Why New Graduates Need to Start Working ASAP

Why New Graduates Need to Start Working ASAP

Welcome to the real world! Where news grads need to start working asap.

Students are excited to end their college days and earn that degree they have been striving for.

Well, most of us know that many fresh graduates look forward to a grand vacation regardless of what the future may bring. Is it the right time to chill after years of burning the midnight oil?

Most of them have been given the notion that getting a job will not be as hard as it used to be a decade ago if you have a degree. Is it true? After graduation, should you go on a grand vacation or look for your first job? Here are why the latter could be the right choice.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Working ASAP

Why New Graduates Need to Start Working ASAP

Credit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ashleystahl/2020/06/11/4-steps-every-new-college-graduates-should-take-during-covid-19/?sh=587587452c1a

A ‘better opportunity’ will come


Let’s say you have been looking for a job. You went to interviews smartly dressed, but in the end, you declined the offered positions as it did not fit your expected income. However, you are confident you’ll strike a better offer. Is there such a thing as a better opportunity?

Some millennials have a high expected salary because they think their degree deserves it. And it is not just the income. They want a job they can flaunt on social media to impress their family and friends. It is not practical at all.

Remember that you are a fresh grad. You may have a degree, but you lack experience. So it does not hurt to start at the bottom and work your way up.

And if you think it will take a longer time to get to the job you want, you can take a job at the factories or car dealerships. The pay is fair, and at the same time, you can look for a job while already earning for yourself. Being young and financially independent is something also impressive.

The long break is unattractive to employers.

How long do you plan to stay on vacation? Some employers dislike fresh graduates who took a long time to find their first jobs. So you better have a good explanation for why you did not work for longer than a year.

Longer breaks will make you seem too picky for a job or happy-go-lucky. If you are asked for your reasons, you better not say that you are still looking for a better opportunity. It will earn you a negative impression.

Start your savings

The earlier you start your work, the earlier you can start saving up in your CPF account. So what’s in it for you? CPF can help you get your home, have retirement benefits and even get education loans for your future children.

No matter how much you earn in your job, your employer is subject to providing 16% of your CPF contributions. It is still something compared to a zero amount. Imagine how much you could save up in a year.

You will have a good head start if you start working earlier than your peers. You will not only have CPF savings, but you can also learn more skills, gain experience and get more contacts. These are advantages you do not get with a degree alone.

A degree isn’t a guarantee.

A degree isn’t guaranteed that you’ll get your target job position immediately.

Yes, you earned a degree after studying for a few years. So your degree might give you an advantage in getting a job, right? But what if there are a lot of fresh graduates also eyeing the same job and they also have the same degree?

A degree may give you enough knowledge and skill to start and stay in your chosen career. But, it does not guarantee that you get your dream job easily. Also, you are not certain if you will be offered promotions by just having that degree. Why?

A degree isn’t a guarantee that you’ll get a promotion.

Most employers prioritise interpersonal skills. They will consider how you interact with your colleagues. It includes your professionalism and leadership. It will be a real advantage if you can show that you have learned new skills while on the job.

Not diving in your industry makes you obsolete.

If you do not get a job as soon as possible, you will be obsolete. You have learned theories at school, but these will change after a few years.

Take, for example, Basic Life Support. Health care providers learned that it was ABC: Airway, Breathing and Circulation. They need to check the vitals and do needed actions according to this order to revive a person. After a few years, it is now changed into the CAB: Circulation, Airway and Breathing.

The good thing about working in the industry as early as possible is that you can move forward as the industry moves on. In addition, your employer will pay for your training, and you will learn more which you can use to show that you deserve future promotions.

Vacation may seem fun, but you can’t take back the time you could have used to kick-start your career earlier than your peers. However, you have time on your hands, and you can convert it into advantages.

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5 Tips In Finding Singapore Jobs

5 Tips in Finding Singapore Jobs

Earlier this year, Mercer’s 2017 Quality of Living survey ranked Singapore as the top city to live in—thanks to its infrastructure. However, the country is also facing challenges when it comes to employment.

In fact, the Ministry of Manpower revealed that the employment growth rate in Singapore was at its slowest since 2003. Moreover, the average unemployment rate also rose to its highest of 2.1% in 2010. Thus, it is not surprising that fresh graduates face difficult times in landing full-time jobs.

They reported earlier this year that some graduates are forced to do internships or pursue further studies to broaden their employment horizons.

But why is it difficult to find a job in the city-state?

Competitive Labour Market

One of the reasons it is difficult to find a job in Singapore is the competitive labour market.

Citizens and expats are competing for a highly educated workforce. In fact, 29.1% of the country’s residents aged 25 years and over are university graduates. Add to that the fact that Singapore offers enticing work opportunities for global talents.

Are you an honour student in Information Technology? Systems Analysts currently earn SGD 5,593 per month.

Who would not want to earn that much, right?

The same thing goes for looking for a “blue-collar job” or jobs that require manual labour. Singapore is a small and economically prosperous country. Rather larger, developing countries surround it. That’s why it makes the country attractive to overseas blue-collar workers.

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Economic Conditions

In the Q2 2017 release of MOM’s Labour Market report, resident unemployment rate and retrenchments continue to go down, although slow. According to OCBC economist Selena Ling, companies are instituting a hiring freeze and are reluctant to replace their employees who resigned.

Ministry of Manpower | Tips in Finding Singapore Jobs

On the other hand, the continuing decline in overall employment is due to decreasing numbers of Work Permit Holders in the Construction and Marine sectors.

“The decline was mainly due to a decrease in Work Permit Holders in Marine and Construction due to low oil prices and continued weakness in construction activities, respectively.”

The Singaporean government seeks to boost the construction industry in line with this. How? Bring forward SGD 700 million worth of public amenities projects for the next two years.

What does this mean for the job seeker? First, consider the tips in finding Singapore jobs in the Building and Construction Authority.

Talent Mismatch

According to Dr Walter Theseira, an economist at the Singapore Institute of Management, skills mismatch is why new graduates are having a hard time gaining permanent, full-time employment. Usually, the job seeker’s skills do not suit the client’s expectations.

The Singapore Human Resource Institute also pointed out that companies seek graduates with specialised degrees. So students who have a degree in arts or social sciences may not be highly sought after. But on the other hand, SHRI’s president, Erman Tan, advises:

“This is not to say they don’t have prospects, but they need to be able to present to employers the additional strengths or skills that they have to stand out.”

So, how can you stand out from the sea of job applicants? Follow the five tips below:

5 Tips in Finding Singapore Jobs

It is already a given that it is difficult to find a job in Singapore. But, good thing, there are practical tips that you can do to make looking for a job less painful.

Know What is in Demand

The city-state can be a host to many markets. However, some industries are stronger compared to others. As stated in MOM’s Labour Market report:

“Hiring remains cautious in sectors such as Construction and Marine, but opportunities will continue to be available in Finance & Insurance, Infocomms & Media, Healthcare, Professional Service and Wholesale Trade.”

To know if your desired job has a high employment rate, you can always check out MOM’s Administrative Records and Labour Force survey.

Search for Job Openings Online

There are tons of resources available when looking for a job. And the easiest way to do that is to access the Internet. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed searching through the job board or job search sites.

The solution? Use a job aggregator or subscribe to LinkedIn’s job opening newsletter. That way, you can check out what jobs are available in your area in one place.

Some job ads also provide an email address where you can send your resume. So, instead of collecting all the online job ads, reading them one by one, and sending your application, send your resume via email instead. It is ideal since your resume and cover letter will go straight to the recruiter’s inbox.

Create a Catchy Resume

Speaking of resumes, it is also essential to create a catchy resume. Remember, you are competing against hundreds of job applicants. Therefore, you need to find a way to stand out and catch the recruiter’s attention.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. First, keep your resume headline short and sweet.
  2. Second, personalise your resume’s format.
  3. Use formal text fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  4. Finally, proofread your resume and cover letter before sending them.

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Visit an Employment Agency

Although a myriad of job openings are available online, it is also a good idea to join an employment agency.

A recruitment agent can help you work on your resume, understand the industry where you want to be, and prepare you for job interviews.

The good thing is that employment agencies are available for both Singaporeans and expats. So all you need to do is conduct thorough research. Then, look for agencies with a lot of positive reviews.

Join Networking Events

Job opportunities may come in unexpectedly. If you are not having any luck on job sites or employment agencies, meeting other people might help.

Attend networking events and reach out to other professionals. Some people attending professional meetups, like Startup Grind Singapore, are looking for people who can work with them. Either they have a startup or are venturing out to other markets.

Startup Grind | Tips in Finding Singapore Jobs

If not, they may be able to introduce you to someone who needs your skills.

Your Employment is Also an Investment

To many, having a stable job means being able to provide for their family. After all, Singapore is one of the costliest cities to live in, according to the latest Worldwide Cost of Living Survey.

On a personal level, being employed gives you a sense of fulfilment because you are being productive. As a result, you can alleviate your family’s economic status. And you are also helping the economy to move forward.

Regardless if you are a new graduate or looking for greener pastures, being employed could mean enjoying a good life—especially in the future.

How to Polish Your Resume After Being Laid Off

How to Polish Your Resume After Being Laid Off

It isn’t easy to survive without a stable what’s more, after getting laid off.  So, polish your resume to get a new job and continue earning.

Employees are not supposed to know, yet you have a gut feeling that something is up.

There are way too many meetings, some vacant jobs are not filled in, and delayed purchases from vendors. Usually, the employees don’t get a share in the business’s internal affairs. However, you should prepare for the worst.

polish your resume

Credit: https://careers.workopolis.com/advice/part-resume-matters/

Indications Why You Might Be Laid Off

You must recognise the hints if your company is about to fold and you might be laid off.

Insanely Low Product Prices

The big bosses are desperate to make sales to keep the cash flowing. So the sales department is forced to search for more prospective buyers. As a result, they secure longer contracts above all else. In addition, they keep on pushing clients for early payments. Aside from that, your employer approved the sales of products at the lowest price. Plus, they even threw in insane freebies just to make sales. An example of promos is a buy one printer and get another one absolutely free.

Cost Cuts

Supply for papers for copying machines had long dried out before being replaced by lower quality papers. As a result, your planned training for the year has been cancelled. Furthermore, vendors are not paid on time. Therefore, your salary is suddenly late.

Promotions after Layoffs

After the heartbreaking layoff, the survivors get promoted. While it is good for the resume, brace yourself for the workload fit for 10 people. Or else you are the next in line to be laid off. The company has to keep up with the productions. You have to handle jobs from different departments.

Sudden Bookkeeping Surge

Is your company suddenly interested in bookkeeping and orders everything to be on paper? Then, they are looking for a hole, if not a scapegoat. They need to see what has gone wrong, what could be the possible solution or who is to blame.

Mass Resignation of Senior Leaders

Senior leaders enjoy a high salary. Also, they are the ones who maintain the high morale of the rest of the employees. However, if they had suddenly decided to leave one after the other and the level of competence had gone down the drain, you should know that it is not because they all received better job offers simultaneously. On the contrary, they know the company will fall and are not receiving what they think they deserve.


You might get news saying the competitors quickly got hold of the key accounts you used to cater to. Furthermore, you check the social accounts of your senior leaders. Then, you see some messages hinting that they are no longer happy in their jobs. Sometimes, the industry has been waning, too.

Selling Shares

The directors have suddenly put their shares in the markets, and the prices won’t get any lower. It has ultimately set off some alarms that they are losing hope in the company. In addition, it makes a desperate move to escape as soon as possible.

What To Do With The Indications? 

It does not hurt to prepare yourself for job-seeking with these hints.

  • Start looking for job openings online, on the competitor’s career pages and ask your friends in the same line of career.
  • Make sure that you pay your financial responsibilities as much as possible. If this may be hard for now, try to get in touch with your bank or loan providers and seek possible ways to go around it.
  • Having gained much experience, you may not know how much your salary should be. You can try checking in the PayScale Salary Survey.

Be Prepared: Polish Your Resume 

The resume is your first representative of your future employer. Here are some tips to make an outstanding resume.

  • Have a cover letter that looks professional, neat, and concise, containing your request for an interview, self-introduction, your strengths, value, and background.
  • Keep your resume brief, concise and on points.
  • Grab your potential employer’s attention with the first few lines backed up with relevant details. Make sure that the resume fits the job you are eyeing. Highlight accomplishments, skills and experience related to your target position.
  • The hiring managers won’t take too much time browsing your resume. Therefore, put the most impressive qualifications on the first page.
  • As a standard rule, limit your resume to 2 pages of A4 paper.
  • Ask two professional friends to read your resume and give some feedback.
  • Read your resume the next day before sending it to your potential employers.

    Source: Singapore Workforce Development Agency

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Top 20 Worry About Credit Cards By Singaporeans

Top 20 Reasons Singaporeans Worry about Credit Cards

Before, Singaporeans were hesitant to use plastic cards for purchase. Unfortunately, they worry about credit cards for the wrong reasons.

We all know credit cards have their benefits and downsides.

However, if you just keep on scaring yourself with common misconceptions. These have been deeply rooted in society. You will fail to maximise and enjoy its use.

Arm yourself with enough knowledge and not worry about credit cards. You will be surprised how much you have been missing out on. In addition, too many doubts and wrong beliefs hinder you from immense benefits. 

20 Common Worry About Credit Cards And Myths

Here is the common misconception which makes you worry about credit cards.

I can’t afford the interest rates.

Yes, the interest rates can range from 22 to 25% per annum. But, you won’t be charged any interest rate as long as you pay your dues on time. Also, you can avoid the compounding interest rates. Just make sure that you can pay your credit card bills diligently.

A credit card puts me in debt.

A credit card is a short term personal loan you get from banks. Every swipe means your bank is paying for the purchase you made. Afterwards, you are given enough time to pay for it on or before its due date.

You have control over how much your bill is. Why? Because you are the one shopping. Never swipe for things you can’t afford to pay in cash. You won’t be in debt if you can control your shopping impulse.

The debit card has the same use and benefit.

Many people believe that debit cards and credit cards are of the same use and benefit. They thought it was about cashless payments. However, they are wrong. Every time you use a debit card, it will deduct the charged amount from your savings in the bank. It means that you use the money you already have.

On the other hand, when you swipe your credit card, you get a short-term loan. The bank gives you several days to settle the bill.  Unlike credit cards, debit cards do not offer rewards, free Miles, and cashback.

I know people who ended up buried in debt.

There are various reasons why people end up in debt. For example, some credit card holders swipe beyond their capacity to pay. Meanwhile, others fail to settle their bills on time, which results in late interest rates. Also, some Singaporeans use the credit card cash advance without knowing its risks.

Reading the card’s terms and conditions is best before signing up.

The debit card is safer.

We usually hear people being scammed through their credit card details. However, this is just the same with debit cards. It depends on how you keep your information secured. 

There are hidden charges.

Credit cards indeed have various charges. These are late payment fees, administration fees, annual fees and interest rates. Nevertheless, you have the chance to see them all in terms and conditions. The card issuer provided it for you to read carefully and sign afterwards.

However, most Singaporeans do not even bother reading the fine prints. Instead, they get too excited to use the new card. Therefore, they end up scratching their heads over the outstanding balance.

Credit cards will make me spend more.

Credit cards let you shop around online and in brick-and-mortar shops even without cash at hand. So it is tempting to purchase everything you want. But remember that these items are not gifts from Daddy Long Legs. You still have to pay for the purchases at a later date (bill’s due date).

Top 20 Reasons Singaporeans Worry about Credit Cards

Credit: https://therantingpanda.com/2018/11/11/snippets-maximising-your-cash-rebates-while-dining-out-with-your-credit-cards-stack-your-cash-rebates-with-savings-account/

Credit cards are all the same.

Credit cards are all plastic cards that bare the holder’s name and a series of numbers. But they are all different regarding rewards, cash backs and free miles. So take time to understand their purpose. Some credit cards are great for dining. Others are handy for petrol refills. In comparison, some are great for usual flyers.

I need to open a new bank account.

People worry about credit cards and opening a bank account. However, it is not always the case. It is enough to have just one bank account. But, you can pay for several credit cards for your convenience.

I will forget to pay the bills.

Use General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO) to pay your bills on time automatically. GIRO Arrangements allow your bank to pay recurring bills charged by another organisation or merchant. You just have to make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds.

I will have a better credit score if I close my old credit card accounts

Closing several long-time credit card accounts can hurt your credit score. If you worry about credit cards, it is best not to close them all. Keep at least one or two open. Also, use it sparingly and pay on time. It helps to keep your credit score in shape.

Missing one payment is okay.

Credit card issuers are not as forgiving as you think.

When you miss paying your bill on time, there is an automatic interest rate charge and late payment fee. With the compounding interest rate, you will have a charge each day based on the current balance. Furthermore, the computation is on the amount you charged until you settle the bill.

Opening several new credit cards in a short time does not matter.

Opening a credit card with a few months in between may not affect your credit score. But if you apply for several credit cards in a short period of time, it will be very noticeable. Keep in mind that banks will be pulling your credit reports from the credit bureau. In addition, every credit history inquiry will be in your record. Plus, too much inquiry will pull down your credit score.

It’s okay to reach my credit limit. I am not spending over the limit anyway.

Though you have a credit limit, it is better not to reach that amount. It ensures you pay your bills with ease.

Furthermore, when you get into an emergency, your credit card will not be helpful anymore. Or worse, you might spend over the limit.

I should not accept any credit limit increase.

It is fine to have a credit limit increase. The lesser you use in your credit limit, the better. Plus, it will reflect in your credit score. Thus, a healthy way to improve it.

I just need one credit card.

Having one credit card may work for those who easily get tempted with a shopping spree. But if you are a responsible payer, a couple of credit cards can work to your best advantage. You can enjoy rewards, cash backs, free Miles and more.

Paying the required minimum amount will save my credit score

As long as you don’t settle the whole amount of the bill, it will be hurting your credit score. Aside from that, there is a charge of late payment charge. That’s why it is best to pay the right due. It lessens the worry about credit cards.

Cashback means getting paid for shopping.

You may enjoy cashback as many credit cards have been proud of this benefit. However, you have to remember two things.

  • You need to spend a minimum amount to be qualified for cash backs.
  • Also, most credit cards have the maximum amount of cashback you can claim.

It is hard to ask for a change in credit limit.

You can ask for a higher credit limit. But it depends on your credit score. If it is outstanding, it means you are a responsible payer. However, be mindful of your spending. It helps avoid the worry about credit cards. 

Employers never check my credit reports.

When paying your credit card bills, you should be mindful. It can significantly impact your credit score. If you hurt your credit score, it may negatively affect your employer. It is either you work in a financial organisation or your position involves handling the company’s finances.

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10 Useful Reasons Why Singaporeans Take Out Personal Loans

10 Useful Reasons Why Singaporeans Take Out Personal Loans

It’s quite fascinating how Singaporeans take out personal loans. We listed the top 10 reasons why they apply for it.

Are you scared of taking out personal loans?

Singaporeans have been raised believing that loans could be bad for their finances.  However, you should not forget how useful it can be if used wisely.

Choosing the best personal loan and using it smartly can strengthen your finances. Also, it can perhaps even affect your personal relationships. Have you ever asked yourself:

“What Can I Use a Personal Loan For?”

10 Useful Reasons Why You Must Take Out Personal Loans

Avoid making insurance claims.

Got insurance? Have you read the fine prints before signing up? Some insurance policies give bonuses to those who do not make insurance claims for a while.

In addition, some insurance policies limit the number of claims for a certain period. As a result, some Singaporeans opt to take out personal loans. Their reason is to avoid making a claim if it is just a minor claim.

You will not know if you’ll need to claim something more severe in the future. Also, getting a loan can assure that you can still get the bonus by not making a claim.

Keep your savings while making a huge purchase.

Let’s say you saved up $15,000 for a grand family vacation in Bali. Are you willing to spend this amount all on your getaway?

What if an emergency suddenly arose during the holiday? However, you have already used up most of the money in your savings? 

Isn’t it better to just get a loan and pay the amount in instalments? It assures you that you still have your savings? Savings gives you peace of mind during unexpected circumstances. However, spending most of it could put your finances in shaky situations.

Take out Personal Loans to purchase wedding rings.

Do you often use your credit card to purchase your wedding rings? Why not take out personal loans instead? Why? Because credit cards will absolutely charge you enormous interest rates. Sadly, it can blow off the roof.

You may choose the instalment feature of your credit card. But, failure to pay off the monthly dues will indeed bring disaster to your finances.

Take out personal loans with a low-interest rate. For example, personal loans offered by legit money lenders have interest rates capped at 4%.

Take out personal loans to purchase wedding rings

Credit: https://www.michaeltrio.com/wedding-rings

Avoid using Credit Cash Advance.

One of the features most credit cards have is the cash advance. You can withdraw a certain amount charged on your card’s credit limit.

Instant cash it is! However, it comes with a tricky price. It will charge the money you withdraw with a processing fee and an interest rate. Also, the charged interest is daily. It continues to charge until you finally settle the amount.

You can help your family and friends.

Money matters with relatives and close friends can indeed be tricky. There are times when an emergency may come up, such as a medical condition. If you are a close-knit family, asking for your financial help is typical. Or it is the other way around. 

However, there are a lot of stories that come with it. Sometimes, relatives or friends do not pay the amount they borrowed. If this happens to you, you will be with low savings. Also, you have broken relationships.

That is why you should not risk your savings. You will never know when you will have to use it for your emergency. Instead, take out personal loans. In addition, you can easily pay off in instalments. Then, give the funds to your relative or friend. This way, you have saved your savings.

Also, tell your family or friend that you took out the loan for them. It will give them much weight to pay back. Thus, it saves you from the burden of the borrowed money.

Debt consolidation

You can take out personal loans if you’ve got multiple credit card debts. It aids in covering these. Also, it is beneficial. You do not have to keep track of a couple of due dates.

In addition, a personal loan can pay off your credit cards without having to get another credit card for a balance transfer.

Home renovation

Banks usually offer home renovation loans. But what if you just want to make a minor renovation? Then, you can opt for a personal loan.

Also, what if you have already used up your renovation loan? Then, use a personal loan to finish up the work. It is the best solution to complete your home refurbishing. Plus, it is better than leaving part of your home half-finished.

take out personal loans for home renovations

Credit: https://thesmartlocal.com/read/hdb-renovation-singapore/

Late payments

Some workers still receive late payments. Unfortunately, it happens despite the strict regulation of the Ministry of Manpower.

You would have died of starvation by the time you get your salary. But if you take our personal loans, it bridges the financial gap. Plus, it is manageable. Choose a repayment term that fits until your next paycheck.

Time-sensitive purchases

Let’s say you have been eyeing an item for a long time. Also, you have been trying to save for it. But, it suddenly went on sale. However, your savings is still not enough. So, you can get a personal loan to buy it finally.

Avoid borrowing from family and friends.

Many Singaporeans still value their pride. They are even willing to get a short-term loan rather than asking for help from their families and friends.

Personal loans are useful to pay off bills. Also, it aids in lending to the family and friends. Plus, it helps you to survive until the next payday. Therefore, it is multi-purpose and flexible.

However, you need to be smart when choosing the right personal loan for you. Cash Mart offers quick cash loans with a seven-day guarantee. With decades of experience, Cash Mart understands that our needs have become dynamic. So personal loans should also be more accessible.

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5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops is Not Practical

5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops is Not Practical

5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops Is Not Practical

People say buying expensive laptops is not practical. Spending too much on gadgets is not always worth it. Learn the reasons why.

A lot of Singaporeans think buying expensive laptops is practical. It assures them that it won’t quickly go obsolete. Moreover, they can save more since they do not need to upgrade for a couple of years. However, are you really going to keep in the long run?

Here are 5 reasons why we think it’s not.

Expensive Laptops is Not Practical

Credit: https://www.businessinsider.com/guides/tech/best-laptop

Cheaper laptops can have similar applications.

Ask yourself, “what will you do with the expensive laptop” not “what it can do for you.” Expensive laptops have specifications you may not need unless you are an engineer, a professional gamer, or an architect.

There are expensive laptops which are “over-specced”. Let’s say you want a laptop with a discrete GPU (short for a graphics processor unit). Then you really need to spend a handsome amount of cash. If you are not a pro-gamer nor a professional video editor, paying the extra money for this tech is not worth it.

One of the worst mistakes laptop buyers make is being obsessed with specifications. However, this is not the only factor to consider. Do not overlook the fact that you are buying one to use for a particular purpose which a cheaper laptop can do. So, while you know it can do lots of things, the real question is, “will you need these?”

Technology easily catches up.

Software and technology advancements happen every year, sometimes even a few times a year. It makes your laptop obsolete in a short span of time than you anticipated. Expensive laptops have high-end components. Upgrading will also be more costly than the other models.

If your reason to buy an expensive laptop is the thought that you can get the latest technology which will be high-end for quite some time, then you are in the assumption of “future-proofing.”

With the tech companies becoming more competitive over the years, they will absolutely develop something to outpace the current specs of the latest high-end laptops.

There are smartphones and tablets to do the job (sometimes better)

Do you need to buy a laptop? Smartphones and tablets let you access your e-mail, reply quickly and get notifications. You can even open word docs and other files. These gadgets are even lighter and much more on the go. Heavy laptops make you less mobile, especially if your lifestyle requires you to go places.

Other gadgets can meet your entertainment and work needs, join a virtual meeting through Skype, read news, watch on Netflix, and update your social media.

Battery life also has to be considered. Smartphones and tablets have longer battery life since they have smaller screens. However, laptops with a touchscreen and higher resolutions will use the battery life faster as it needs more power to light up every pixel on the screen.

Also, you can charge smartphones and tablets with power banks. Laptops require you to plug them into wall sockets to charge.

Warranties do not last long enough.

When warranties expire, you need to spend more on the repair. For example, if you plan to keep the expensive laptop for more than five years, you will have to pay more for the repair after the warranty expires.

Most CPU and HDD warranties are only up to five years. After that, the laptop needs fixing, and some parts need replacing over time, and the more expensive a laptop, the more you have to spend on it.

The survival of your laptop depends on your usage too.

Some buyers think that expensive branded laptops last longer than cheaper ones. Proper usage of laptops prolongs its life, not the brand itself. If you handle your laptop with care, keep it in a safe spot. In addition, avoid spilling on it. So, it would also last a long time.

Does the price define the quality of the laptop?

The most expensive laptop does not mean it is the best.

The actual practical step when buying your laptop is if you really need it and if it does fit your priorities. You may purchase a laptop with top-notch specs, but it will only become practical if you can use them all.

Focus on your needs first before getting carried away with high-edge capabilities. For example, if you must buy a new laptop, but your savings are not enough, you can get a personal loan from Cash Mart.

Quick Guide: Personal Loan In Singapore

Quick Guide Personal Loan In Singapore

Quick Guide: Personal Loan In Singapore

Are you thinking of applying for a Personal Loan in Singapore? Are you lost on which among banks and licensed moneylenders to visit? Well, you’re in luck. Understand how it works. See if you are eligible as you read this article.

Low Interest Personal Loan Singapore – Eligibility Requirements

Do you want to know if you can avail the Personal Loan products and services? Check out the list of requirements to determine your eligibility. 

Eligibility And Documents Needed

Getting to know if you qualify for a personal loan in Singapore is easy. Check out the following. 

  • Loan applicants must be aged 21 years and above
  • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • In employment

For Salaried and Commission-based Employees

If you currently work, whether regular or commissioned, prepare the following. 

  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Singpass Login
  • Proof of billing ( Any latest bill indicating residential address)
  • Latest 3-month original payslip (Only applicable if there is no CPF contribution)
  • Letter of employment (Only applicable for new employment)

For Self Employed

Also, even if you are a self-employed individual, you can still take out a personal loan. 

  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Singpass Login
  • Notice of assessment (NOA indicating trade income)
  • ACRA (Accounting/Corporate Regulatory Authority)
  • Proof of billing ( Any latest bill indicating the residential address

For Taxi Drivers

In addition, taxi drivers around the country can apply for a personal loan. 

  • Identification Card (NRIC)
  • Vocational license
  • Taxi pass
  • Min 7 days job summary
  • Proof of billing ( Any latest bill indicating residential address)

How Personal Loan in Singapore can help you

A Personal Loan brings great convenience to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. In addition, it aids Foreigners with their financial issues. Find out what else can a personal loan do. 

Tailored financial solutions to suit your lifestyle

Be ready to take control of your finances. With the lowest interest rate personal loan, it offers predictable payments.

Do you want to consolidate high-interest rate debts? Or do you need to finance a holiday trip with your loved ones? Or possibly get out of unforeseen circumstances? Whichever situation it may be, it might cause a substantial shortage of funds.

However, securing finances adds even emotional stress to you. Even high-wage earners face the same kind of uncertainty. There’s no need to worry. We will help.

Thus, Cash Mart’s Singapore personal loan was designed for anyone who needs money for different purposes, for any reasons other than the specific purposes defined by others.

As your trusted moneylender in Singapore, Cash Mart is a fully equipped licensed money lender with a team. Get a walkthrough of all your lending options with their friendly and knowledgeable personnel. Also, we have your best interest at heart. Plus, we can make a difference. So call us today. 

Benefits of forgoing the banks when seeking a loan

Forgo the copious amounts of paperwork that delay approval of loans. Gone are the methods that take days and weeks before disbursement. In addition, avoid queues and waiting times by receiving a personal loan in Singapore through our user-friendly online portal.

cash mart personal loan

We aim to minimize waiting time by providing a hassle-free and straightforward solution to securing a financial package. Also, we realize that sometimes life can throw you a curveball. It puts you in a position where you are short on finances.

A personal loan can offer temporary financial security until you reassess your assets. Don’t simply resort to tightening the belt buckle to make ends meet. Plus, you don’t have to suffer to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Our team is here to help.

Are you ready to obtain financial security? Allow us to help.

Want to find out more? Based on Balestier Road, Singapore, Cash Mart is a licensed money lender with a team fully equipped to walk you through all your lending options, on-site or over the phone – why not call now?

cash mart | Personal Loan in Singapore

Cash Mart will provide you with a loan designed to meet your personal needs. We understand that everybody is unique and has unique needs. So we encourage you to speak with us to explain your situation. Also, allow us to recommend a payday loan. It is practical and aligns with your lifestyle.

Call us on 6397 4111. We will gladly answer any questions or offer additional information as required.

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

Now that you’re on financial independence, it’s time to build your credit score with these 5 must have credit cards for fresh graduates.

You have finally passed your probationary period. That’s why you can celebrate your financial independence by getting your very first credit card. Make the most out of it by building your credit score. It will eventually help you with your future loans.

You will consider a mortgage or an auto loan in just a couple of years. Banks will significantly depend on your credit score to know if you are creditworthy. So choose the best credit card to start your credit history and rack up benefits debit cards and cash will never have.

Citibank Rewards Card

With Citibank Rewards Card, you can earn 10 points or 4 free Miles for every $1 spent on bags, clothes, or shoes in department stores or online shopping sites. On the other hand, you will get 1 point or 0.4 miles in every $1 on your additional spending. However, the points you accumulate with 10 points per $1 is capped to 120,000 Rewards points per membership anniversary.

Aside from reward points, you will also get fantastic deals. For example, you have 15% off from Lazada purchases and up to 20% off on purchases in Zalora. Plus, there’s a $50 off on bookings in Airbnb. If you apply before the year ends, you will receive a cashback worth $120 ($20 cash back every month with a least $200 spent). It is applicable only for the first six months of membership.

Citi Rewards Must Have Credit Cards

DBS Altitude Visa Card

If you are into travelling, your first credit card must be DBS Altitude Visa Card. It is the best card to get miles the fastest way. In every $1 spend, you will get 3 miles on the online flight, another 3 miles on purchased packages at Altitude Travel Destinations, and 1.2 miles on local spend. So keep on earning miles as it will never expire, but remember that you can only charge up to $5,000 per month.

If you charge at least $25,000 for a year, your annual fee will be waived. On the other hand, if you choose to pay your annual fee, you will get 10,000 bonus miles. Aside from miles, you can get 2 Complimentary Global Airport Lounge Access in a year upon being a member of Priority Pass™.

DBS Altitude Credit Card

HSBC Revolution Card

HSBC Revolution Card is a generous credit card. You can get as much as 5 times more rewards when using the card for online shopping, local dining, and local entertainment transactions. In addition, get 1 rewards point for every other spending.

Aside from earning rewards, you can enjoy various dining offers, travel specials, movie ticket discounts, petrol, and others. Agoda gives an additional 7% discount, while ShopBack offers a $10 bonus with up to 30% cashback. If you want to go backpacking alone, you will be delighted to get 30% off from single trip travel.

HSBC Revolution Credit Card | Must Have Credit Cards for Fresh Graduates

FRANK Credit Card by OCBC

FRANK Credit Card by OCBC offers the most pocket-friendly annual fee of $80. Also, there is a waived fee for the first two years. Thus, giving you less cost to think about.

In addition, it has a minimum required spend of $400 on physical stores to get rebates. It will not count charges on online transactions. Get a 6% online shopping rebate with an additional 2% rebates on Apple Online Store purchases.

You will enjoy the 5% entertainment rebate if you love the nightlife, including clubs, KTVs, cinemas, bars, and selected cafes from 0000 hours on Friday until 2359 hours on Sunday. In addition, get 0.3% cashback on all retail transactions. Rebate has a cap at $60 a month.

Frank by OCBC | Must Have Credit Cards


We will all live just once, enjoy by choosing the right credit card. Get up to 8% cash rebate every time you spend on entertainment, dining, fashion, travel and mobile payments. In addition, do not miss up to a 10% rebate from Cathay Cineplex spending and other entertainment transactions with partnering merchants such as The Rabbit Hole, The Armoury, Kyo, and Suite26.

Get a 3% cash rebate every weekday when you charge your online transactions for entertainment, dining, and payments via either UOB Mighty Pay or Apple Pay. Do not forget the 0.3% cash rebate on all other spendings.


When you get your first credit card, never forget to read its terms and conditions. It is better to choose a card for convenience that fits your lifestyle that getting a card just because of its initial offers. Also, pay attention to the fine print, discussing the fees and charges.

If you just need some cash to make ends meet, get a loan from Cash mart today.

The Cost of Having a Baby in Singapore

How Much is the Cost of Having a Baby in Singapore

The Cost of Having a Baby in Singapore

Are you having a baby in Singapore? Its cost is not a joke. So it’s best to be financially prepared, not just for the baby but also for you.

Expecting your first baby is welcoming a bundle of joy that is about to see the outside world. However, it is not just about baby clothes, toys and room that you have to plan. With all the joy and excitement, do not forget to plan your finances.

Having a baby in Singapore brings a large impact on your budget. So be ready. Here are 9 tips to be financially prepared.

having a baby in Singapore

Credit: https://www.verywellfamily.com/how-much-does-having-a-baby-cost-2759032

Sign up for the Baby Bonus Scheme

The Singapore government wants to support the parents in raising their children. Thus, it created the Child Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme under the Marriage and Parenthood Package. It includes the cash gift and CDA. Plus, it includes unwed single parents in the revised version of 2016.

For children born on or after January 1st 2015

Child Development Account is special savings account for children which automatically opens once a parent joins the scheme. Parents can select a bank (OCBC Bank, DBS Bank or UOB Bank) on which they can open an account. Banks are not the same. Each one offers a different promo. Take time to check which one will fit you best.

There are two ways around CDA:

  1. Save after July 1st of 2016. The grant will automatically be saved on the account or
  2. Save before July 1st of 2016. Your child will not receive CDA First Step but will receive the current dollar-for-dollar matching.

Parents can save until December 31st of their child’s 12th year. After that, the government with match the dollar to dollar savings in the following months until the cap has been reached based on the child’s birth order.

In addition, use your child’s CDA funds for medical and educational expenses in Baby Bonus Approved Institutions (AIs) such as:

  • Child care centres, kindergartens and special education schools
  • Providers of early intervention programmes
  • Hospitals and clinics, Pharmacies and Optical shops
  • Providers of Assistive technology devices

Go Shopping for Baby Stuff

Start shopping. But consider which ones should be bought brand new and second-handed.

Buy them firsthand for furniture such as cribs, high chairs, and strollers. Take note that damaged ones can cause injuries. In addition, download apps such as Bakipa to see some options on hand me downs. Finally, try comparing prices with online shops and real shops. Take your time. It will yield saved money.

SOS Baby Fund

Have an SOS Baby Fund starting from the point you plan to have a baby or when you discover you are expecting. Setting goals may vary. But save up for three to six months’ worth of family expenses. Also, it is better to pay your debts now while you are saving. You might be doing fine now. But, when the baby gets out, your finances will totally change.

To give you an idea, you must prepare these essentials:

  • Portable bed or playpen
  • Crib or cradle
  • Moisture-proof mattress pads (1-3)
  • sheets (2-4)
  • blankets (3+)
  • Baby monitor
  • Diaper pail/bin
  • Dresser/chest
  • Infant bathtub
  • Nightlight or lamp
  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Laundry detergent for babies or those with sensitive skin
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Thermometer
  • Infant pain reliever/fever reducer
  • Feeding bottles
  • Baby formula
  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Bottle sanitiser
  • Diaper
  • Baby clothes get small in just a few weeks because the baby grows fast.

Talk to Your OB

Talk to your doctor about how you prefer to have your bill through the nine months of pregnancy. Will it be monthly or with a flat rate? Then, weigh which option will save you more money.

Money Management Habits

Create money management habits. Include a budget for your fixed expenses, savings contribution, flexible expenses, and money for leisure. Check where you can reduce costs while still living within your means.

Paid Maternity

Get 16 weeks of Government-Paid Maternity. You have a week before your expected delivery date and 12 weeks after childbirth. Your employer is mandated to pay you for the first 8 weeks of maternity leave. Pay after that is voluntary. Do not hesitate to ask your HR about it. Government-Paid Maternity Leave offers cash benefits employed for at least 90 days in the 12 months before your child’s birth. Also, you have a Shared Parental Leave.


A Medisave account with a $3,000 grant is granted to single parents by the government. Single parents can be unwed, divorced and widowed.

Medisave (drawn from your CPF) can defray the cost of maternity packages. Know your contributions. Also, check if your chosen hospital has affiliations with Medisave. In addition, the amount you can use will depend on your contribution.

If you have a normal delivery, usually Medisave will deduct $1200 from your expenses on a maternity package. But if you have other health insurance, talk to your provider about their coverage. Check if they cover some packages you can use.

Having a baby in Singapore with edisave

Wish List

Ask family and friends for baby accessories for gifts. Don’t forget to make a wish list. Instead of buying stuff you can get as a gift, you can save money for your child’s future expenses, such as milk, formula, and diaper. Do not hesitate to ask to hand me downs from family and friends who had babies. Clothes and shoes and good second hands. After all, your baby can outgrow them in a few weeks.

Work Arrangement

Plan your work arrangements so your childbirth won’t affect your work. Talk to your employer before you have your maternity leave about your infant care arrangements. Your working schedule might change since you already have a child to take care of. If you are self-employed, weigh if you can afford an assistant to help you out.

Having a baby in Singapore can bring a great impact on your expenses. Therefore, it is crucial to plan before the baby comes out to avoid future financial problems. Of course, you can ask your family and friends for help. However, if there is nowhere to turn to in an emergency, you can find a legitimate moneylenderAlso, check their offered personal loans, such as Cash Mart, which offers loans that can best fit you. Cash Mart approves personal or payday loans in a day and even offers a 7-day guarantee, ensuring that you also get the best customer experience just like you want only the best for your child.

DBS Credit Cards: Fine Prints You Need To See

DBS Credit Cards Fine Prints You Need To See

DBS Credit Cards: Fine Prints You Need To See

Looking for your first credit card? DBS credit cards are one of the best options. So check out the fine prints you need to see.

Do not get giddy yet with rebates, rewards and free miles. Read the fine prints first. That’s where you will know if you really need the card or not.

We know banks will do various promotions to entice people to spend with credit cards. It could be worth it and fun. But, wrong decisions can be your pitfall to a financial crisis. That is why you need to read the fine prints these promos and benefits have.

Yes, it could make feel you lazy seeing the small prints. Sometimes, long paragraphs with what seem to be alienated words.

We have summarized them for you here.

DBS credit cards

DBS Takashimaya Card

This card lets you have only one redemption a day. Take note that you must use up the points you will earn before the cards expire. If not, you will forfeit the bonus points.

DBS Woman’s Card

This card is laden with promos. They say, you can earn rewards up to nine times (9x). However, these are only applicable if you can spend the minimum amount. You may think that this is easy. You will just make multiple retail transactions.

Take note that you only have up to five retail transactions to meet the minimum required $500. On the other hand, certain promos are only applicable to online retail spending.

DBS NUSS Visa Card

This card is only for a graduate of the National University of Singapore. If you’re not from the school, you cannot avail yourself of it.

DBS Altitude Card

As much as you want to earn miles, only up to $5,000 spent will be awarded miles. In addition, if you wish to avail the free pass for the airport lounge, you still need to apply for Priority Pass™ Membership.

Moreover, the miles awards come within 90 days. So do not expect it to be reflected automatically. If you want to use the free mile to fly by the end of the year, earn points at least 90 days before booking a ticket.

Additionally, miles will not be awarded for some scenarios. An example is if you made a big purchase through a 0% interest-free instalment plan.

DBS Live Fresh Card

You can only get as much as $70 cashback per account per month. It has no regard for how much you spend for the month.

POSB Everyday Card

You maximize this card only if you are an avid shopper at Sheng Siong. If not, it’s not worthy as you think.

Also, the maximum spend is $1,000 a month to get rebates.

DBS Black Card

The 5% cashback on shopping is valid only until 31 March 2017. Take note that the minimum spend is $700 each month to get the cashback. However, no matter how much you spend you can only get as much as $70 cashback a month.

SAFRA DBS Credit Cards

The minimum spend is $500 per month. Meanwhile, the cashback has a cap of SAFRA$50 each month.

DBS Live Fresh Student Card

The credit limit is $500. Online transactions award your purchases. But, this excludes the bills and payments through online banking. In addition, the cashback earned has a cap of $70 per month.

DBS Credit Cards Promotion

You must pay all promos in a single receipt charged to DBS/POSB Credit Card. If there is any dispute between the merchant and the cardholder, the merchant’s terms and conditions will apply. In addition, all information is correct at the time of print. Therefore, check your receipts carefully before signing.

Dining Promotions Terms & Conditions

All the promos offered on the card are valid only for dine-in. Also, there are a lot of promos in various restaurants during holidays. Therefore, the card promos will not be valid during these days.

Moreover, the amount considered in the dining promotion excludes service charges and taxes.

Travel Promotions Terms & Conditions

All travel promotions require a booking. The amount considered excludes service charges, surcharges and taxes. So the full amount of your payment must be charged on the POSB/DSB Credit Cards.

0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Yes, it is 0% interest. However, do not forget that it has an administrative charge of $150. It applies if you settle the amount before the agreed due date. Should you want to close your account? You must pay the remaining balance, including the fees.

Not all items can be approved for the 0% Interest Instalment Payment Plan. However, if you need to make an immediate purchase, you can just get a loan from Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers quick cash loans, disbursed in as fast as 30 minutes. Visit CashMart.sg to apply now.