Latest Articles in Invest

Latest Articles in Invest

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Here’s What You Can Learn from Western Market About Paying Off Debt & Investing

With the total household reaching a record $13 trillion according to and the average American carrying 26% of his annual income as debt, almost everyone in America is worried over the perennial puzzle of whether to pay off debt first or to …

What You Need to Know About Credit Cards

Singaporeans are not new when it comes to credit card use. In July 2016, a total of 7,940,471 credit cards existed in the city-state excluding the supplementary cards. Since most Singaporeans have a personal bank account, you must have encountered…

Mutual Funds: What Are They?

Investing always gets hold of Singaporeans’ interest since they tend to value finding alternative ways to earn more and save more. While you invest is a proven by Folklore of Finance research when Singaporeans topped the financial literacy test, only 5% o…

What is SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited)?

Investing has been catching the attention of Singaporeans nowadays, especially now that Singapore Exchange has finally introduced a minimum trading price (MTP) for Mainboard companies. More investors can now access SGX, if you are a beginner, here…

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SGX Singapore Exchange: A Guide on Dollar Cost Averaging

When you invest in Singapore Exchange, many usually think of savvy investors dressed in suits and reading the business section of the newspaper. Young Singaporeans can start investing in SGX Singapore Exchange too and you need not to be a mi…

5 Thrifty Tips to Create Your Singaporean Online Business

Online shopping has completely caught the hearts of Singaporeans. By 2015, it has penetrated the lives of Singaporeans at 57.31% and it is expected to reach 74.20% in 2020. Evidently, e-commerce is indeed booming. More than 50% of women shop online…

8 Obvious Reasons Why Singaporeans Fail in Investing

Most Singaporeans view investing as a vital step towards financial stability later in life. It adds up to the hope of early retirement or perhaps a retirement at ease, going to places and affording the finer things in life. However, while many wan…

PIC Scheme Revision Every Startup Should Know

In February 2016, a director and several companies were charged with a hefty penalty after they tried to claim a high amount of Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) cash payout through fraudulent transactions.

Director Alan Ang Soon Te…

Get the Best UOB Gold Price Rates Today!

When the investors were downcast with a prediction of a 2.3% fall in Singapore’s export, they received a pleasant surprise of a surging 11.6% as the markets closed on June 17. There are three factors considered to have influenced the surge: pharmac…

Latest Articles in Family

Latest Articles in Family

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5 New Online Scams You Have to Watch Out For

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Latest Articles in Lifestyle

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15 Smart Ways to Save More Money When Shopping for Groceries

Groceries are part and parcel of life. You cannot eat your hard earned money, but shopping for groceries can leave you feeling high and dry as it can burn a hole right through your wallet or savings. You have come to the right place if you want to…

Getting money is now as easy as spending.

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POSB iBanking Guide For First Timers

POSB iBanking is now called POSB Digibank with more than 150 online banking services all in one place. From opening a new savings account to transferring funds to almost any other bank in Singapore, you can surely handle it smoothly with POSB iBan…

Why One.Motoring is Singapore’s Top Vehicle Online Portal

One.Motoring is a customer-centric one-stop portal launched in 2000 by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to serve all motorists and vehicle owners in Singapore. It is currently managed by NCS Portal City to ensure quality service and high online …

OCBC iBanking Guide in Singapore

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Chinese Zodiac Financial Guide for 2018

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Top 5 Money Lies Singaporeans Should Quit Using

Top 5 Money Lies Singaporeans Should Quit Using By 30

I will be lying if I say I never lied. One of the used lines is that money lies we tell ourselves. However, it comes with potential dangers. 

By the age of 30, you probably finished a degree or two, landed a regular job, got a credit card in your wallet, and told a handful of lies. So let’s be honest (at least with ourselves) that we have told lies for whatsoever reason.

Top 5 Money Lies we Tell Ourselves.

Admittedly, these are also potential dangers to your finances if not avoided.

My income is just enough for my needs. I don’t have extra cash to save.

Ever heard of this before? The main reason some of us do not have savings is the thought that our salary is not enough.

Avoid using this lie to yourself and spare the people around you. You can adjust if you have the will to. When there is a will, there is definitely a way.

You might have heard that most financial advisers recommend saving at least 20% of the salary. Well, there is an exemption to the rule. So if your finances just can’t cut through the 20%-savings rule, make it a habit to save a more convenient amount every payday constantly.

Start by saving at least 5% of your salary. Then, you can increase it. Finally, put the money in your savings. In the future, it will surely save you.

I’m too young. Retirement savings can wait.

Yes, retirement can be around 20 to 30 years from now, but it is never too early to save up for it.

The earlier you save, the earlier you can retire and enjoy. You can start planning for your retirement now, then invest in various ways you could to grow your money.

When you invest, time can be your greatest ally.

too young to retire | top 5 money lies


I need this for work.

Signature clothes, expensive shoes, and branded suits may be a need as work essentials. But, as they say, dress for success.

However, is it still rational if you buy this stuff every paycheck? When you go shopping, reasoning that you need to dress well for your work becomes a financial lie.

While your boss might appreciate you coming to the office in presentable attire for your clients, it would be appreciated if you showed up properly dressed and got the job done.

If I fish a bit from my savings now, I can make up for it later.

Now is not the best time to dip your fingers into your savings. But, if it is not a need, you better leave your savings in peace.

There are types of people who would feel lazy saving up once their savings got touched. If you are this type of person, you must avoid thinking that your savings are within easy reach.

It may take some time to discipline yourself financially, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Also, even though you say that you can pay off what you have “borrowed” from your savings, it may take some time. You will never be 100% sure that you can pay it back. Unforeseen things happen.

Consider that there is a chance that you might need the money for a real emergency anytime.

My finances are too simple. There is no need to sit and analyse it.

Now is the best time to analyse your finances. As you get older, have a family with kids and perhaps get a home loan, your finances will complicate.

While it is still simple, you must develop money-saving habits which you can use in the future when financial responsibilities start to pile up.

Take the time to check your transactions, create a budget, and recheck your financial habits.

Since you have simple finances, you might think that your money can figure out itself without any effort. But, unfortunately, too must optimism is dangerous for your finances.

finances are too simple | top 5 money lies


Do not Let the Money Lies Fool You.

While these self-rationalizations can give you short time comfort, you’ll soon realise that there is no other way around it but discipline yourself financially.

It sure is hard to have money-saving habits, especially when you are young with a social lifestyle to upkeep. However, it is harder to be in a situation when you’ll need cash. Unfortunately, there is nothing within reach.

You will not get younger by the number, now is the time to make deep gameplay by saving up.

With a legit moneylending company in Singapore, you can avoid the money lies from crowding your financial decisions. Cash Mart lets you take out a personal loan based on your salary and repayment capability. Contact them now to know more details. 

5 Flexi Loan Benefits Singaporeans Need to Know

5 Flexi Loan Benefits Singaporeans Need to Know

Need a loan, but your income is not qualified? Find a legal lender that offers various loan products. Also, look for flexi loan benefits.

Some Singaporeans are anxious to even apply for a loan. However, they don’t think they can get approved, considering their low income. The truth is that most moneylenders require a minimum income. It is for assurance that they can get paid.

The question is, where can the low-income earners get a financial lifeline? Of course, nobody wants to get involved with loan sharks. A handful of licensed moneylenders have understood this dilemma. Therefore, they created Flexi loans.

Flexi loans are short term loans especially created for low-income earners.

flexi loan benefits


5 Flexi Loan Benefits You Need to Know

Flexi loan eases the stress during a financial dilemma

Even experience lying in bed at night thinking how you will survive the next day with an empty wallet? And how will you go on a few days before your next salary?

The financial gap creates stress. People get anxious, especially if there is a sudden medical need for kids. A Flexi loan gives you hope to bridge this gap. Ease the stress by paying the medical bills not covered by the insurance.

You may have insurance, but the policy needs you to pay the bills first. Then, you can reimburse it. Finally, you can use the flexi loan to pay the bill.

Flexi loans are safe.

Borrow from registered moneylenders to ensure your information is safe from fraudulent activities. There are loan sharks who seem angels sent from above to help during your dark financial times. They will even push cash into your hands. Afterwards, they will squish out every cent you have, no matter what it takes.

When applying for a flexi loan, do not forget to secure your future. Get the flexi loan benefits only from licensed moneylenders.

Flexi loans help you rebuild your credit score.

Getting a flexi loan can help with your “no credit history.” Of course, no matter what you are earning now, it is best to keep your credit score in good shape. A credit score is crucial for loan applications. If moneylenders see that you have an outstanding credit history, you can easily get approved. In addition, you can even get a higher loan amount.

Remember that you only apply for the amount you are confident can pay off. Then, consistently meet the repayments and maintain a good relationship with your moneylender.

The best option for credit

There are other options you may have to get cash. For example, you can pawn your belongings, such as jewellery pieces. Failure to pay means losing what you have pawned.

What if you do not have anything to pawn? Maybe you can borrow from family and friends. You are lucky if someone lends you at short notice. However, you are risking the relationship you have. It is hard to face the person whose face reminds you of your loan.

What if you have nobody to turn to? Then, you can apply for the flexi loan benefits. Flexi loan is accessible, fast and convenient, especially if you can do it online.

Use a flexi loan for any purpose.

Flexi loans are multi-purpose loans. You can use it in any way you want. For example, pay your bills, purchase needed apparels, and buy groceries. It may help you reach rare opportunities such as investing.

If you want to learn new skills to upscale your career or get another job, you can use the flexi loan to enrol in some training lessons. Also, you can start a small home business as a sideline. Being a low-income earner does not mean you have no right to get any opportunities. Use a flexi loan as a tool to have a better income.

Common Misconceptions about Flexi Loan

It is only for those who are short on money or savings.

You can use the flexi loan to learn new skills or build a new home-based business. You may not need it for an emergency, but you can use it to make a better financial status.

It is a way to further debt.

A flexi loan may have interest charges, and that is understandable. If you get a flexi loan from a licensed moneylender, you can pick which fits your current finances. A responsible lender will not lend money which is impossible to get paid by the borrower.

Furthermore, you can avoid possible penalties if you consistently meet the repayments.

Borrow more than you need to have extra cash at hand

What other people think is that they must borrow more to get approved. What moneylenders consider is your ability to pay. Borrow what is within your means. The higher the amount you borrow, the higher the interest you need to repay.

Where to Get the Flexi Loan Benefits?

Cash Mart offers flexi loans to Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident earning below $20,000. This amount fits low-income earners who can’t get a loan from banks and most money lenders.

Need a flexi-loan? Get it from Cash Mart today.

5% Managerial Pay Hike: What Is It To Singaporean

5% Managerial Pay Hike: What Does it Mean to Every Singaporean

Senior staff and managers in Singapore are now expected to receive a 5% managerial pay hike. It sounds like the best increase in their pay! So that sounds like good news, right?

What does it tell us about the city-state economy? Also, how are Singaporeans of working-age benefit from this?

Singapore’s Economy

While 48% of surveyed companies across Asia revealed their plan to increase their employees’ income, 58% of Singapore companies profess that this increase will soon happen in our own yard.

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Managerial Pay Hike


What led to this welcoming development?

The managerial pay hike is a reflection that Singapore’s economy is stable. As a result, more works are available despite the unemployment rate recently hitting a six-year high of 2.2%. The city-state is still one of the countries where individuals can easily get a job. However, for some reason, the unemployment rate is increasing.

The economy is getting stable. 93% of companies in Singapore expressed their intent to keep or raise the number of their employees this year.

To retain their employees, they will increase the income of those in managerial positions. In addition, they will continue the employee engagement activities, career progression, and development programs. Most companies are now open to giving medical benefits, annual leave, and completion bonuses.

The ageing population is also becoming more in demand than in the past. It seems that retaining or hiring experienced workers and training the new employees will be more efficient. The younger population of the working age must learn more skills to advance on their career ladder or find a more fitting niche role.

The main beneficiaries of increased wages are the digital, technology and healthcare sectors.

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Your Personal Finances

While Singapore’s economy has been stable, this does not mean that we are safe from inflation.

Every year the cost of living rises by about 3% a year. So your housing, rent, and other necessities are getting more expensive. What you can buy with your S$100 might cost double in the next couple of years. If your income remains static, you won’t be able to afford your needs in the near future.

The managerial pay hike is not actually a bonus. It is a way to help you keep up with the inflation. The new wage is also a means to know how Singaporeans fare amidst the current economic status. If you still feel that it is hard to survive despite the wage hike, then the economy is not as good as it seems.

On the other hand, if this helps the Singaporeans alleviate the impact of inflation on their daily living, the economy is indeed stable.

Your increased managerial pay hike is not a reward. Instead, it gives you a work-life balance as the cost of living goes up. It simply means you still need to continue saving up.

In case you get into a financial gap, Cash Mart can help you with its affordable, quick cash loans.

Are You Ready to Get Married?

Are You Ready to Get Married?

People always ask when you will be ready to get married. It seems like it is an easy task, but there are various things you have to consider.

In recent years, the number of singles has been increasing. However, there are quite some factors why young Singaporeans still opt to be single at age 20 and above.

Over 500 young Singaporeans, 18 years old and above, were asked about their view on marriage. Also, they voice out their concerns regarding weddings.

Why Do You Need to Be Ready to Get Married?

Marriage is a very serious matter. It means being with a partner at home and sharing their most intimate lives. Around 38% of correspondents say they are ready to get married. Yet, 62% say they are unsure about getting married. The number who haven’t made up their mind is almost double the number of those who are sure.

Around 46% shared they are ready to get married and admitted that they have found the one they want to marry. Sadly, 6% feel pressured by society. However, 16% are ready to start a family. Meanwhile, 32% are financially stable.

On the other hand, 3% don’t think there is a need to get married among those who are not yet ready to get married. Meanwhile, 12% are still young for marriage. The remaining 20% say they simply can’t afford it yet. At the same time, 65% are still yet to find their future spouse.

Aside from still looking for the love of their lives, the following main concern is the cost of the wedding. It is no secret that having a wedding in Singapore can be very expensive. So if you don’t plan it carefully, you’ll be in deep financial trouble.

The most important factor in their future husband should be a great personality for women. It is the same as for the ideal wives of men. While women consider having properties under their partner’s name necessary, men do not have the same expectations. This the properties nor the financial stability of their future wives are not too significant. On the other hand, women want their husbands to be stable financially, but they don’t think owning a car has the same significance. Both genders believe that good looks are just of minor importance.

Are you ready to get married


Wedding Costs

Almost all women who want to get married want to have a memorable wedding. However, weddings can be very expensive. Some even prefer to do shopping abroad rather than get everything on the island. Therefore, most Singaporean feels that they need at least $35,000 for the wedding.

Despite the importance of the wedding, most correspondents feel that the honeymoon is the most significant thing at the start of a marriage. When it comes to expenditure during the wedding ceremony, the wedding rings or engagement rings come as the highest valued item. Then, the wedding gown and suit follow. However, as high as 70% say banquet is not really important. After it is by 48% said videography and photography are not important.

How to Fund the Wedding

Are you one of those who are considering getting married, yet you think you simply can’t afford it? Then, you should know that there are various ways to get funded.

Most single Singaporeans think their parents can help them big time. Others decided to get a personal loan either from a bank or moneylenders. Some will be likely to use their credit cards. In contrast, the least will get the help of their friends.

On the other hand, there are different ways to get your wedding. But, first, you must know that the ROM or the ceremony itself is free. It is just that most want to push through with expensive stuff. Examples are gowns, suits, banquets and classy wedding bands.

Ask for Help

Talk to your siblings if they can pay for the cake. Ask your entourage to buy their own apparel. Request your parents to buy your gown and suits. Invite your friends to sing and MC at your banquet.

Sell your Stuff

If there are bags, shoes and other stuff you rarely use, it is time to let go of your preloved items. It helps you earn more cash for the big day.

Sponsored Wedding

Why will a company sponsor your wedding? If your fiancé is also up to it, upload your photos on various websites and share your love story. Startup businesses are looking for ways to get more clients and popularity. Show them that sponsoring your wedding is a win-win situation.

Ever heard of the wedding crashed by Ed Sheeran in 2015? A man shared his story and his desire to marry his girlfriend on the Australian radio station KIIS 1065. As a result, the radio station sponsored the whole wedding. It even secretly invited the world-famous ginger-haired singer to serenade the couple.

Ask for Cash Gift

Most of the visitors will be considering a wedding gift. You can apologetically tell them that you prefer cash instead.

Of the interviewed Singaporeans, more than half of them shared that they will not get financial assistance nor will they be taking any loans. However, almost half of the correspondents say that they will be taking loans. Personal Loans can be flexible. You can use it in any way you want. For added convenience, choose a Singapore moneylender which offers flexible loans and repayment schemes. Drop by Cash Mart to know how to get the most flexible loans in Singapore.

How to Support Your Retired Parents without Any Financial Worries

How to Support Your Retired Parents without Any Financial Worries

Despite being busy, Singaporeans worry about their elders. So if you wonder how to support your retired parents, continue reading. We’ll guide you through it without getting into money trouble.

According to the General Household Survey 2015, most Singaporeans aged 65 and above receive financial support from their children.

Singaporeans save up for their own financial security and retirements. However, they are still usually concerned with their parents’ own retirement.

Be Prepared to Support your Retired Parents

While your parents are still healthy, and it may seem awkward for some, you can start discussing their retirement plans. As our parents’ age, they get a higher risk of acquiring health problems. And it might be too late by then. Talk to them together with your siblings and discuss their plans. It needs a family effort. Therefore, everyone may have a part.

The key part of staying afloat financially is to save as early as possible. It will be helpful to get an endowment plan as it will grow over time. After around 10 years, your parents might be able to accumulate more savings to add to their CPF retirement funds.

Together with your family, you can build an emergency fund for your parents. It does not matter if you will pitch in $100 or $200 and more. Your goal is to have sufficient funds if your parents get into an emergency. If things go well, your parents can even choose to retire early.

As much as possible, help your parents be physically active and in shape. It prevents them from various health problems. Help them get a gym membership or enrol them in lifestyle programmes.

how to support your retired parents


Get adequate insurance coverage.

As early as possible, buy a wide range of policies for your parents. Nobody can predict the future. The wider coverage will be better. When you are getting health insurance, consider three things:

Your parents’ age

Check the insurance policy on the latest age individuals can apply. For example, if the maximum entry age is 80 years old, you can’t apply for the insurance if your parents are already 81 or older. However, the policy will cover your parents for life. So it is regardless of which age they have acquired the policy.

Pre-existing health conditions

Most health insurances only accept the applications of those who have untarnished medical records. So, for example, if your parents have cancer in their medical history, it will be harder to find insurance for them. On the other hand, MediShield Life still applies to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. So it is regardless of their past health conditions.

Consider getting Critical Illness coverage. It will greatly help to cover the health expenses. It includes medication and treatments if they get hospitalised. Therefore, you are more ready to support your retired parents.

Sharing the Bill

If you are financially capable, it will be best to top up your parents’ CPF. Also, you can spread the financial obligation with your siblings. Then, gradually take responsibility for your parents’ bills. This way, they can save more for their retirement.


As soon as your parents officially become senior citizens at the age of 60, remind them of their discounts. Examples are rides on buses, MRT and LRT rides. Also, they get 2% off the total bill at NTUC Fairprice on Tuesdays with their card.

In addition, by the age of 65, they can already qualify for the Silver Support Scheme. The scheme aims to give more support to the bottom 20 per cent of Singaporean elderlies.

Those who live in one and two-room HBD flats will get $750. Meanwhile, those in three rooms will get $600. So if your parents live in a 4 room HBD flat, they will get $450.

Pioneer Generation Package helps pioneers with their healthcare costs for life. Your parents will qualify if they have been born on or before 31 December 1949 or aged 65 and above in 2014. If they have migrated, they should have obtained citizenship on or before 31 December 1986. With this package, they can have four benefits:

Pioneer Generation Package to support your retired parents


Outpatient Care

Your parents can receive additional subsidies on top of their existing subsidies. Therefore, it covers the medications and other medical services by participating GPs and dental clinics.

Medisave Top-ups

Your parents will receive top-ups in their Medisave Accounts annually. But, the best part is for the rest of their lives.

MediShield Life

Your parents can pay less for Medishield life premiums. Thus, you can easily support your retired parents. 

Disability Assistance

If your parents sustained moderate to severe functional disabilities, they could get cash amounting to $1,200 a year.

It pays to make your parents know about their discounts and other rights. It makes them more comfortable as they live their retirements.

If you need more cash to take care of and support your retired parents’ finances, you can rely on Cash Mart’s personal loan offers.

Call Cash Mart now.

POSB iBanking Guide For First-Timers

POSB iBanking Guide For First Timers

POSB iBanking Guide For First-Timers

POSB iBanking is now called POSB Digibank with more than 150 online banking services all in one place. From opening a new savings account to transferring funds to almost any other bank in Singapore, you can surely handle it smoothly with POSB iBanking.

Upon signing up, you will be able to access the full range of banking services such as eStatements, PayLah! and SMS Banking. It is simple, secure and always available.

What are The POSB iBanking Eligibility Requirements?

You have to be at least 16 years old and currently have a personal or any joint-alternate account of:

  • DBS AutoSave Account
  • DBS Current Account
  • DBS Savings Account
  • DBS Savings Plus Account
  • POSB Savings Account
  • POSB Current Account
  • DBS or POSB Credit Card/Debit Card
  • DBS Cashline
  • DBS Home Loan with Servicing Account

POSB iBanking Registration

You can register for POSB iBanking via four (4) channels:

  • Online at,
  • Digibank mobile app by selecting on “Get Started”,
  • any DBS/POSB Branches, and
  • by calling the Contact Centre at 1800 111 1111

For online registration, you will need to identify yourself with your Debit/ATM Card Number or Credit Card Number. These series of numbers are found in front of the card.

You will also need to provide your mobile number and email address during registration.

What are The Benefits of POSB iBanking

Effortless Application

You can register using your personal ATM card (DBS Bankcard, ALUMNUS card and POSB ATM cards), debit card, or credit card. Once you have registered, you can start accessing your accounts online.

Quick Bank Access

You can easily access your latest banking information on both your POSB and DBS accounts. You can instantly see your deposit accounts, cards, investments and credits.

POSB Security Features

The smooth online services are ensured by the intuitive navigation toolbars. The built-in security features protect every banking transaction and activity you do with POSB iBanking.

  • In addition, POSB provides 100% security on your funds by covering them under the Money Safe Guarantee. In the event that authorized access and transaction was done in your account, POSB will repay the money taken from your account.
  • You can also set and customise your email and SMS notifications. Every time you perform selected transactions, POSB will send an alert the moment transactions occurred and exceeded the amount you have specified.
  • The iBanking OTP serves as an additional security feature with a One Time Password authorisation. This is why you have to register your mobile number with POSB in order to receive a digibank OTP every time you make a transaction.


Getting your latest account information is just a breeze. You can even complete your banking transactions online to avoid the hassle and effort of queuing.

Anytime, Anywhere

You can do any banking transactions anywhere you are. You can also access your DBS and POSB monthly statements any time of the day.

Money Saver

POSB offers discounts when you use selected internet banking services.


There is no need to worry about compatibility hardware. POSB iBanking is designed to run even with a PC with the minimum configuration.

Free of Charge

The standard commission or transaction fees for some services such as purchasing of cashiers’ order, demand draft or traveller’s cheque still applies but the use of the iBanking services themselves and sign-ups are free.

How to Log In to digibank Online for the First Time

Use your temporary User ID and PIN when logging in for the first time. You must also register your DBS iB Secure Device once you have been prompted.

Step 1: Enter your temporary User ID and PIN

Step 2: Tick the box to accept the Terms and Conditions of Electronic Services

Step 3: Click “Next”

Step 4: Key in your preferred digibank User ID

Step 5: Click “Next”

Step 6: Click “Submit”

What is iBanking OTP?

The iBanking One Time Password (OTP) is a security feature introduced by DBS for DBS and POSB account owners with online banking access. It is important to have your active mobile number registered with DBS or POSB to receive your iBanking OTP via SMS. You can use the iBanking OTP for the following services.

SMS Login

You will receive a 6-digit OTP via SMS. SMS Login with iBanking OTP is a new feature introduced in 2012. It is an alternative second-factor authentication on top of using your iB Secure Device.

Banking transactions

A 6-digit OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS. This is to authorise and complete the selected banking or online transactions such as updating personal information and contact details.

Bank notifications

SMS alerts will be sent to your registered mobile number once your online transactions have been completed.

You will not receive an iBanking OTP for online transactions if your mobile number is not updated correctly or the merchant website you are transacting on is not supported by the 3D Secure™ technology.

You will need your registered mobile number to add a payee, transfer funds overseas, pay bills, update personal details and update your mailing address.

You will need both your iBanking OTP and your iB Secure Device to authorise personal and contact details update, manage alerts, add new cheque, and demand draft recipient.

How to Change POSB iBanking PIN

You can change your iBanking Pin on the iBanking platform. Simply click “Preferences” on the top right-hand corner to access the “Change iBanking PIN” service. You will be required to key in your iBanking OTP before you can access this service.

Your DBS iBanking PIN and your Credit Card or ATM PIN number are not the same numbers. Changing your iBanking PIN does not change any of your cards’ PIN numbers.

How to Use iB Secure Device

The iB Secure Device keeps your transactions secured and safe from any fraudulent activities. Certain transactions require specific buttons on the device.

On the other hand, to access services such as Transaction History, Bill Payment or Funds Transfer, you will need an iBanking OTP sent to you via SMS. Otherwise, press and hold the button with the DBS logo on iB Secure Device.

How to Replace DBS iB Secure Device

In case that your DBS iB Secure Device has been damaged, you can request for a free replacement in three ways.

Via Video Teller Machine (VTM)

Step 1: Proceed to your nearest VTM and complete the authentication process with your NRIC, passport, or ATM/Credit/Debit card.

Step 2: Select “iB Secure Device”

Step 3: Tap “Yes” and select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 4: Collect your new DBS iB Secure Device

Step 5: Register the new device

Step 6: Scan the barcode

Step 7: Key in the 6-digit iB Secure PIN

Step 8: Press “Confirm”

Via digibank Online

Step 1: Log in to your iBanking account

Step 2: Select “Request” and then “More Requests”

Step 3: Tap “Other Services” and select “iB Secure Device Replacement”

Step 4: Click “Login with SMS” and then choose “Get OTP via SMS”

Step 5: Key in the OTP sent to you via SMS

Step 6: Click “Login”

Step 7: Select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 8: Click “Next”, then “Submit”

Via digibank Mobile

Step 1: Log in to digibank

Step 2: Select “Settings” and then “Request New iB Secure Device”

Step 3: Tap “Request/Replacement Reason”

Step 4: Verify your Mailing Address

Step 5: Select “Reason for Replacement”

Step 6: Click “Submit”

If your request via digibank Online/Mobile, your new DBS iB Secure Device will be sent to your mailing address within 3-5 working days

Final Thoughts on POSB iBanking

POSB iBanking lets you Make a Transfer, Manage Payments, GIRO Arrangements, Top Up, Redeem Rewards, Manage Investments, Apply to New Accounts, and Update Personal Details and Preferences. Each transaction is secured with iBanking OTP.

Managing your banking transactions has become more convenient. However, it is still your responsibility to be financially savvy to manage your overall finances.

And when it comes to convenience, getting a loan is just as smooth if you apply in Cash Mart. Cash Mart provides flexible online loan solutions for every Singaporean whenever you need them.

Free Beginners Guide to Borrowing from a Credit Company in Singapore

Free Beginners Guide to Borrowing from a Credit Company in Singapore

A credit company in Singapore has been helping Singaporeans get by throughout the years. Whether you are employed or an entrepreneur is seeking to widen your company’s reach, a loan is a handy tool. It helps you thrive or bridge a financial gap. However, getting a loan from a credit company in Singapore is not something you can take lightly.

Not because you can find many credit companies around the city-state does not mean that you can just choose one and borrow cash from any of them without proper research.

The Singaporean government has been concerned by the growing number of Singaporeans taking too many loans than they can handle.

The lack of foresight when borrowing cash can be your financial downfall. However, borrowing money is a helpful tool for an intelligent borrower. And being a responsible borrower does not start with repaying your loan on time to your credit company. It actually begins with choosing which credit company in Singapore to trust.

10 Questions to Ask a Credit Company in Singapore

1. Are you a licensed lender?

In short, a credit company thriving in the lending industry for a long time means there is already a reputable background that you can count to. To verify if a money lender is legally operating, you must check the list of licensed money lenders provided by MinLaw.

Ministry of Law | Free Beginners Guide to Borrowing from a Credit Company in Singapore

2. How much can I borrow?

If you exceed your loan cap, you will no longer be eligible to get an unsecured loan from any credit company in Singapore. While it is tempting to borrow more, a responsible money lender will likely decline a borrower who cannot repay the loan on time.

With the help of the Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MLCB), a credit company will know how much you can still borrow. It prevents you from getting too many loans that you can handle. After all, a credit company just wants to lend and get repaid on time to keep their business running.

3. What is the interest rate?

The late interest is charged only on the unpaid loan amount and not on the principal loan amount or the amount that is not yet due to be repaid.

4. What are the terms and conditions?

MinLaw requires every credit company to be clear and transparent with its terms and conditions. For example, get a loan only if the credit company could discuss and explain the crucial details in your loan contract.

Furthermore, make sure you fully understand every term in your contract, especially the interest rate, fees and repayment schedule. Bear in mind that the contract is legal and binding. It is the borrowers’ finances to hold their side of the contract.

5. Do you have flexible loan packages?

A reputable credit company will be willing to help you choose the most flexible option to help you repay your loan with ease.

6. How fast is the loan process?

The earlier you can complete your required documents, the faster you will process your loan application. For example, if you apply to Cash Mart, you can get your cash in as short as an hour to a day.

7. Is the loan advertisement real?

Did you receive or see any advertisements like SMS, emails, flyers or any forms of prohibited advertisements? It can be any of these two. First, they are from a licensed moneylender not following the strict rules and regulations. Or second, it is an unlicensed moneylender trying to fish for unsuspecting victims.

Do not respond to any illegal advertisement. Instead, report it to the Police or the Registry of Moneylenders.

8. What is the eligibility requirement?

Some credit companies only have loans for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Others give a loan to foreigners who have proper working documentation. Others offer loans to low-income earners, while others do not. Shop around to know which credit company can serve your needs.

9. Do you have friendly support?

In addition, many borrowers also appreciate it if the loan officer considers their personal preferences and needs. In addition, Cash Mart’s loan advisers and friendly and attentive. If you want to get advice on your loan-related matters, you can feel free to send a message on WhatsApp, call, or visit them.

Furthermore, a reputable credit company even helps customers who want to learn more about financial literacy.

10. What are the other fees that a credit company in Singapore can charge?

Take note that MinLaw permits money lenders to deduct a loan approval fee of up to 10% from the principal amount. However, they can’t ask borrowers to pay an upfront fee prior to the loan process approval or disbursement.

What to Do After Your Loan Is Granted?

As a responsible borrower, you must first check if the right loan amount has been disbursed. Then, get your own copy of the loan contract and meet the repayment schedule. Every time you make a repayment, be sure to keep the receipt safe. It will be proper documentation that you paid the right amount on time.

Being a smart borrower gives you the chance to build a positive relationship with the credit company. Also, you can build a healthy credit score that you can use to have better loan offers.

Signs That You Are Dealing With a Loan Shark

No licensed credit company in Singapore should use abusive language or behave threateningly. In addition, they must not ask for your SingPass user ID and/or password over the phone, email, SMS or through the online application. Add to that. They should not retain any of your personal ID documents.

Additionally, ensure that you do not sign an incomplete contract. A loan contract must have complete terms and conditions. Also, it must indicate your loan amount, repayment scheme and dates, and other fees. They must properly discuss the loan contract. It helps you understand what you are signing into.

No fair practising credit company will approve a loan without any due diligence. Therefore, even before you can completely file your application, approving your loan is an absolute red flag.

Should you encounter an Ah Long or a licensed money lender with unfair practices, you must report it to the Registry at 1800-2255-529. Rest assured that they will not disclose your personal details.