credit Card cashback, rewards and miles are tempting, but are these the only things you have to consider? Staying in Singapore is surviving in a city-state with soaring costs of living. Therefore, you have to be financially wise when choosing which credit card to apply for.

Aside from the privileges and benefits, it is equally important to take note of specific fees you don’t readily see unless you squint your eyes to read the fine prints.

Citibank Credit Card Singapore


Citibank Credit Card Singapore As Travel Cards

Citi PremierMiles American Express® Card

For every dollar spent, you can earn a certain number of miles which you can use to fly for free. one of the best features may be the fact that the miles you can get will never expire. However, you must know that each redemption has an administration fee of $25.

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

The minimum annual income is $50,000. It is a bit high for a lot of Singaporeans. If you are looking for a travel credit card to earn miles, this may not be the best card. Also, the annual fee of $192 is a bit steep if you want to get a card for everyday buys.

Your overseas spending must be in foreign currency to earn more miles. However, you will have an administrative fee of 2.5% for each overseas transaction.

Citibank Credit Card Singapore As Rewards Cards

Citi Prestige Card

Are you tempted with free Citi Miles as your reward? Citi Prestige Card has an annual fee of $535. You might earn Citi Miles easily, but make sure you spend within your means. Also, if you are not a frequent flier, you may choose a card where you can earn miles with purchases you usually make.

Citibank Rewards

Earn Citi rewards and privileges with the Citibank Rewards Card. However, do not forget that earning these rewards have specific terms and conditions, such as the maximum Citi Dollars per statement is 20,000. Therefore, even if you spend more, you can’t earn more Citi Dollars.

The $10 coupon from Qoo10 is limited only to the first 3,000 customers in March and the first 1,500 in April. In addition, coupons can only be released every Friday.

Citibank Clear Platinum Card

Earn rewards with dining spending. However, this excludes hotel dining. In addition, you may earn 5 Rewards Points for $1 spent in online shopping, but this excludes food & beverage, airline, government, travel, brokerage/ securities, insurance, tuition, cinema, and online gambling websites.

Citi Paragon WORLD MasterCard

Complimentary coffee and 2hr parking are limited to up to 50 cardmembers only from Mondays to Fridays. They will give a maximum of Style $50 for each transaction with the Citi Paragon WORLD MasterCard.

Citibank Credit Card Singapore As Cashback Cards

Citi Cash Back Card

Certain privileges are only applicable for partnering merchants for a certain time. For example, you can only accumulate $50 or more cash back in a month.

Citibank SMRT Card

You must spend at least $300, or the SMRT$ earn rate will be 0.3% less. You may collect a maximum of 600 SMRT$ during any Qualifying Period. The Qualifying Period means the 12 months of your card from its date of issuance or the date renewed.

Citibank M1 Platinum Visa Card

This credit card is offered only to existing M1 phone and/or broadband subscribers.

Citi Esso Mobil Privilege Card

Maximize your discounts by accompanying your payments with Smiles Card. You must already have an existing Citibank credit card before you can get a Citi Esso Mobil Privilege Card.

Facts about Citibank Equal Payment Plan

The 0% EPP may have no interest and fees, but should you decide to cancel it, you will have to pay an administrative fee of $100.

Should you decide to use EPP, you must know that you will no longer earn the supposed rewards, miles or rebates. The amount of items you have purchased will be deducted from your credit card’s credit limit. Your overall credit limit after the purchase will receive a huge dent. You must make sure that you won’t go over the limit.

Fees You May Not Know About

Over Limit Fee

It may be specified in your statement of account. Once you have spent more than your credit limit, you will be charged with the excess amount and the minimum payment amount. You must pay the balance immediately.

Cash Advance Charge

It is $15 or 6% of the amount withdrawn in each transaction.

Interest Charges for Card Transactions

It includes Cash Advance except for Citi Clear Card) which is 26% per annum. It is best to pay before or on the due date to avoid interest charges from snowballing.

Late Payment Charges

It costs $80. The charge is on you if you fail to settle your monthly bill. Avoid this fee by paying the minimum payment due.

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