Is Being a Digital Nomad Really a Free Lifestyle?

Is Being a Digital Nomad Really a Free Lifestyle?

If you are lucky enough to land a job that allows you to work and travel simultaneously, you live a life most Singaporeans desire. Being a digital nomad is not an impossible dream. However, is it really a free lifestyle? Get answers straight from here.

digital nomad


The Lifestyle of a Digital Nomad


As a nomad, you must always be ready to move from one country to another. While this leisure is much captivating to many people you know, this will be hard to do if you lack finances. Most nomads share that they move every two to three months. Since you are trying to save up, you might be using budget flights that can cost $200 if you travel to South East Asia. However, if you aim to go to other parts of the globe, make sure you have around $1,200 to $1,500 in your bank.

On the other hand, you can use your credit card to purchase your flights and gain free air miles or free business class upgrades. A couple of credit cards with this freebie. Compare their conditions and offers.

There is also the local transport that you will surely take, such as trains, cabs, and other public transparent. Set aside around $50 a month as you fare for public transport. If you want to use Uber or Cabs for more convenient travel, be ready to shed $150.


While Singaporeans can travel to a long list of countries without a visa, you must remember that there is still a chance that you have to get one. A visa is essential when entering a country, and it could cost around $50 to $100. And even if you don’t have to get a visa, you should not forget to renew your passport every five years. The current cost of renewing your passport is 80. Also, do not be surprised if you are charged with customs duties. Custom duties differ from one country to another. Finally, be attentive to your things to avoid losing or damaging any essential documents.


As a nomad, you will have to opt-out of hotel rooms as these are the most expensive accommodation. Hotels rooms with a single bed can cost around $7,500 a month and $250 a night. Though you are only staying for two to three months, it is better to rent an apartment. Airbnb rentals can cost $3,600 a month and $120 a night, while hostels can be as low as $15 per night and S$900 a month. Always keep your essential documents in a safe place if someone tries to take your bag while you are asleep.


Prepaid SIMs vary in different countries, but generally, they can cost around $90 to $120. Only a few nomads recommend using s data roaming plan. No matter how good the promotion sounds, you are unsure if it actually works in your destination. If it does not work well, you will have difficulty getting in touch with your telco. You’ll decide to buy a local prepaid SIM card and pay for 3G or 4G access. Internet access can cost twice or thrice than you expect, so take time to check tourism websites or travel forums to know how much you will have to spend on communication. Some nomads consider buying a prepaid Sim card a waste of cash since many establishments offer free Wi-Fi access.

In case you are also planning to depend on the free Wi-Fi offered in coffee shops and certain accommodations, you still have to buy a SIM card to be able to make a call.


Everybody needs to eat, and so are you. Like in Singapore, other countries have their own delicacies, yet if you stay for two months or more, you have to create an effective budget for food. Most nomads allocate $200 to $1,500 as their budget for food. Since you are always on the go, be prepared to eat out. Most countries in Asia offer street food meals which can cost $3 to $5 per meal. The meals in mid-range restaurants can cost $25 to $50 per serving, and high-end restaurants have meals at least $70 per serving.

Most restaurants accept credit cards as a mode of payment. You can take advantage of this and earn rewards, freebies or rebates.


You will never be sure about the future. While travel insurance can seem like a waste of money to some, you will be glad you have purchased it if you find yourself confined in a hospital. Different travel insurance has different coverage, yet it is better to get the one which covers your delayed flight, accommodation and medical bills. Be sure you shop around for the one that best fits your need. The most expensive one does not mean the most comprehensive coverage, and the least costly might lack a lot of important benefits.

Emergency Costs

Set aside six months’ worth of salary or at least $2,000 if you need sudden hotel accommodation and an emergency flight back home.


Transport                    $400

Administration           $100

Accommodations       $900

Communications        $120

Food                           $450

Travel Insurance          $50

20% Savings               $300

Total                           $2,320

If you could be a digital nomad, you’ll need to spend $2,320 a month to survive and be constantly on the go.

5 Best Marketing Strategies For Investment Firm

5 Best Marketing Strategies for Your Investment Firm

Do you want to improve your brand? Have you ever checked the efficiency and outcome of your investment management firm’s marketing strategies? Then, check out these few tips as it talks about the best marketing strategies for investment firms.

In this age of rampant digital marketing and cutthroat competition, it is essential to be ahead of the competition by using up the best strategies to gain the edge over your competitor firms.

It is pretty important to stay ahead to get to your prospective clients. So now, let us check out a few tips for the ultimate marketing strategies for investment firms you got to follow to improve your brand.

best marketing strategies


Never leave to rebrand!

Take a look at the demographics of your clients. You wouldn’t be surprised to see that the age of your clients has come down. But, on the other hand, the youth have started getting more involved with investing.

As the demographics of your target audience have changed, it has become vital to rebrand your firm’s marketing strategies. And this will also help you get more outreach. Your strategies have to be agile and help you maintain your market position irrespective of the market condition.

Transparency for the best marketing strategies!

How transparent are you in the dealings?

You got to establish high levels of transparency and integrity in your transactions with your clients. So that they would trust you more and help you build goodwill. Therefore, you must make your site more user-friendly and very intuitive.

Give sufficient focus to digital marketing!

Digital space has started to dominate the world! If you haven’t paid sufficient effort to digitise, you got to do it. Restructuring your systems and focusing on improving your online position would help you boost your market position.

Make your content attractive!

You have to bring out something that captivates your customers to use your service. What is that extra edge you have over others? You have to find that and put them across to your customers in the best way.

Before you choose new strategies, you must deeply examine whether these strategies would help you grow and establish your brand. Since you deal with investment banking, you ought to do a lot of initiatives to build the credibility and reliability of your brand.

Power of strong messages!

It is something that would influence the success of your campaigns. How strong are your messages, and how well have they reached your clients? Are you doing it yourselves or outsourcing this to other firms?

The best thing you should understand is that, before you outsource marketing tasks to an outside firm, you must analyse the portfolio and their work. You might be the best financial consultant or expert, but how well that message is conveyed to people is the most crucial factor.

You must build a message that is congruent to the culture and policies of your firm and should help you in getting highly transformed.

It doesn’t mean that you must create hype for your messages and project yourself as one of the best firms, but it is also vital that you can deliver what you promise!

Not having an effective digital marketing strategy can make your business fall behind the competition. Don’t let your consumers slip away. If you lack marketing funds, you can quickly get a quick cash loan from Cash Mart – Singapore’s reputable licensed money lender. Cash Mart lets you acquire a flexible instant loan to grow your business and thrive in the coming years.

Why Do Singaporeans Get Online Payday Loans?

Why Do Singaporeans Get Online Payday Loans?

As lives become convenient in the city-state, living costs also go up with inflation. You are fortunate if you can always keep up. However, not everyone is as lucky as you.

What do Singaporeans do when making ends meet is impossible? They get online payday loans.

There is nothing new about this trend. In fact, getting a loan has been common. However, many would pretend that they had never tried it even once.

What is a Payday Loan?

Payday loan in Singapore has been the answer for those who need to bridge the financial gap. But unfortunately, when things go according to the budget, something will come up to drain your financial resources. If you have no emergency funds, then you are doomed.

Good thing you can get online payday loans in Singapore. These loans are unsecured. It means there is no need to pledge any collateral. Therefore, you can borrow instant cash without fear of losing any of your jewellery, gadget or signature bags.

A payday loan is a cash advance. If your salary is just around the corner, you have already run short of cash. So, you can get to borrow a small number of loans. Then, you settle the loan on your payday or the agreed date. Simply, payday loans art like having your salary in advance.

Banks do not offer cash advances. The simple reason is that they take too much time to validate the borrowers’ capacity to pay. Payday Loans are for immediate needs. If the bank asks for too many requirements and approves the loan after a couple of days, this totally beats the purpose.

Why do Singaporeans Apply for an Online Payday Loan?

Fast Cash Loans

Online Payday Loans are accessible right at your fingertips. Nowadays, everything is available online. That’s why the future of lending has nowhere else to go.

With online payday loans, you can get your cash in less than an hour. You have to apply online simply. This way, you can save time by completing your application online. Also, you can even make an application any time of the day. Most money lenders will need your Sing Pass. However, they will not ask you to divulge it. Instead, you need to get down to their office. Then, you log in to SingPass yourself.

Secured borrowing with MAS Licensed Moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders are prohibited by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to get the borrower’s SingPass. Aside from this, licensed moneylenders strictly follow the MAS lending guidelines.

Monetary Authority of Singapore | Online payday loans

You will not be charged with an outrageous interest rate. Also, it should not be higher than 4%. Plus, there will be no hidden charges.

Saves time

Another reason Singaporeans get online payday loans is for the convenience of less paperwork. In addition, unlike with the banks, the requirements are simpler. Plus, the eligibility is easy to meet.

Builds up your credit score

Most banks have high standards with credit scores. By getting a payday loan, you can rebuild your credit history. If you are planning to get a car loan or a housing loan in the future, it is better to build up your credit score first before applying for it.

Unlike getting a loan from loan sharks, getting an online payday loan from a licensed moneylender ensures security. Your personal information is safe. Moreover, your good paying habit is appropriately reported to the Credit Bureau.

There is no need to borrow from relatives and friends

Some individuals feel disgusted for borrowing money from friends and relatives. In addition, unpaid loans wrecked countless relationships.

Also, some Singaporeans value their pride. Therefore, they do not want to show other people that they are going through a financial dilemma. It is especially true if the money problem is vices and luxuries.

How to Find a Responsible Online Moneylender?

Registered with the Registry of Moneylender in Singapore

MAS has a list of registered moneylenders in Singapore. They are highly regulated to protect the rights of the borrowers. Unregistered money lenders or loan sharks usually charge high-interest rates and use illegal ways to collect repayments.

Registry of Moneylenders | Online payday loans

Must not ask your SingPass Login

If it is needed, you must be the one to input it into the computer. Nobody has the right to access your SingPass.

Offer you a loan calculator.

Loan sharks like to keep their borrowers in the dark. They will hide fees aside from the astounding interest rates. However, responsible moneylenders provide loan calculators. It helps their borrowers make better decisions.

Some borrowers sometimes focus on what they can borrow. But, they fail to assess if they can handle the payments.

Do not lend an amount the borrower cannot pay at ease

Loan sharks just lend any amount to borrowers. They aim to bury you in debts. This way, the loan shark will have a reason to milk you of every single cent you have.

Gives quotes of rates and terms of repayment

Responsible moneylenders give you the quote of interest rates and applicable fees. Also, they elaborate on everything before they ask you to sign a contract. They will make sure that you are well informed.

Has a physical office

Some online lenders have websites pretending to offer loans. However, they want to take your personal information and use it for fraudulent activities. Therefore, before starting your online loan application, it is better to research. Check if the lending company truly exists.

Has a professional looking website which is updated regularly

Responsible online moneylenders are professional. They make sure that their websites are user-friendly and always secured. That is why it is always updated. Also, keep an eye for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Teaches about the rights and responsibilities of the borrowers

Borrowers need to know their rights to prevent falling prey to loans sharks. On the other side, they also have responsibilities that come with benefits. If the borrower pays the loan on time, he or she can build up a better credit score.

Guides the borrower towards financial stability

Responsible moneylenders are interested in making lasting relationships with their borrowers. That is why they want to give financial guidelines to their borrowers. In addition, some of them make blogs to help borrowers gain knowledge. It focuses on saving, budgeting and investing.

Need an Online Payday Loan?

If you are looking for a responsible licensed moneylender who offers online payday loans, you can easily get it from Cash Mart.

Cash Mart has an accessible website and a team of accommodating loan experts to help you get a payday loan at ease. Feel free to call them at +65 6397 4111 or drop by the Balestier Road office.

Comprehensive Guide to Singapore Personal Income Tax 2017

Comprehensive Guide to Singapore Personal Income Tax 2017

Singapore is known to have one of the lowest personal income tax in Asia. Though some individuals may feel that paying taxes is a bitter pill to swallow, it saves you from inevitable consequences in the future.

Here is Your Guide on Personal Income Tax

Know how much tax to pay, how to file your income tax returns and if you even have to do it.

Not all individuals living in the island-state are required to pay and file personal income tax returns. You are Singapore’s taxpayer if you meet one of the following:

  • Singaporean citizen
  • Permanent Residents who have already established a home in the city
  • Foreign national who has stayed or worked in Singapore for at least 183 days during the tax year

Every year taxpayers must file their personal income tax. If you are not sure if you need to file yours, here is a simple flowchart:

Personal Income Tax Rates

Singapore uses a progressive income tax rate. It is a system that charges higher tax rates to taxpayers with higher incomes. The city-state increased the maximum tax rate to 22% starting this 2017. Taxpayers with an annual income of $160,000 and higher are the ones to get affected by the change in tax rates.

Your tax rate depends on the annual chargeable income. The chargeable income is the amount left when all expenses, donations and personal reliefs. But it must be deducted from your total annual income.

How is Your Tax Calculated?

Let’s say you are earning $2,500 a month with a 13th-month bonus each year. We will consider that you have no other means of income and you have nothing to deduct. Based on the resident’s tax rates table:

$2,500 x 12 months = $30,000 + $2,500 (13th month bonus)

Total annual income: $32,500

  • The first $20,000 earned is non-taxable.
  • The additional $10,000 has a tax at 2% = $200
  • $2,500 (13th month bonus) is taxed at 5%  = $87.50
  • Total Tax: $200 + $87.50 = $287.50

Payment Options


This is cashless, electronic and can be scheduled. Manage your GIRO Arrangements through your bank’s online banking. Every month IRAS will send a letter on how much will be deducted on your bank account.

Internet Banking

Log in to your bank’s banking portal. Find the “Bill Payment” and indicate or choose IRAS as the billing organization. Also, it shows the Tax Reference Number. Plus, your payment slip will be issued with your tax bill.

Cash and NETS and cheques

In addition, you can make payments by cash, and NETS in any bank in the city-state. Also, you’ll need your payment slip. Then, expect to get a receipt once your transaction has been successful.

Cheque and Cashier’s Order

Do not expect any receipt. For your payment to be credited, you will need to attach the lower portion of your Payment Slip to the cashier or cheque order.

How to File Your Personal Income Taxes


Online tax filing started in 1992 to make the process more efficient and less at risk for corruption. Currently, you will need to get a SingPass or IRAS Pin to access the online system. Then, log in to myTax Portal through your desktop or smartphone.

Step 1:

Log in to myTax Portal through your desktop or smartphone.

myTax Portal to file your personal income tax

Step 2:

Use your SingPass or IRAS PIN (Be ready with SingPass 2-step verification (2FA) before you can file your taxes.)

Step 3:

Fill in the required information such as your income, deductions and received reliefs. Then, upload the needed documents. If applicable, these are proof of other income, documents of your dependents or rental income.

Step 4:

Afterwards, they will send an instant acknowledgement to you after you have e-Filed successfully.

  • As much as possible do not keep the tax form page idle for more than 20 minutes. You might have to redo it again. If you are not able to complete your filing at one session, you can just save the tax return as ‘draft.’
  • The “draft” is considered not yet submitted. But it will remain in the portal for 14 days.
  • To retrieve the draft copy of your Income Tax Return, login to using your SingPass or IRAS PIN. Also, you need to submit your personal tax return on or before 18 April 2017.

Paper Filing

If your employer is under the Auto-Inclusion Scheme, you do not need to declare your income. Instead, just indicate “0” on your donations, employment income, Central Provident Fund contributions and insurance premiums taken from your salary.

Step 1:

Receive the relevant paper tax return between Feb to Mar each year from IRAS.

This usually contains:

  • Form B1 2016
  • Appendices 1 and 2
  • Guide to Completing Form B1
  • Return Envelope

Step 2:

Fill up the income tax returns forms.

  • Tax resident individuals – Form B1
  • Self-employed – Form B
  • Non-resident individuals – Form M

Step 3:

Sign on Page 1 of the paper tax return.

Step 4:

Send back the form using the return envelope provided by 15 Apr 2017.

Paying and filing your taxes may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, but settling it on time saves you a lot of trouble.

Be more responsible in paying your personal tax income with Cash Mart. The legal money lending company approves a payday loan. It is enough to cover your obligation. Plus, the repayment falls on your next paycheck. 

10 Reasons You Need A Business Loan in 2019

10 Reasons Why You Need A Business Loan in 2019

Have you ever wondered why people need a business loan? Here are the big fat reasons. Check it out. You might need one too.

Small business entrepreneurs in Singapore apply for loans for various reasons. But, it will always be towards expansion. Of course, a business owner wants to drive his or her enterprise ahead of its competitors in the industry. Unfortunately, it is easy to slip into a financial crisis if an entrepreneur does not know how to use the business loan strategically.

Here are how you can and the reasons you need a business loan.

Use Business Loan to Expand Operations

There is no place for a successful small business but to go up and do this. But, first, you have to expand your enterprise. However, how would you know if you are ready to expand?

Expansion can only be successful if your enterprise turns in a consistent flow of profit and a positive cash flow. With these, you can predict a positive number of returns in the future. Once you have laid out your expansion plans, you can start your application for a business loan.

Use Business Loan to Purchase Equipment

There are various ways to acquire the equipment you need for your business. So it is regardless of whether a startup or a thriving small one. In addition, you can either lease it or buy it outright. So why would you choose to purchase the equipment with a business loan?

Your equipment can be tax-deductible for the first year you have acquired it. Also, you can buy it, use out its useful life. Then, afterwards, sell it at a functional level. So take care of your equipment, may it be machinery, IT equipment or a tool for your service/goods. Later on, use it as collateral for future loans.

you need a business loan for equipment purchase


Use Business Loan to Purchase Inventory

If your business is a seasonal enterprise, you will need some cash. Therefore, it is essential in buying your products way ahead of the season.

You need a business loan to purchase a large amount of its inventory. It makes you ready and kicks start when the season comes for it to sell. Also, you don’t have to pay for the loan outright. Instead, you can arrange for the loans to be paid after the seasonal sales with flexible terms.

Use Business Loan to Replenish Your Inventory

You will have to keep up with the surge of demands with a business. Also, you have to purchase goods in larger amounts with high quality. So yes, it could be risky. But since you are buying more than you used to, the return on investments is unsure. Fortunately, many licensed moneylenders will be willing to give a hand more than a bank can.

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Use Business Loan to Increase Working Capital

Working capital is the cash you use to continue your daily operations. Unfortunately, when a business starts, its profit is not yet enough. Therefore, you need to keep the gears rolling each day consistently.

Also, you can use the loan to manage daily operations. It aids to consistently best quality products and services until it is already making enough to keep it afloat. Banks usually offer special working capital loans. But it comes with higher interest rates because this tends to be riskier. However, licensed private moneylenders can offer more flexible terms.

Use Business Loan to Build Credit for the Future

It is common for moneylenders to give perks to their loyal customers. Some waive processing payments. Others provide a lower interest rate. Meanwhile, some do not require much paper works anymore. For this reason, it is sound to create short-term loans to build credible credit for your business. Make sure that you regularly pay on time.

The best part is when you are ready for a bigger loan from a specific Singapore moneylender you always partner with. Then, you can easily have it without much fuss. Also, you have gained a good credit score along the way.

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Use Business Loan to Grab a Good Business Opportunity

Opportunities will usually knock at your door once while being in the business. You have to weigh it if it is too good to pass up that it outweighs the risk of loss. For example, you might have a chance to buy a bulk of inventory at a discount. Or you found a great place to expand your business at a lower price yet offered with limited time.

Here is a scenario. You acquired a contract for $20,000. Yet, you do not have the equipment to meet the job that costs $5,000. Then, you can consider a two-year loan with $1000 interest. Your profit will be $14,000. But, it outweighs the debt and then goes for the loan.

Don’t jump to any concluded calculations. Make sure you are not overestimating the actual costs of profits. List down the pros, cons and elements which can affect your forecast.

Use Business Loan to Add a Staff

If the business is booming and expanding, you don’t need to expand your place. Instead, you need to add some staff to do the jobs that weigh on you. These are bookkeeping, marketing and customer service.

Make sure that your team is not doing too much. So it can handle all the functions efficiently. It is better to loan for getting a fresh talent rather than risking the quality of your products and services.

An extra set of hands won’t hurt, too. It will help your focus on delivering the demands with high-quality customer service.

Whatever your reason you need a business loan, you have to picture the factors and risks. Then, tally all the costs and the promising revenue. Afterwards, you can take a loan you are confident you can repay. And if you are looking for a business loan, choose Cash Mart. It is the leading licensed money lender which offers a flexible loan that can easily fit your needs.

Do not hesitate to drop by or give it a call. The friendly Cash Mart staff will be willing to walk you through your options, loan processing, and cash disbursement.

Getting a Business Loan: Improved Success Rate

How to Improve Your Success Rate in Getting a Business Loan?

There are so many reasons a startup or a small business might need fundingSo here’s how you can succeed in getting a business loan. 

Convincing banks to give small business loans can be challenging. However, the chances of your success depend directly on your preparedness.

The idea of getting a business loan can be intimidating. It is enough to drive sleep away from your eyes. However, business loan applications are inevitable irrespective of the size of a company.

Every enterprise needs to assess its debt financing options. It is a must at least once within the first few years of breaking even. If you have already reached that turn on the road, you might want to ensure that you are entirely ready.

getting a business loan


What do you need to construct a compelling loan application?

You might find it daunting no matter how many blogs you have visited and how many applications you have drafted. But, applying for the funding will determine the future of your business. So, here we are, elaborating on the key steps you need to follow –

Gather all the business records you have

What business records do you already have in place? Are they all up-to-date?

Business records will include vital information about your credit card, current loan payments, and existing business assets.  Also, it has the recent business proceeds, loss reports and balance sheets. Plus, it holds year’s tax returns for your company.

Seed money applications from startups and small businesses are different. They do not have credit card records and business credit reports. Instead, you will need to submit pro forma statements to apply for your startup loan.

Preparation of the business plan

None of the lending parties will consider your loan application. But if you have a working business plan, you can. 

Every credit company will want to see it. It can be your green card for getting the funding you need.

We do not mean a 20+ page thesis when we say the plan. It does not involve outlining the genesis, progress, expansion and every possible facet of your business.

Something relatable and documented will always be welcome. Your business plan should at least answer the following questions.

  • How much money do you need?
  • Where do you intend to spend the money?
  • How are you planning to pay it back?

If you manage to answer these questions satisfactorily, you can get a go on that loan you need. Also, you can get information about business loan applications from Liberty Lending.

Learn all that you can about credit, capital, and collateral

Consider this, almost half of the business owners do not know about business credit. Or others have no idea how to check it. However, you should take this opportunity to learn all you can. Your business’s credit profile plays a crucial role in getting a business loan. 

Learn about ways to improve your credit score before you head to the lender’s office. Of course, your personal credit might not be relevant. But, it will not hurt to run a quick check.

Do you have enough business assets you can leverage against the cash you want as a loan? These assets count as the collateral for a secured business loan. Unless you have enough cash flow, your lender might wish to confirm payment security in the form of equipment and real estate. In addition, you might begin looking for a co-signer. It is significant if you struggle with procuring enough insurance against the payment.

Set everything you need for getting a business loan

Having the business plan and collateral in place are two steps toward getting a business loan. But that’s not enough. Each lender might have slightly different requirements. If you are applying to a private money lender, make sure you have all the documentation they ask for.

Are you looking for short-term loans like payday loans or personal loans? The qualification, terms, and requirements will differ from the standard business loans.

Do not forget your personal details.

Enclosing personal details is vital for business loans of all types. You may have applied as a corporation for funding beforehand. But, your personal finances will be a topic of discussion during the assessment.

Some loans require a personal guarantee, and you should get your personal financial records in order before the day of the verification. If you are unsure about the documents necessary, speak with the lender’s representatives. Clear everything before you turn in your applications.

If your lender is asking for personal details, these are a few things you will need to enclose –

  • A detailed credit report.
  • A record of your personal assets, liabilities and a personal financial statement
  • Your daily budget, including the money you require from your business, proceeds for meeting your living expenses.

Your living expenses and personal credit card statements might seem irrelevant. But, they show that you can pay off the loans on time. Also, you might want a loan veteran to vet these reports thoroughly. These records will influence the decision of your potential moneylenders.

After gathering the documents and collecting the reports, you might choose to create a binder or an e-copy of the entire proposal. However, do not forget to include the executive summary that ties the information together conclusively.


Apart from a spotless credit record, you will require a few other documents. It includes your company tax files, personal resume, business credit report, and other documentation. However, one of the most critical requirements is your business plan. Your business plan can determine the final decision of the money lending firm.

A practical and robust plan accounts for all future instabilities, inflation and expansion goals. Also, it will garner positive points from the potential lenders. Moreover, presenting a sturdy, well-researched, and informed business strategy will improve the chances of approval.

The amount of research you do before applying for the loan plays a significant role. Also, it will influence your chances of getting that business loan.

Visit the websites of contemporary lenders and online lending companies. First, find out what the other businesses are saying about them. Then, approach the ones with a record for financing new small businesses and startups.

How To Grow Faster With Small Business Automation

How To Grow Faster With Small Business Automation

With the undeniable heights of the digital age, it’s best to take advantage of small business automation. Learn about growing your small business, regardless if it is a startup or a striving medium enterprise.

Business automation is now becoming a sound option, especially when the industry has been moving on at a fast-paced speed. Also, it applies if you have to catch up before you get left behind.

So how would you automate your business without spending too much? There are three inexpensive ways for your small business automation.

Top 3 Small Business Automation

Automating the Payroll

Many business owners dread paydays. It’s not because they have to pay their employees. Instead, they have to deal with various computations and ensure everything is accurate. Also, it must include the CPF, claims, bonuses, overtime pays and more.

No worries. Instead of hiring another staff to take care of the payroll, you can get an automated service. In addition, you have various options to choose from.

eVantage HR

eVantage HR provides one-stop HR solutions to multiple businesses. They support the clients with various payroll-related services. It includes issuing and maintaining electronic payslips, accurately calculating monthly payroll and statutory deductions, monitoring and tracking employee leaves, and streamlining handling employee claims. In addition, the services cost a flat monthly payment of $30 per employee.

evantage HR for small business automation


SMEPAYROLL is an affordable payroll software with various features. It includes the employee’s basic biographic info, photos, and contact information. Also, it requires the job details, the department and contact details, salary information, salary payment modes, career progression, leave info, claims, salary deductions and others. In addition, it creates reports regularly. The software costs a minimum of $300+ for 25 employees.


INFO-PAY Payroll Software has developed an integrated HR system. The service includes Time Attendance System, Payroll & HR Software, and E-leave (Web-based Online Leave Module). Also, it covers E-mail Payslip and Employee’s Web portal (e-attendance, e-pay slip, e-IR8A, e-personal, e-claim, e-memo). In addition, the Project Costing Software has full integration with Fingerprint, Biometric time recorders. Plus, it covers the handling of online bank GIRO payments and tracking your staff’s increment/promotion history.

The software and training with an installation cost $2,800. But since Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme can cover this, you can pay as low as $1,150.

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Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

A growing business might have to use a CRM. Simply put management of customer relationships. CRM premiums can be very expensive. However, there can be cheaper options with quite good qualities.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM can handle the full function of CRM. Plus, it is on the go since its app is downloadable in Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android users. Also, it can track and forecast sales activity, execute targeted marketing campaigns, and prioritise and automate your workflow. In addition, you can create email direct marketing campaigns (eDM campaigns) and documents and manage your inventory and social media.

The data presentation is in graphs on its dashboard. What’s great is that you can use its essential functions for free for up to three users. So you can get the hang of it before deciding if you want its premium services which cost about $30 a month per user.


SugarCRM is a sophisticated and highly customisable CRM platform that automates sales functions. Examples are lead and opportunity tracking, contact management, and sales forecasting. In addition, you can easily manage incoming customer requests and run eDM campaigns with your mobile devices through either SugarCRMon-site or via Cloud. For a yearly contract, you have to pay about $3,400 upfront.

sugarcrm for small business automation


Salesforce is another CRM provider. It is a customer-friendly software where you can efficiently conduct your eDM campaigns through Cloud. Also, you can even track leads and products and complete sales reports on the go. Various editions are offered at a price range from $8 a month to $80 a month per user.

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Note that you and your staff might have a hard time handling the programs first. But, once you get the hang of it, you will feel that the price was worth it. All because you can easily reach out to your customers. Also, do not forget that small business automation campaign launches are significant. Nevertheless,  you can still utilise organic campaigns on your social media sites. It is possible to personally put in some content every down and then boost customer outreach. Again, this doubles your chance to get more potential clients.

And when putting content on your blogs and social media sites, you have to create quality content which brings us to;

Automating Content Marketing

By creating quality content, you show your potential customers that you are knowledgeable in your industry. Thus, you create a feeling that you can indeed deliver your products and services with utmost professionalism. So hire a content creation service or a copywriting agency to develop contents that you would love to share for your target customers to read.

The contents and style will still depend on your taste. That’s why it is important to give specific instructions on the topics you want and the voice that they should use. In addition, you can ask various content writers to create articles for you. Then, you can choose which one has hit the spot. Afterwards, hire only one writer to maintain the consistency of quality and style.

Don’t forget to choose the schedule for putting up your articles on your blog, website or social media pages. There are a lot of content management tools available. Examples are Hootsuite and Sprout Social, which cost as cheap as $50 a month. So you don’t have to worry about posting content on time.

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Small business automation is not changing everything all at once. Also, it shows your business does not have to be expensive. It is essential to make yourself comfortable with the changes first before getting the premium services. Plus, do not hesitate to ask questions from the service or program providers. If you don’t understand some parts of it, seek clarification. At the end of the day, it has to help you make all internal business functions more manageable and more convenient.

5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops is Not Practical

5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops is Not Practical

5 Reasons Buying Expensive Laptops Is Not Practical

People say buying expensive laptops is not practical. Spending too much on gadgets is not always worth it. Learn the reasons why.

A lot of Singaporeans think buying expensive laptops is practical. It assures them that it won’t quickly go obsolete. Moreover, they can save more since they do not need to upgrade for a couple of years. However, are you really going to keep in the long run?

Here are 5 reasons why we think it’s not.

Expensive Laptops is Not Practical


Cheaper laptops can have similar applications.

Ask yourself, “what will you do with the expensive laptop” not “what it can do for you.” Expensive laptops have specifications you may not need unless you are an engineer, a professional gamer, or an architect.

There are expensive laptops which are “over-specced”. Let’s say you want a laptop with a discrete GPU (short for a graphics processor unit). Then you really need to spend a handsome amount of cash. If you are not a pro-gamer nor a professional video editor, paying the extra money for this tech is not worth it.

One of the worst mistakes laptop buyers make is being obsessed with specifications. However, this is not the only factor to consider. Do not overlook the fact that you are buying one to use for a particular purpose which a cheaper laptop can do. So, while you know it can do lots of things, the real question is, “will you need these?”

Technology easily catches up.

Software and technology advancements happen every year, sometimes even a few times a year. It makes your laptop obsolete in a short span of time than you anticipated. Expensive laptops have high-end components. Upgrading will also be more costly than the other models.

If your reason to buy an expensive laptop is the thought that you can get the latest technology which will be high-end for quite some time, then you are in the assumption of “future-proofing.”

With the tech companies becoming more competitive over the years, they will absolutely develop something to outpace the current specs of the latest high-end laptops.

There are smartphones and tablets to do the job (sometimes better)

Do you need to buy a laptop? Smartphones and tablets let you access your e-mail, reply quickly and get notifications. You can even open word docs and other files. These gadgets are even lighter and much more on the go. Heavy laptops make you less mobile, especially if your lifestyle requires you to go places.

Other gadgets can meet your entertainment and work needs, join a virtual meeting through Skype, read news, watch on Netflix, and update your social media.

Battery life also has to be considered. Smartphones and tablets have longer battery life since they have smaller screens. However, laptops with a touchscreen and higher resolutions will use the battery life faster as it needs more power to light up every pixel on the screen.

Also, you can charge smartphones and tablets with power banks. Laptops require you to plug them into wall sockets to charge.

Warranties do not last long enough.

When warranties expire, you need to spend more on the repair. For example, if you plan to keep the expensive laptop for more than five years, you will have to pay more for the repair after the warranty expires.

Most CPU and HDD warranties are only up to five years. After that, the laptop needs fixing, and some parts need replacing over time, and the more expensive a laptop, the more you have to spend on it.

The survival of your laptop depends on your usage too.

Some buyers think that expensive branded laptops last longer than cheaper ones. Proper usage of laptops prolongs its life, not the brand itself. If you handle your laptop with care, keep it in a safe spot. In addition, avoid spilling on it. So, it would also last a long time.

Does the price define the quality of the laptop?

The most expensive laptop does not mean it is the best.

The actual practical step when buying your laptop is if you really need it and if it does fit your priorities. You may purchase a laptop with top-notch specs, but it will only become practical if you can use them all.

Focus on your needs first before getting carried away with high-edge capabilities. For example, if you must buy a new laptop, but your savings are not enough, you can get a personal loan from Cash Mart.

SGX Singapore Exchange: A Guide On Dollar Cost Averaging

SGX Singapore Exchange A Guide on Dollar Cost Averaging

SGX Singapore Exhange: A Guide On Dollar Cost Averaging

The Dollar Cost Averaging is an excellent way to start your investments as a beginner. Find out how it is related to SGX Singapore Exchange.

When we say investing in Singapore Exchange, many usually think of savvy investors dressed in suits and reading the newspaper’s business section. However, young Singaporeans can start investing in SGX Singapore Exchange, too. There’s no need not to be a millionaire.

SGX on dollar cost averaging

In 2015, it reduced the board lot size of SGX Singapore from 1,000 to 100. As a result, it has attracted a lot of young adult investors to dip their feet in the stocks exchange.

However, despite how inviting this chance can be, Singaporeans remained risk-averse. We are too careful not to lose our money though everyone knows that will always involve risks with investing. That is why Dollar Cost Averaging is a good way to start your investments as a beginner.

How To Invest In Dollar Cost Averaging?

DCA is an investment technique of buying shares on a regular schedule with a fixed dollar amount that will not change even if the prices of the shares do. Basically, those who use this method can buy more shares even when the price goes down and less if the price goes up. Nevertheless, the investors regularly buy shares.

For example, you invest $500 each Month in ABC Bond Fund. The prices of the ABC Bond Fund shares on your First Month of investing are as follows:

  • 1st Month: $23
  • 2nd Month: $25
  • 3rd Month: $34
  • 4th Month: $25
  • 5th Month: $29

Since each month you are investing $500, you get the following number of shares:

  • 1st Month shares: $500 / $23 =  78
  • 2nd Month shares: $500 / $25=   20
  • 3rd Month shares: $500 / $34 = 14.71
  • 4th Month shares: $500 / $25 = 20
  • 5th Month shares: $500 / $29 = 17.24

After five months, you owned 93.73 shares regardless of the prices of the shares you have bought each Month. For example, if today is month 5, then the cost of shares is $29, and you currently own a total of $2,718.17 with stocks from an investment of $2,500.

Advantages of Dollar Cost Averaging

Less Spontaneity

DCA is investing regularly, and since nobody can tell the future of stock prices, it still holds firm whether the prices fluctuate or collapses. There is also no telling on when is the right time to buy. Therefore you potentially have a good chance to buy shares at the best time.

The shares usually have low prices during a financial crisis, and even the known blue ships will dramatically go cheaper than their usual stellar price. Since you regularly buy shares, you can acquire some of them before it goes up again.

Simply, DCA lessens your worry as it is a safe strategy. Despite the unpredictable wild changes in prices, you can keep calm and focus on the shares you can buy instead of thinking about the costs of your own shares dropping. Eventually, the prices are going to change.

Lessens the Risk of Buying Urges

You have given yourself a limit since you have a fixed amount each time you buy shares. There is a great risk of buying a lot of shares then a sudden downturn happens.

The Prices Eventually Go Up

Since you constantly purchase shares every day regardless of price changes, you are bound to have shares that will eventually rise over time, such as the S&P 500, which delivers returns of 9.1% per year for over ten years.

It is Accessible to Small Investors

You can invest as low as $100 each Month. You can start buying blue-chip Singapore stocks through POSB and OCBC bank, investing in blue chips, and the STI is more cost-effective.

Disadvantages of Dollar Cost Averaging

You Need to Identify Good Shares

DCA does not save you from the risk of getting a bad pick. Your research does. It is still true that you must only invest in things you are comfortable with and you have knowledge about. Take some time to read to avoid buying losing investments.

The environment of stocks is ever-changing, and if you keep on investing passively, you will not grow your investments. You will have to change your approach if you see that you are not earning anything. Choose wisely the shares you are buying and not just blindly taking a risk in unknown stocks.

Cheaper Stock

Always be vigilant with the trend. Even if you wait for the financial crisis to get better, a losing stock will be a losing stock. Just because it is cheap, you will buy it. Some shares are cheap because it is a bad pick.

Start investing today, get a personal loan from Cash Mart and invest through the DCA strategies.

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

5 Must Have Credit Cards For Fresh Graduates

Now that you’re on financial independence, it’s time to build your credit score with these 5 must have credit cards for fresh graduates.

You have finally passed your probationary period. That’s why you can celebrate your financial independence by getting your very first credit card. Make the most out of it by building your credit score. It will eventually help you with your future loans.

You will consider a mortgage or an auto loan in just a couple of years. Banks will significantly depend on your credit score to know if you are creditworthy. So choose the best credit card to start your credit history and rack up benefits debit cards and cash will never have.

Citibank Rewards Card

With Citibank Rewards Card, you can earn 10 points or 4 free Miles for every $1 spent on bags, clothes, or shoes in department stores or online shopping sites. On the other hand, you will get 1 point or 0.4 miles in every $1 on your additional spending. However, the points you accumulate with 10 points per $1 is capped to 120,000 Rewards points per membership anniversary.

Aside from reward points, you will also get fantastic deals. For example, you have 15% off from Lazada purchases and up to 20% off on purchases in Zalora. Plus, there’s a $50 off on bookings in Airbnb. If you apply before the year ends, you will receive a cashback worth $120 ($20 cash back every month with a least $200 spent). It is applicable only for the first six months of membership.

Citi Rewards Must Have Credit Cards

DBS Altitude Visa Card

If you are into travelling, your first credit card must be DBS Altitude Visa Card. It is the best card to get miles the fastest way. In every $1 spend, you will get 3 miles on the online flight, another 3 miles on purchased packages at Altitude Travel Destinations, and 1.2 miles on local spend. So keep on earning miles as it will never expire, but remember that you can only charge up to $5,000 per month.

If you charge at least $25,000 for a year, your annual fee will be waived. On the other hand, if you choose to pay your annual fee, you will get 10,000 bonus miles. Aside from miles, you can get 2 Complimentary Global Airport Lounge Access in a year upon being a member of Priority Pass™.

DBS Altitude Credit Card

HSBC Revolution Card

HSBC Revolution Card is a generous credit card. You can get as much as 5 times more rewards when using the card for online shopping, local dining, and local entertainment transactions. In addition, get 1 rewards point for every other spending.

Aside from earning rewards, you can enjoy various dining offers, travel specials, movie ticket discounts, petrol, and others. Agoda gives an additional 7% discount, while ShopBack offers a $10 bonus with up to 30% cashback. If you want to go backpacking alone, you will be delighted to get 30% off from single trip travel.

HSBC Revolution Credit Card | Must Have Credit Cards for Fresh Graduates

FRANK Credit Card by OCBC

FRANK Credit Card by OCBC offers the most pocket-friendly annual fee of $80. Also, there is a waived fee for the first two years. Thus, giving you less cost to think about.

In addition, it has a minimum required spend of $400 on physical stores to get rebates. It will not count charges on online transactions. Get a 6% online shopping rebate with an additional 2% rebates on Apple Online Store purchases.

You will enjoy the 5% entertainment rebate if you love the nightlife, including clubs, KTVs, cinemas, bars, and selected cafes from 0000 hours on Friday until 2359 hours on Sunday. In addition, get 0.3% cashback on all retail transactions. Rebate has a cap at $60 a month.

Frank by OCBC | Must Have Credit Cards


We will all live just once, enjoy by choosing the right credit card. Get up to 8% cash rebate every time you spend on entertainment, dining, fashion, travel and mobile payments. In addition, do not miss up to a 10% rebate from Cathay Cineplex spending and other entertainment transactions with partnering merchants such as The Rabbit Hole, The Armoury, Kyo, and Suite26.

Get a 3% cash rebate every weekday when you charge your online transactions for entertainment, dining, and payments via either UOB Mighty Pay or Apple Pay. Do not forget the 0.3% cash rebate on all other spendings.


When you get your first credit card, never forget to read its terms and conditions. It is better to choose a card for convenience that fits your lifestyle that getting a card just because of its initial offers. Also, pay attention to the fine print, discussing the fees and charges.

If you just need some cash to make ends meet, get a loan from Cash mart today.