Top 3 Ideas to Get Emergency Cash in Singapore

Top 3 Ideas to Get Emergency Cash in Singapore

Emergencies happen. Fortunately, we have available emergency cash in Singapore. Here are the top 3 ideas where to get them.

Where do you get your instant cash when sudden needs arise?

Of course, you would first need to calm yourself. It helps you in finding a way to get your funds. You can easily compare your options. Therefore, you can find the best answer to your financial problems.

Which one would be the most accessible and safest among these options? 

Let’s find out the most suitable emergency cash in Singapore for you. 

Emergency Cash in Singapore


Credit Card Cash Advance

If you have a credit card, you also have that key to get cash from any affiliated ATM on the island. It will directly charge the withdrawn money on your credit limit.

It is so easy. You just need to key in the one-time PIN. Remember that you should withdraw within the cash advance limit. It is lower than the credit limit of your credit card.


The feature is only for credit cardholders with good credit standing. It means that you take your responsibilities seriously. Also, you pay your monthly credit card bills on time.

Cash Advances are short-term loans from banks. Expect the high-interest rates that come with it. The charge for you starts from the day you have withdrawn the cash. Cash Advance interest rate ranges from 28% to 29.9% per annum.

Speaking of interest rate, cash advance interest rate is compounding. The interest will be charged on the current balance. It is not from the principal loan amount you have withdrawn.

The longer it takes to settle the cash advance, the higher you have to pay. Unfortunately, this can also drag your credit score too.

Credit Line or Line of Credit

The credit line is a pool of cash readily available for you to access. Like with a credit card cash advance, you can go to an ATM and withdraw the money you need. Then, use the cash for any purpose, anytime you need it.

How does it work?

You need to go to your bank and request a credit line or “line of credit.” The bank will require you to provide the documents required. It is essential to evaluate your creditworthiness. Then, you have to wait for a couple of days to get approval.


You might say that you can access cash instantly. But in reality, you need to apply for it and wait for a few days.

Once approved, you will get an ATM card. You will use it to access the cash on the credit line account. You can borrow any amount without a withdrawal fee. But, there is an annual fee whether you use it or not.

In addition, you need to have a good credit standing for the service. Banks are very risk-averse when it comes to loans. As a result, some banks may require collateral. Meanwhile, others just offer this to their longtime customer.

Instant Cash Loan in Singapore

Personal loans from registered moneylenders are one of the best options if you need emergency cash in Singapore. In addition, the loan process is faster than the bank’s personal loans.

A loan company in Singapore usually offers short-term loans. The best part is that you can pay either weekly or monthly. It all depends on your preference. Also, you may use loan calculators. It helps you know how much you can borrow, the interest charges and the number of monthly instalments.

Moreover, some moneylenders process loans online. As a result, it is way faster than before. The online process can take at least 30 minutes up to 24 hours.


You must be careful when choosing a moneylender. First, make sure you are borrowing from a registered moneylender. So check the Registry of Moneylenders found on the official website of the Ministry of Law.

Licensed moneylenders are helpful in times of need for emergency cash in Singapore. However, there are loan sharks who pretend to help you financially. But later on, it will only suck on your finances. Learn how to spot a loan shark to avoid falling prey to their scam.


When it comes to accessibility, personal loans can be your best bet. However, if you need emergency cash in Singapore, you may use credit cards mindlessly. Also, the inability to pay your dues on time will put you in more financial distress.

A credit line requires you to have a good credit standing. Plus, you need an existing credit line account to use it. However, opening a credit line account will take days. Luckily, personal loans only take hours.

When getting emergency cash, learn the benefits and limitations of your options. It is best to shop around for the best solution despite the emergency situation’s pressure.

And no matter what is the reason for the loan, make sure that you read all the terms and conditions to avoid mistakes. Yes, there is a serious need for emergency cash in Singapore. But, you must not let this need be your financial downfall.

Also, it is still recommended that you maintain emergency funds. While it is helpful to find ways to borrow cash, having cash savings is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial.

Is HSBC Personal Line of Credit Attractive?

Is HSBC PersonalShould You be Attracted to HSBC Personal Line of Credit Line of Credit Attractive?

Is HSBC Personal Line of Credit Attractive?

Do you think you need an HSBC Personal Line of Credit? Here’s how you can identify if it is helpful for your finances.

The Personal Line of Credit is much like a credit card. It has a credit limit which you choose whether to use all or not. And like a credit card, it puts you at a high risk of overusing it if you can’t control your spending.

Yet, unlike some credit cards, people without a credit history can apply easily. But with HSBC Personal Line of Credit, it dramatically depends on the credit score. Moreover, since this credit line is a preapproved unsecured loan, the bank will naturally want to lessen the risk of loss. Thus, they need for reviewing your credit history.

Once approved, you can access funds whenever you need them. Also, use it for almost everything you want. For example, you can pay services and bills, go shopping and have some minor repairs at home. But, then, you have to pay the interest charged on your used amount.

HSBC Personal Line of Credit Eligibility

To have a Personal Line of Credit from HSBC, you need to be at least 21 to 65 years old. Of course, there must be a minimum annual income. Employed Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents must earn at least $30,000 a year. Self-employed, commission-based, and foreigners must have a yearly gross of $40,000. In addition, you must be able to present the needed documents. For example, a photocopy of your NRIC/passport and payslips is a must-have to process your request.

The HSBC Personal Line of Credit is unsecured. It means there is no need for any collateral. So the bank will base your approval and credit limit on your credit score and salary. Once approved, you will get cheque books and a debit card. It is a way for you to access the funds. These are free of charge.

In addition, you can request a specific credit limit. But this is subject to the bank’s approval. For example, the bank usually offers a credit limit of 2-months’ worth of salary but not exceeding $100,000.

HSBC Personal Line of Credit

HSBC Personal Credit Line Interest Rates and Fees

Personal Credit Line charges 18.5% per annum. But the interest rate is charged daily based on the outstanding balance. The minimum charge (regardless if you use the credit) is $10. If you are an HSBC Premier customer, your interest charge will decrease to 12% per annum. HSBC Advance and Revolution customers have a preferential interest rate of 16.5% a year.

Let’s say you had unexpected expenses. You spent more than you planned. So you issued a cheque charged on your credit line. You have to pay your balance on its due date. It is typically 22 days after the statement date. If you can settle the balance, you have to settle at least 3% of the outstanding balance or $15. However, if you fail to pay even the minimum amount, you will be charged a late payment fee of $75.

Yes, you can at least pay the minimum amount. But remember that the unpaid balance is still charged with the interest rate daily. Also, you are subject to annual fees whether you use the credit line or not.

HSBC Personal Credit  Line Balance Transfer

You can only make one application per credit line. Expect that you will be charged a processing fee of $88. You can transfer at least $1,000 up to 90% of the credit limit. It is subject to the bank’s approval based on your current outstanding balance in your credit line.

The Downside of HSBC Personal Line of Credit

Since you have the funds any time you want to access it, you need to keep on paying the annual fee to keep it open. On the other hand, remember that the amount used from the credit line stands as a loan. So if you keep on using the funds, especially in small intervals, your credit score will receive a serious blow.

The funds will always be available to you 24 hours a day. Therefore, it would be best to weigh your needs and wants regarding spending. Spend what you can afford to pay.

If you are sure about the amount of money you actually need, it is better to get a personal loan. You just have to pay the interest rate as it has no annual fees. You can easily get it from Cash Mart today if you need quick cash loans.

The Worst, Best and Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore this 2018

The Worst, Best and Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore this 2018

The Worst, Best and Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore this 2018

(Updated 24 January 2018) Are you looking for new work? Check out the list we made. Find out the worst, best and highest paying jobs in Singapore this 2018.

Once again, Singapore topped the Economist Intelligence Unit’s pricing index.

The British news site, The Economist, named Singapore the costliest city to live in.

According to its Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, the city-state surpassed more than 130 cities based on a person’s needs, from essential grocery commodities to the cost of transportation fares.

A basic lunch menu with drinks can cause USD 9, and an 8km taxi trip can also cause USD 9. Renting a 45m2 apartment can cause USD 2,108 a month, while utilities can average USD 106 monthly.

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Living in Singapore means that you can enjoy life in a first world country with the benefits of world-class transportation and living areas; However, you have to get a good job with stable pay to survive.

highest paying jobs in Singapore


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore

Listed below are the highest paying jobs in Singapore. Find out which one might fit your knowledge and skills. 

10. Legal Secretary

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 4,000 – SGD 8,000 (USD 2,895 – USD 5,790)

Expected Tasks if Hired: Legal secretaries perform secretarial tasks in law offices. Also, you write legal documents such as summons, and subpoenas, motions. You also have to do standard secretarial duties such as answering calls or emails, greeting clients, and transcribing data.

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9. Settlements Manager

Salary Range per Month: SGD 5,000 – SGD 8,300 (USD 3,619 – USD 6,008)

Expected Tasks if Hired: As a Settlement Manager in the banking and finance industry, you will facilitate treasury settlements, ensure accurate and reliable cash flow, as well as pool price forecast. To do this, you have to be responsible for managing staff in a fast-paced, detail-oriented environment with strict deadlines.

8. Finance Manager

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 5,500 – SGD 9,000 (USD 3,980 – USD 6,514)

Expected Tasks if Hired: Your tasks may range from interpreting cash flows to providing future expenditure plans. Yes, it would help if you predicted future trends through data analysis. As a financial adviser for a company, you need to be updated, farsighted, driven to expand the business.

7. Digital Marketing Manager

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 6,000 – SGD 10,000 (USD 4,343 – USD 7,238)

Expected Tasks if Hired: You must manage multiple campaigns using various digital marketing techniques such as paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, and well-designed websites. You have to bring relevant marketing developments to ensure that your target clients know the brand (and its products or services). Simply put, you need to squeeze your creative juices to entice new customers towards the brand you are promoting.

6. Finance Compliance Manager

Salary Range per Month: SGD 8,000 – SGD 10,000 (USD 5,790 – USD 7,238)

Expected Tasks if Hired: You must be up to date with all legal regulations that can affect your company. Then, you need to ensure that every staff complies with the new law through proper training and seminars. Plus, it would be best to meet seminars annually because no company wants to cross the laws and get in trouble unknowingly.

5. Quality Lead or Manager

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 6,000 – SGD 10,000 (USD 4,343 – USD 7,238)

Expected Tasks if Hired: Are you a meticulous person? Quality managers ensure that the company meets customer expectations. The products or services provided must be consistent and meet every laid out requirement. You have to set up and maintain control and documentary procedures to do this.

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4. IT Security Consultant

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 7,000 – SGD 10,000 (USD 5,067 – USD 7,238)

Expected Tasks if Hired: Does the cyberwar against hackers entice you? Data security is becoming more valuable than ever. Most companies rely on online systems, emails, and transactions. Even businesses that process their clients’ requests and inquiries through their websites.

As this trend grows, the demand for IT Security Consultants or Specialists increases. As an IT Security Consultant, you have to focus on understanding your company’s data risks. In addition, you need to analyze possible security breaches and strengthen the system to avoid them from happening.

3. Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Specialist or Manager

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 4,000 – SGD 12,000 (USD 2,895 – USD 8,685)

Expected Tasks if Hired: Being a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, you need to have a vast knowledge of scientific, legal, and business issues. It ensures that any product developed, manufactured, or distributed by your company do not go beyond the bounds of the law.

People with this job usually have a solid knowledge base and skill set in science, writing, and reading comprehension. They also have an in-depth understanding of the legal matters concerning the company. They are usually in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

2. FinTech Developer

Salary Range per Month: SGD 7,500 – SGD 12,000 (USD 5,428 – USD 8,685)

Expected Tasks if Hired: You will need to design and develop financial application tools to help individuals manage their finances in a breeze. As a financial tech developer, you have to foresee ways to make digital financial transactions easy and (of course) secure.

1. Finance Controller

Salary Ranger per Month: SGD 8,000 – SGD 15,000 (USD 5,790 – USD 10,857)

Expected Tasks if Hired: As the Finance Controller, you will be responsible for banking and finance activities, insurance recommendations and related purchases, proper reporting and payment to all taxing authorities, and corporate documentation. Simply, you need to ensure that proper accounting is done and your company is profitable.

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Although the tight competition will make these jobs difficult to get, these highest paying jobs in Singapore have favourable salary rates. So if you want to go to Singapore and have a higher chance to get hired, you better check the list of in-demand jobs. These jobs always have a lot of vacancies.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Singapore for 2018

As we welcomed this year, here are the high demands on:

Service and Sales Workers

It holds 23.5% of job vacancies in Singapore. Shop sales assistants, receptionists, customer service, information clerks, and security guards are the most in-demand. People looking for this job must have a lower secondary education level. Most service and sales workers get SGD 3,000 (USD 2,171.40) a month.

Associate Professionals and Technicians

Teaching and training professionals, software, web, and multimedia developers are examples under this category. Also, they are the most sought-after employees in this category. Therefore, employers usually require specific work experience and a diploma.

Cleaners, Laborers and Related Workers

These are jobs usually passed up due to the work environment, physical strain, and unattractive pay. However, more than 900 vacancies remain for cleaners in some Singaporean establishments. One of the reasons is the low salary in this category which ranges from SGD 1,000 to SGD 2,800 (USD 723 to USD 2,024).

Managers and Administrators

It is a must to have specific job-related experience and a diploma. Singapore employers need more than 4,000 management executives, commercial and marketing sales managers, and other jobs in this category. One of the hindrances for filling the job vacancies is the lack of qualified candidates.

Clerical Support Workers

These jobs are generally related to assisting with how a company functions. They are under an administrative assistant and can be assigned basic tasks such as answering calls and emails. This job category has around 3,000 job vacancies.

Plant and Machine Operators and Assemblers

They operate and monitor industrial or agricultural motor vehicles and machinery. It involves physical strain, making it unattractive, especially for young workers. There are almost 3,000 job vacancies in this category.

Craftsmen and Related Trades Workers

It takes up 3.8% of job vacancies in Singapore. However, some employers may seem to offer unconducive working conditions.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, the Services Industry has the most vacant jobs. A total of 83.5% of job vacancies is needed to be filled up. It includes accommodation, personnel, and Food & Beverage Services.

Most Singaporeans would instead not take up these vacant jobs. Why?

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) shared these top reasons:

  • The pay is unattractive.
  • They prefer a shorter workweek.
  • They think the job is physically strenuous.
  • The preference is not to do shift work.
  • They find that the working environment is not conducive to them.
  • Finally, they find the image of the sector poor.

Since the listed in-demand jobs in Singapore are less appealing to certain Singaporeans, this raises opportunities for foreigners to live in Singapore and find a job in these categories. People from third-world countries would also get even the least paid jobs.

Salaries ranging from SGD 450 to SGD 1,835 may seem low for Singaporeans, but foreign employees consider this enough for them to send money back home to support their families.

Top 5 Least Paid Jobs

Room Attendant and Receptionist

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,304 – SGD 1,797 (USD 942 – USD 1,300) a month

With billions of tourists visiting Singapore each year, most of them are demanding, and there are fewer servers to attend to them. There are usually no requirements, but some hotels look for training certificates. Some attendants and receptionists also do jobs from other departments due to understaffing.

Nail Technician

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,200 to SGD 1,800 (USD 867 – USD 1,800) a month

They take care of the clients’ hands and even massage their feet while building a good customer relationship. However, some clients still become irate with hard work and valuable skills to treat nails, hands, and feet. Of course, nail technicians still have to keep a smile despite the demands and mood of the customers.

Service Crew and Waiter

Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,000 – SGD 1,835 (USD 723 – USD 1,326) a month

Keeping a restaurant tidy and smoothly is no joke, especially if the shop is understaffed. A service crew takes and serves orders, cleans and sets tables, and even handles the cash register. There are no requirements for this kind of job, but under-staffing entails that you won’t have holidays.


Salary Range per Month: SGD 1,025 – SGD 1,347 (USD 741 – USD 974) a month

Most Singaporeans will not take this job, it pays less, and the work itself is dirty. On average, the income is USD 700 for half-days. They vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, and clean washrooms. Most Singaporeans would rather let foreigners take this job.

Construction Worker

Salary Range per Month: SGD 450 to SGD 1500 (USD 325 – USD 1,084) a month

Working under the sun’s scorching heat is no fun, especially if the pay is low. It is manual labour that requires physical strength. A construction worker earns USD 450 to USD 1500 depending on the skills and experience.

It does not need detective work to see why Singaporeans are not into these jobs. Job vacancies may be high, but working for low wages is not enticing at all.

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Getting a job is vital wherever you are. The salaries may vary, but your survival will greatly depend on how you handle your finances at the end of the day. And whichever job you get, remember that everything will pay off with motivation, dedication, and hard work.

Do you need quick cash while looking for the best highest paying jobs in Singapore? Cash Mart is a legal loan Singapore that lends money to eligible borrowers. 

The Secrets Of Credit Card’s 0% Instalment Plans

The Secrets Of Credit Card’s 0% Instalment Plans

Do you want to know the secrets about credit card’s 0% instalment plans? Read along to understand to become more aware of it.

Many Singaporeans are scared of ballooning credit card balances due to interest rates charged on their accounts. Of course, you can prevent this by paying your credit card dues on time. However, there are still individuals who sometimes forget when they have to pay.

In addition, the bank recognizes that Singaporeans need or whims to make big purchases they can’t repay even with a couple of months’ worth of income. Since there is a demand for instalment plans and a fear of high-interest rates, banks have devised the Credit Card’s 0% Interest Instalment Plans.

Credit Card’s 0% Instalment Plans

The 0% Interest Instalment Plan allows you to make your big purchase with a participating merchant with your credit card. With just one swipe (viola!), you can take home your huge Samsung Smart TV complete with a theatre system or take up a yearlong gym membership. By entering an agreement to use the 0% Interest Instalment Plan, you give the bank authorization to pay the merchant the full amount of your purchase. Then, it is your responsibility to pay off the bank in instalments throughout the agreed term.

You are getting a loan to buy something, and that loan can stretch up to 36 months, depending on the bank. However, like all the benefits credit cards come with, there are terms and conditions you should not overlook. Do not be too confident that you are not paying any interest rate and you are in a win-win situation as all this could turn into a nightmare. You have mistakenly overlooked five facts that could cause you more than you think.

credit card's 0% instalment plans


Your purchase has been fully charged on your credit limit.

We all know that credit cards have limits that can depend on your regular income, preference, and the bank’s discretion. When you use the 0% Interest Instalment Plan, the bank is charging the full amount against your credit limit. That is why some banks, such as the Standard Chartered banks, require their cardholder to increase their credit limit. If your credit limit is $6000 and you purchased a luxury bag worth $5,500, only $500 will be left to your credit limit. They will reject any additional purchase worth more than $500 outright. So do not be surprised when a cashier frowns at your declined card.

After your big spending, you will have to sacrifice a few months of inconvenient shopping. However, this is not permanent, as your credit limit will soon return to normal with each paid instalment.

No rewards earned

If you are excited with your earned rewards, AirMiles or rebates from your big purchase, get ready to be disappointed as most banks waive these benefits in exchange for the instalment plan because banks still have to make some money out of you. If they still give you rebates, rewards, and miles, they will lose profit.

Nothing comes for free.

While it is true that you will not be charged any interest rate, most people forget the existing fees that banks can charge you. Some banks do not automatically convert large purchases into IPP. You need to register first and pay an administration fee which can go higher with non-participating merchants. Depending on the bank’s policy and discretion, charges can range from 2 to 6% of the purchasing price.

You can’t cancel the card for free.

Unlike the regular charges when you can just close your credit card account and transfer the balance to another account, you will have to pay the IPP balance in full first, topped with cancellation, termination and late repayment fees ranging from $100 to $150. Also, the terms and conditions indicate that you still have to continue paying the charged amount even if there is a dispute between you and the merchant.

There was a case when a gym named California Fitness suddenly closed through a number of clients who had already fully paid through IPP. However, clients still have to pay the banks since the banks had fully paid the one-year membership fee. Also, if you have bought a defective item by unfortunate chance, you still have to pay the bank since the issue is between you and the merchant.

Early settlement fees

If you thought it was better to settle your balance as soon as possible, you are definitely wrong. Banks charge penalties as high as $150. Banks also usually call this an administration fee because banks need to earn from you.

If you need to make an immediate purchase, Credit Card’s 0% Interest Instalment Plans may be risky. While it sounds inviting, you need to understand its risk. What was a win-win situation that could become a lose-lose in just a snap? Paying with cash can be your other option. Need money for immediate purchase? Get it from Cash Mart today.

Afford Your University Studies in 5 Ways Without Big Budget

Afford Your University Studies in 5 Ways Without Big Budget

Can you afford your university studies? If not, don’t fret. Here are the best 5 ways to pursue your education even without big budget.

Studying is an indispensable stepping stone towards a secured career and stable financial status. Therefore, many will grab the chance just to get a diploma. However, not everybody can pay the tuition fees. Here are some ways to afford your university studies.

Education Loan

A lot of banks and moneylenders offer student loans. These loans have various terms depending on the financial institution you choose. Most of these vary with the interest rates and the grace period. You must pay most student loans after leaving or finishing school.

Also, these loans are expected to paid in a year or more after the repayments start. The grace period is the length of time when the students have to start paying after leaving school or graduating.

While some financial institutions give six months, others provide a year for students to get jobs. What if you haven’t got a job when you have to pay your first repayments? Do not hesitate to give your Singapore moneylender a call. Most probably, you will adjust your repayment scheme.

Institution’s Financial Aid

Different scholarships have various criteria and requirements.

Howe Yoon Chong PSA Scholarships

There are no specific course restrictions, but the MOE tuition grant subsidy should acknowledge them. If you have an interest in this scholarship, you enrolled in local universities such as SIM and Singapore Institute of Technology, the various polytechnics and ITE.

The scholarship has no amount specified as the courses have different costs. Yet, it is clear that the scholarship will cover the tuition fees, additional compulsory fees, living allowance and book allowance. This scholarship is for students with a household income of not more than $750 a month, with grades not lower than B, good entrepreneurial skills, innovative contributions to science and technology, leadership skills, and active community involvement.

Howe Yoon Chong PSA Scholarship | Afford your University Studies

MENDAKI Scholarship

The MENDAKI Scholarship (Univesity) is for Singaporean Muslims and preferably under the course related to Medicine, Health & Life Sciences, Multimedia Design, and Engineering. it supports students in:

  • Singapore Management University
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • National University of Singapore
  • Singapore Institute of Management

If it fits your interest, you must have 5 distinctions in GCE’ O’ level examination and 3 in the GCE ‘A’ level examination. The minimum aggregate points for International Baccalaureate Diploma must be 37. In addition, you must participate in co-curricular activities (CCA), and if you are a male, you should first complete your National Service. The $4000 grant yearly is for those who can keep up satisfactory performance.

MENDAKI | Afford Your University Studies

LBKM (Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud) Bursary

Despite being a scholarship grant to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad, this grant is for students of any race and religion aspiring to study in both local or overseas universities, JC and polytechnics.

This Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Memorial Scholarship Fund has been granted to students since 1966. Students for Junior Certs receive $500, those striving for a diploma get $800, and a total amount of $1,800 is for each undergrad in local universities. The number of bursaries may change depending on the courses taken, though postgraduates and overseas students get larger amounts. The grant also supports part-time degree students and gives $1,200 for each. Applicants must have a household income not exceeding $1.800 and must not have any other grant or scholarship.

lbkm to afford your university studies

Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education Foundation Bursary

Though it is a Buddhist grant, this scholarship is given regardless of race and religion. It is for those interested in studying in local universities, JCs, ITEs and polytechnics regardless of the chosen course. The amount usually depends on the school, though usually, it is about $1,000 and $1,200 a year.

Singapore Buddhist Lodge Education

AMP Education Bursary

Association of Muslim Professionals is a grant for all races as long as they study in the local universities, ITEs and polytechnics. The students take any course they want. While the diploma students receive $500, the degree students get $1000. The students must not have a household income of higher than $3500 a month. A part-time student below age 40 is welcome to apply. There is no required bond, but scholars must do community work for 90 days.

AMP Education Bursary in Singapore

MOE Teaching Scholarship

This scholarship is for Singapore citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents with good character, strong leadership qualities, excellent (CCA) records, outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, and GCE ‘A’ levels.

CPF Education Scheme

You use the Ordinary Account (OA) savings of your own, parents or spouse to subsidize your tuition fees. However, if you will use your siblings or other relatives’ OA, the improvement will depend on the assessment.

Sign Up as a SAF Regular

If you serve in SAF, you hit two birds with one stone. First, the SAF will fund your tertiary studies. Also, you will even get an allowance of about $2,000 a month.

You must serve for 6 years as a bond. However, if you served the National service for 2 years, this will be deducted from the bond.

If you need instant cash loans with short term periods to afford your university studies now, you should start your loan process in Cash Mart.

Visit Cash Mart’s website to know why its loans are the ones that can best fit your needs.

POSB iBanking Guide For First Timers

POSB iBanking

POSB iBanking Guide For First Timers

POSB iBanking is now called POSB Digibank, with more than 150 online banking services all in one place. From opening a new savings account to transferring funds to almost any other bank in Singapore, you can surely handle it smoothly with POSB iBanking.

Upon signing up, you will access the full range of banking services such as eStatements, PayLah! and SMS Banking. It is simple, secure and always available.

POSB iBanking in Singapore

What are The POSB iBanking Eligibility Requirements?

You have to be at least 16 years old and currently have a personal or any joint-alternate account of:

  • DBS AutoSave Account
  • DBS Current Account
  • POSB Savings Account
  • DBS Savings Account
  • DBS Savings Plus Account
  • POSB Current Account
  • DBS Cashline
  • DBS Home Loan with Servicing Account
  • POSB or DBS Credit Card/Debit Card

POSB iBanking Registration

You can register for POSB iBanking via four (4) channels:

  • Online at,
  • Digibank mobile app by selecting on “Get Started”,
  • any DBS/POSB Branches, and
  • by calling the Contact Centre at 1800 111 1111

You will need to identify yourself with your Debit/ATM Card Number or Credit Card Number for online registration. This series of numbers is in front of the card.

You will also need to provide your mobile number and email address during registration.

What are The Benefits of POSB iBanking

Effortless Application

You can register using your personal ATM card (DBS Bankcard, ALUMNUS card and POSB ATM cards), debit card, or credit card. Once you have registered, you can start accessing your accounts online.

Quick Bank Access

You can easily access your latest banking information on both your POSB and DBS accounts. In addition, you can instantly see your deposit accounts, cards, investments and credits.

POSB Security Features

The intuitive navigation toolbars ensure smooth online services. In addition, the built-in security features protect every banking transaction and activity you do with POSB iBanking.

  • In addition, POSB provides 100% security on your funds by covering them under the Money Safe Guarantee. Furthermore, if authorised access and transaction are done in your account, POSB will repay the money taken from your account.
  • You can also set and customise your email and SMS notifications. For example, whenever you perform selected transactions, POSB will alert the moment transactions occurred and exceeded the amount you specified.
  • The iBanking OTP serves as an additional security feature with a One Time Password authorisation. That is why you have to register your mobile number with POSB to receive a digibank OTP every time you make a transaction.


Getting your latest account information is just a breeze. You can even complete your banking transactions online to avoid the hassle and effort of queuing.

Anytime, Anywhere

You can do any banking transactions anywhere you are. You can also access your DBS and POSB monthly statements any time of the day.

Money Saver

POSB offers discounts when you use selected internet banking services.


There is no need to worry about compatibility hardware. POSB iBanking is designed to run even with a PC with the minimum configuration.

Free of Charge

The standard commission or transaction fees for some services such as purchasing of cashiers’ order, demand draft or travellers’ cheque still applies. Still, the use of the iBanking services themselves and sign-ups are free.

How to Log In to digibank Online for the First Time

Use your temporary User ID and PIN when logging in for the first time. Also, you must register your DBS iB Secure Device once you receive the prompt.

1: Enter your temporary User ID and PIN

2: Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services

3: Click “Next.”

4: Key in your preferred digibank User ID

5: Click “Next.”

6: Click “Submit.”

What is iBanking OTP?

The iBanking One Time Password (OTP) is a security feature introduced by DBS for DBS and POSB account owners with online banking access. It is essential to have your active mobile number registered with DBS or POSB to receive your iBanking OTP via SMS. You can use the iBanking OTP for the following services.

SMS Login

You will receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS. SMS Login with iBanking OTP is a new feature introduced in 2012. It is an alternative second-factor authentication on top of using your iB Secure Device.

Banking transactions

The bank will send a 6-digit OTP to your registered mobile number via SMS. Then, it authorises and completes the selected banking or online transactions, such as updating personal information and contact details.

Bank notifications

Also, they will send SMS to your registered mobile number once your online transactions have been completed.

You will not receive an iBanking OTP for online transactions if your mobile number is not updated correctly or the 3D Secure™ technology does not support the merchant website you are transacting on.

You will need your registered mobile number to add a payee, transfer funds overseas, pay bills, update personal details and update your mailing address.

Also, you will need your iBanking OTP and your iB Secure Device. It authorises changes to your personal and contact details, manages alerts, adds new cheques, and demands draft recipients.

How to Change POSB iBanking PIN

You can change your iBanking Pin on the iBanking platform. Simply click “Preferences” on the top right-hand corner to access the “Change iBanking PIN” service. You will be required to key in your iBanking OTP before accessing this service.

Your DBS iBanking PIN and your Credit Card or ATM PIN are not the same numbers. Changing your iBanking PIN does not alter your cards’ PINs.

How to Use iB Secure Device

The iB Secure Device keeps your transactions secured and safe from any fraudulent activities. Certain transactions require specific buttons on the device.

On the other hand, to access services such as Transaction History, Bill Payment or Funds Transfer, you will need an iBanking OTP sent to you via SMS. Otherwise, press and hold the DBS logo on the iB Secure Device button.

How to Replace DBS iB Secure Device

In case your DBS iB Secure Device has been damaged, you can request a free replacement in three ways.

Via Video Teller Machine (VTM)

Follow the steps below.

1: Proceed to your nearest VTM and complete the authentication process with your NRIC, passport, or ATM/Credit/Debit card.

2: Select “iB Secure Device.”

3: Tap “Yes” and select “Reason for Replacement.”

4: Collect your new DBS iB Secure Device

5: Register the new device

6: Scan the barcode

7: Key in the 6-digit iB Secure PIN

8: Press “Confirm.”

Via digibank Online

Do the following steps. 

1: Log in to your iBanking account

2: Select “Request” and then “More Requests.”

3: Tap “Other Services” and select “iB Secure Device Replacement.”

4: Click “Login with SMS” and then choose “Get OTP via SMS.”

5: Key in the OTP sent to you via SMS

6: Click “Login.”

7: Select “Reason for Replacement.”

8: Click “Next”, then “Submit.”

Via digibank Mobile

Ensure safe transactions with these steps. 

1: Log in to digibank

2: Select “Settings” and then “Request New iB Secure Device.”

3: Tap “Request/Replacement Reason.”

4: Verify your Mailing Address

5: Select “Reason for Replacement.”

6: Click “Submit.”

If your request via digibank Online/Mobile, they will send your new DBS iB Secure Device to your mailing address within 3-5 working days

Final Thoughts on POSB iBanking

POSB iBanking lets you Make a Transfer, Manage Payments GIRO Arrangements, Top Up, Redeem Rewards, Manage Investments, Apply to New Accounts, and Update Personal Details and Preferences. Each transaction is safe and secure with iBanking OTP.

Managing your banking transactions has become more convenient. However, it is still your responsibility to be financially savvy to manage your overall finances.

And when it comes to convenience, getting a loan is just as smooth if you apply in Cash Mart. Cash Mart provides flexible online loan solutions for every Singaporean whenever you need them.

Maybank Education Loan: What You Need To Know

Maybank education loan

Maybank Education Loan: What You Need To Know

College costs are not getting any cheaper! Fortunately, there’s Maybank Education Loan. Here’s a guide about what you need to know about it.

As the city-state’s cost of living rises, you must secure your education. That is why banks offer various student loans here in Singapore. However, how would you know which student loan could fit you best?

Maybank Education Loan

Maybank offers an education loan both for local and overseas studies. It gives aspiring students the freedom to choose the education that can boost their careers.

However, you need to know if this is the best education loan to use.

Maybank Education Loan Eligibility

Maybank is offering its education loan for Singaporean and Permanent Residents who are at least 18 up to 65 years old. Meanwhile, guarantors must be between 21 years old and 65 upon the loan’s maturity.

If you are a student working as a part-time employee earning at least S$18,000, you must have a guarantor. Your guarantor has to make a minimum of $30,000 for local studies and at least $60,000 for overseas studies.

Maybank Education Loan


Facts about Maybank Education Loan

Education Loan Purpose

When applying for a loan, you need to find the one that fits your purpose. Maybank Education Loan is only for tuition fee settlement. You may not use it for any tuition fee reimbursement. If you have already paid your tuition fee,  you better find another loan.

What if the institution has refunded the tuition fee you have paid with the Maybank Education Loan? No matter the reason for the refund, you will have to notify the bank about the refund. You will use any amount of the refund to prepay the loan. As you see, you can use no amount of the loan for any other purpose.

Loan Repayment Schemes

Interest Servicing Scheme

Pay the interest only in monthly instalments for up to 36 months, “Interest Repayment Period”. Of course, the term will still be subject to the bank’s approval. If you use this scheme, you’ll have to pay the interest charge while still studying.

The standard monthly instalments will start once the Interest Repayment Period has expired.

Partial Repayment Scheme

You can pay both the principal and interest in partial with the name itself. The amount will depend on the bank’s discretion. You can lower instalments while you are still at school. Then, you can pay the remaining balance and interest in a higher monthly instalment amount.

Standard Repayment Scheme

Pay your loan and interest charge every month once your funds have been disbursed. You can create a budget plan ahead of time. All because it’s a fixed monthly instalment.

Loan Application Process

Before you apply for the Maybank Education Loan, of course, you will need to know the process to save your time.

There are three ways to apply for the Maybank Education Loan. You can apply through SMS, online through Maybank’s website, and personally in one of its 22 branches across the city-state.

First, you have to prepare your acceptance letter from your school. It proves that you got accepted into the institution. In addition, your institution’s acceptance letter must state the type and duration of your course.

Aside from this, you also have to submit your duly accomplished application form, NRIC, income documents and your proof of relationship with your guarantor. Remember that your guarantor must be an immediate family member who is not currently a guarantor on another loan.

Wait for a loan approval letter from the Maybank. Then, submit the loan disbursement form. The Cashier’s Order(s) will be in the name of your institution as the sole purpose of this loan is to pay your tuition fees.

Fees to be Expected

For every request of funds that varies upon the loan tenure and agreement, you have to pay an administrative fee of S$200. Prepayment is also penalized.

Once you have accepted the Letter of Offer, you will be bound to pay a processing fee. If you opt to cancel, you need to pay a cancellation fee of 1%.

Alternative for Maybank Education Loan

As you can see, the purpose of the loan is not flexible. We all know that there are other things you have to spend on aside from the tuition fees.

Do you need a new laptop? Is there a need for additional allowance for your everyday needs? Then, you’ll need to get another option. Take the time to shop around to find the loan that best fits your needs.

Look for a licensed moneylender in Singapore. Cash Mart provides a leading low-interest personal loan. Use the instant cash loan for any of your school expenses. Be financially secured while finishing your studies. 

DBS iBanking in Singapore: Facts and Services

DBS iBanking in Singapore

DBS iBanking in Singapore: Facts and Services

(Updated 30 January 2018) Almost everything is available online. And it is highly possible thanks to DBS iBanking in Singapore. Learn more facts and services about it.

From shopping to studying, the internet has brought convenience, which people did not have just 20 years ago. And now even banks have gone digital! So yes, there is no need to frequent the bank- just like the DBS bank.

The iBanking service lets Singaporeans see their account balances, pay bills and transfer money. And since February 2016, DBS iBanking registration will give you instant access to the digibank app, eStatements, SMS Banking and PayLah! app.

Sounds suitable for the city-state, which is excited to go cashless! And before going any further, let’s first find out how to register your account for DBS iBanking in Singapore.

How to Apply for DBS iBanking

There are four ways to register or apply for iBanking in DBS:

  • Online through the DBS website
  • Open the digibank mobile app and tap “Get Started.”
  • Personally, visit a DBS branch
  • Call 1800 111 1111

Of course, when registering online, you have to identify yourself. If you have a debit or ATM card, you must key in the 16-digit DBS/POSB Debit Card number or 8-digit ATM Card number. These are the numbers appearing at the front of the cards. Afterwards, enter the six-digit card PIN.

Use the 15 or 16-digit DBS/POSB Credit Card number if you have a credit card. Then, type in the 4 or 6-digit Credit Card PIN.

You can use an email and mobile number different from the ones you have in the bank records.

However, the mailing address has to be the same. Then, you will receive your temporary User ID and PIN. If you want to change your mailing address, you have to update it through a DBS branch, any AXS machine or the Personal Details Update Form.

DBS iBanking in Singapore


DBS iBanking First Time Login

For your first time iBanking login, you will need your temporary User ID and PIN. Please note that you have to personalize your account immediately to secure it.

  1. On your first login, key in your temporary User ID and PIN.
  2. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services before clicking “Next”.
  3. Enter your personal iBanking User ID consisting of 5-20 alphanumeric characters.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Review the details before finally clicking Submit.

DBS iBanking Services

View Multiple Accounts 

With the DBS iBanking Singapore platform, you can quickly view your multiple DBS accounts. Seeing your bank balances is vital to know if your finances are right on track. In just one page, you can easily view the summary of your Deposits, PayLah! Account and Investments.

In this simple interface, you can quickly transfer funds, pay bills and view eStatements with one click.

Managing Bills 

Oh, what a bliss! You can manage your credit cards in just one place. With the DBS Personal iBanking, you can overview your credit and debit card expenses together with the recent transactions.

Also, you can even access it 24/7. The summary lets you see how much you have to pay easily.

Furthermore, you can pay your Visa and MasterCard bills from any other bank with your DBS iBanking account. DBS Money Safe Guarantee backs the transactions. The best part? This service is free of charge! You need to key in your name and the Visa or MasterCard Credit Card number.

Organizing Investments 

Track your investments with the DBS Personal iBanking too. It is never too early for investing. Now that the costs of living are steadily rising, even small investments will add up in the future.

In addition, having multiple investments, no matter the size, is more manageable in a simple online banking interface.

So whether it is Unit Trusts, CPF Investments, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and other diversified investment products, keep yourself updated any time of the day. Save time, too, when filing new investments with just a few clicks!

Investment Options in DBS iBanking

  • Fixed Deposits
  • Unit Trusts
  • Exchange-Traded Bonds
  • Singapore Savings Bonds
  • Structured Deposits
  • Mutual Funds

Must-Know Facts on DBS  iBanking in Singapore

If you have a DBS bank account, the DBS Singapore iBanking services are free. However, if you have an account with another bank, you still need a DBS bank account to access its iBanking services.

If the transaction fails and your account gets debited, you will automatically receive a notification from the DBS bank Singapore. They will contact you through your registered mobile number and email address.

Also, they will examine the details of the unsuccessful transaction before you get a refund.

DBS iBank Quick Reminders

Managing your finances is always crucial but never easy. It would be best if you balanced everything to ensure that you won’t suddenly get broke. That is why DBS iBanking in Singapore platform comes in handy.

The navigation makes your banking efficient and smooth. You can easily see your savings, credit card bills and other financial responsibilities in a few clicks. Transfer funds, pay bills, settle your loans, and manage your investments smoothly.

On the other hand, a handy tool will be meaningless if you are not financially literate.

The primary financial, credit, and debt management skills are crucial to avoid financial trouble and live a convenient future life. Everyone knows that our life expectancy is now getting longer. If you can’t save now and invest, you will have a hard time getting enough retirement savings.

Cash Mart allows you to begin your investment through their personal loan. It is a legal money lender with a fast yet secure online loan application. 

5 Exclusive Credit Cards For Students In Singapore

5 exclusive credit cards for students in Singapore

5 Exclusive Credit Cards For Students In Singapore

Being a student comes with requirements and various expenses. So here are the 5 exclusive credit cards for students in Singapore.

As a student, you need to study hard to achieve your dreams into reality. However, we know that the path to success is full of winding challenges. So, now is the best time to start building up your credit score while also harvesting the benefits of a credit card.

These credit cards can your financial study buddy with your education-related purchases. Take a quick look to see which one fits you.

Citibank Clear Card

Citibank Clear Card is a credit card, especially created for students who are into cashback. There is no minimum income required. However, you must be at least 18, currently enrolled, with a valid school ID.

Also, a parent or guardian’s consent is necessary. It applies if the student is younger than 21 years old.

Citibank Clear Card


You can get a 10% Citi Rebate with a minimum spend of $10 in Starbucks. Plus, a 5% Citi Rebate with at least $10 charged at BURGER KING®.

If you are into online shopping, you can get 5% cash back on your online purchases.

Aside from rebates, you can get up to a 14% discount every time you refill your fuel tank at Shell and Esso. So with every $1 spent, you can even earn 1 Citi Dollar.

If you are tired of the week-long exams, you can take time off from your studies and enjoy Zouk with its free entrance complimentary of your Citibank Clear Card.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Card is a credit card with no required minimum annual income for tertiary students. You just have to present your school ID.

Standard Chartered Manhattan Card


Enjoy a 0.25% cash rebate every time you use your card in any purchases. But take note that your monthly credit limit is $500.

The annual fee is waived for the first year.

Also, this credit card for students in Singapore helps train you into spending wisely. So use the credit card responsibly and pay the bill diligently.

CIMB Classic MasterCard

To get the CIMB Classic MasterCard, the applicant must present a photocopy of a student ID and the parent/guardian’s consent.

CIMB Master Card


CIMB Classic MasterCard gives you exclusive discounts at over 1,000 merchants throughout ASEAN, especially in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The card has no required minimum income.

In addition, the annual fee is waived for life.

Remember that the credit limit is $500. 

DBS Live Fresh Student Card

There is no need for a minimum required income to apply for DBS Live Fresh Student Card. You just have to present your student ID.

If you are younger than 21 years old, you must get your parent or guardian’s consent. 

DBS Live Fresh Student Card


Get 1 DBS Point for each $5 charge on DBS Live Fresh Student Card.

Get three times more DBS Points when you shop online and in Visa payWave Purchases.

Enjoy five years of waived annual fees.

Maybank eVibes Card

You must be a tertiary student or an NSF man currently enrolled in Maybank’s preferred institutions to apply for the card.

Also, it should be your first credit card from Maybank. Plus, you must not be earning above $30,000.

The Quarterly Service Fee of $5 is waived for the first 2 years. But, it will continue to be waived as long as you make the minimum required to charge in a single receipt every 3 months.

Maybank eVibes Card


Maybank eVibes Card gives 1% cash rebates every time you make a purchase charged on the card.

There is no minimum required spend except with specific merchants who offer discounts, such as Lazada.

Plus, you can get up to 14% off with a minimum spend of $50 with Lazada.

Also, you can enjoy promos at Cathay Cineplexes and Shaw Theatres. For example, FLIGHT 001 ASIA gives 15% off storewide every time you spend at least $50. Just use the promo code MBC plus the first 4 digits of your Maybank eVibes Card.

When you choose a student credit card, go for the card which best fits your student lifestyle. Think of your priorities and the things you enjoy best. For example, do you prefer cashback or reward points?

Also, make sure that you read the fine prints to prevent additional charges you can easily avoid. Finally, charge on your card wisely and pay diligently to start building a sturdy credit history.

 Another best bet for students is a licensed moneylender in Singapore. For example, Cash Mart allows you to take out a personal loan for your education expenses. Plus, it is considerate of the borrower’s financial status. 

Licensed Moneylenders Admiralty

Licensed Moneylenders Admiralty


Admiralty is a subzone planning area of Sembawang, which is located in North of Singapore. 

The area consists of integrated development plans including Kampung Admiralty. 

Ace The Place Community Centre is the name called for the neighbourhood’s community centre. 

Other than this is the licensed money lenders in Admiralty present for the best financial help the locals can avail. 

How to get the best online loan in Admiralty?

Money lending industry continuously develops systems to entertain all sorts of borrowers’ financial needs. That’s why online loan available now. Just follow the fast and simple steps and take home the quick cash with ease.

  1. Complete the online loan application form on the official money lending websites of a reputable money lender. Choose a personal loan that targets the main purpose of your application. Licensed money lenders in Admiralty guide borrowers in making big financial decisions.
  1. A money lending office personnel will contact you for the assessment of your loan application. Always be readily available to answer their call after submitting your application. Listen carefully for the discussion of requirements and the next steps to follow. 
  1. Stop by the licensed money lender’s office. Bring with your completed requirements and submit it to the loan advisor. Fax submission of documents is strictly prohibited. Your presence is required for the evaluation of your loan request and documents. Be honest throughout the interview to secure your loan cash. 
  1. Read the note of the contract and ask questions to the loan advisor as needed. Licensed money lenders in Admiralty staff and advisors answer borrower’s questions with clarity. If you understand and agree that everything in the contract, affix your signature. 
  1. Get your instant cash loan at the money lender’s cashier. Check if you have the right receipt and keep it as proof of your transaction. 
  1. Repay the payday personal loan diligently. Avoid late repayments by marking your calendars. 

Avail the best online loan products and services from the licensed money lenders in Admiralty and manage your finances wisely. 

What do licensed money lenders in Admiralty do?

There are many licensed money lenders present in Singapore that offers various loan items for individuals and businesses. 

One of these institutions is the licensed money lenders in Admiralty that strictly follow the regulations of the government. They adhere to a strict code of ethics under the Ministry of Law and. That’s why they are very transparent when it comes to interest rates, charges, fees and eligibility requirements. 

In addition, lenders check your regular income and total debt servicing ratio before granting a loan approval. 

It is very important that as a borrower, you are comfortable to offset a loan and not be overburdened. 

Look for the licensed money lenders in Admiralty and check their online loans that you can apply for

Why get a loan from the licensed money lenders in Admiralty?

There are many perks of borrowing from a licensed money lender and these are as follows:

The simple loan application process

Simply start your loan adventure by filing your loan application online. Make sure you’re on the right and secured page of the lender. You can do this wherever you are, either at home or work. 

Also, you can fulfil the basic supportive documents without hassle. Majority of your requirements are within your possession. Bring it personally at the lending physical office. 

Check out the official website of the licensed money lenders in Admiralty and learn about their fast and easy application process. It saves your time and effort and ensures you to receive the funds quickly. 

Calculated Interest Rates

As you shop around lenders, make it a habit to compare their interest rates. It is a major factor when choosing a money lending company. With a proper calculation of interest, your monthly repayments are predictable for the loan duration. 

Licensed money lenders in Admiralty oblige at the maximum interest rate allowed by the Registry of Ministry. They do not overcharge but rather compute it accordingly. 

In addition, lenders in Admiralty may lower an interest rate if you have a good credit score. Visit their office and inquire more about it. 

Loan limits

Other private lending companies offer higher loan limits. Don’t be overly excited for this might be a trap. 

As per the Ministry of Law, a ceiling loan amount is allowed per individual. Only approach lending institutions that abide by this policy. 

With your loan eligibility requirements such as proof of employment and proof of income, licensed money lenders in Admiralty approves a loan amount that you can pay off easily on time. 


If you compare an institutional lender from a licensed private money lender, you’ll see that the latter has more flexible loan terms and conditions. 

Just like the licensed money lenders in Admiralty, they have a wide variety of loan products and services to cater to all types of borrowers’ needs. Also, their repayment plans are considerate to your situation. 

Here is an example. If you won’t make it on time for your due date, inform the licensed money lenders in Admiralty ahead. They are glad to work out another payment option for you. 

Visit the nearest reputable money lending company and avail the payday loan products and services for your personal and business matters.


Why Cash Mart?

Cash Mart is a licensed moneylender like no other. It is fully compliant with the Moneylenders Act as mandated, authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (MinLaw). Furthermore, it acknowledges and understands that every client has unique financial needs to resolve. And we believe that trust and integrity is the most valuable currency in this industry. In 48 years, Cash Mart earned an unmatched experience in moneylending industry.

Withstanding the constantly fluctuating market, it has discovered the secret to becoming the most sought-after licensed moneylender in Singapore. It is to put clients’ interests as the centre of every business decisions may it be optimizing the website or creating new loan products. Mediocre financial solutions are not enough. Cash Mart believes that while Singaporeans need loan products, they must also get it in the most convenient way. This is why we have online loan applications!

We want to be available to everyone who seeks financial assistance any time of the day, wherever part of the city-state you are. Our personal loan products are planned to provide quality solutions for the everyday financial needs of modern life. Use our loans from bridging a financial gap to turning your dreams into reality.

Experience Cash Mart today!

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