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Quick Guide: Budget Wedding Checklist Singapore

A budget wedding checklist Singapore is vital for wedding preparation. It comes next after the wedding proposal.

Brace yourself because weddings in Singapore do not come cheap. If you are not careful, you might be biting more than you can chew. Frankly, you might spend too much and create an enormous debt at the start of your marriage.

Not a good kick-off, is it?

So before you even splurge on various wedding packages and giveaways, take a deep breath. Read the 7 steps towards a budget-friendly yet fun and memorable wedding.

You MUST Grab a Budget Wedding Checklist Singapore

The wedding checklist will help you document, plan and organise your big day. It is basically planning a party. It is the grandest party you will ever have. Thankfully, we now have the technology to help us out and multi-task.

You can download various wedding checklist templates on the web for free to give you an idea of what you have to accomplish before the big day.

Nobody wants to forget anything in hindsight. You can also download wedding apps such as Evernote, WeddingWire, and Cozi to keep you and your fiancé on track with everything.

You can document the planning experience and add it to your mementoes if you are a sentimental person. Later, you can create a scrapbook or check out Kikki.K’s artistic wedding planners. 

Budget Wedding Checklist Singapore


Surround Yourself with a Support Group

Do not jump yet with finding vendors. First, it would help internalise the flow of events and activities during the wedding solemnisation and banquet.

Add some segments if you want, like asking some friends to sing for entertainment. Also, consider if you need an EMCEE or if a friend will be willing to and can handle it like a pro.

Planning a wedding is a handful of tasks. Involve only a few chosen family members and friends. Opinions are great, but they can also be overwhelming.

Start your Guestlist

Here, you will need to decide whether you want a grand or an intimate wedding. Then, as a couple, you need to sit down and talk about it.

Also, you may consider your parents since it is also a big day for them to see their children finally getting married.

They may want to invite their friends and colleagues. If they tell you that it is your call, then jump on it. But if they’re going to add more people than you can handle with your limited budget, be honest and tell them.

Also, if you want an intimate solemnisation, you can invite fewer guests to invite more to the banquet.

Be strict with the RSVP timeline. It gives you an estimate of how many of your guests will be. The last thing you want is a guest going hungry at your banquet.

Choose your Wedding Date, Theme, and Venue

Think of your character as a couple, what you both love. Then, use the elements to express it at the wedding. It helps in what theme and venue would best suit you.

Work first on the backdrop. Then, go to finer details. This way, you can focus on your needs. However, if you choose to focus on the finer details first, you might get overwhelmed by too many choices and fall in love with intricate designs and items you don’t need.

Choose a date that falls on a weekday and schedule a lunch banquet.

Most venues offer lower prices during weekdays and lunch.

Capella offers $2,340 per table on a dinner banquet, while it drops to $ 1,869 for a lunch banquet during weekdays.

On the other hand, LingZhi Vegetarian (Liat Towers) offers $501 per table any day, whether for lunch or dinner.

Most engaged couples worry that choosing a weekday will cause a drop on the guest list. But if you are that important to them, they will make an effort. For example, they can adjust their schedule if you give an invitation ahead for them.

Create a WANT and ACTUAL NEED list for a budget wedding checklist Singapore. 

When creating this list, make two sublists: ‘Must Haves’ and the “Good-to-Have” when creating this list. Then, if you need to cut down on costs, it will be easier to choose which ones have to go. Also, it keeps on track with your budget wedding checklist Singapore.

Reach Out to The Vendors

You have to choose between grabbing a one-stop wedding or a specialised vendor.

One-stop vendors can offer packages on a tight budget, yet you will have to make way with their limited offers. However, never be shy to talk about your wants and cater to them within the budget. Forego some parts of the packages that you don’t want and ask if you can avail something else.

When negotiating, always be respectful and meet your vendors personally as much as possible. Also, watch out for early bird promos and follow various vendors’ social media pages to be updated.

Take your time to source vendors. Study their quotes, too. If it is reasonable with the included services, go for it. If you have a viable amount of time, do DIY projects and involve your fiancé, friends and family.

Watch out for unique ideas on Pinterest and Facebook pages. Also, search for DIY Wedding Ideas and Becoming the Mrs. (DIY Weddings).

Facts You Need to Know: Budget Wedding Checklist Singapore

The actual Solemnisation (ROM) is free.

Solemnisers are volunteers who officiate your wedding at no charge. Though the solemniser does not expect anything in return, it is better to give any token of appreciation. After all, it is your ‘official’ wedding.

Couples set aside a handsome budget for solemnisation. It covers the costs of gown rentals, floral arrangements, and a photographer and/or videographer. However, it is available in bundled up packages. 

Bridal Packages can range from $3,000 – $10,000.

It usually includes details like evening gowns, hairstylists, tuxedos, bridal car makeup artists, etc.

Shop around wedding fairs, inquire in bridal studios and ask newly wedded friends. For makeup, you can do it yourself if you have adequate skills. Or ask a friend to do it for you.

Wedding Bands are a vital part of solemnisation.

There is the famous part ‘With this ring; I thee wed’. Most weddings will be incomplete if there are no wedding rings. Currently , it costs from $2,000 to $4,000.

Try to shop around for rings. It’s better to have a few small precious stones than one big gem. 

Venue Packages are for couples who want intimate or small weddings.

A price range of $25 – $200 per person comes in various wedding venues. It includes a solemnisation package, a lunch or dinner banquet, and an event management team.

Masons at Gillman Barracks, Alkaff Mansion, Skyve and Faber Peak are popular venues for intimate weddings.

For a Church Wedding, prepare a booking fee. 

If you want a church wedding for your solemnisation, prepare $1,500 for the booking fee. since Church weddings are becoming more popular.

Wedding Banquet can range from $30,000 – $50,000.

It depends on the venue, design, menu and the number of people on the guest list. The more extravagant the wedding banquet, the more memorable your wedding could be.

However, it is better to spend on your future house, car or child’s savings. Throwing everything in the banquet to keep up with your friends and family’s expectations is not practical.

Restaurants offer cheaper services than hotels. For example, Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant provides $568 per table for 10-40 people. Meanwhile, Grand Hyatt provides $1,634 per table for 15- 38 people. So a large chunk of your budget will be here.

A photographer and same day edit videographer can range from $2,000 – $10,000.

Of course, you want to remember your wedding with stunning photos. However, if you are really on a tight budget, you can ask your friends to take your photos.

Also, create a page on social media and let them post away your photos. This way, you can remember your big day from as many angles as your guests can see you.

Shop around the net for wedding favours.

Look for a piece that can range from $0.5 to $5. Then, if you have some time until the big day, watch DIY tutorial videos on YouTube or find crafts on other websites. This way, you can make your wedding more personal. You can also involve your family and friends more by asking them if they can do some DIY invitation cards, signs, souvenirs and boxes with you to save some money.

Financing within the budget wedding checklist

After collecting quotes and getting to know various vendors, choosing which ones will work for your fashion taste and budget is time. Remember that there are still some costs that might pop out unexpectedly. So give yourself a handsome allowance too, especially if you still need to provide party favours and invites.

Sample budget wedding checklist Singapore with 50 guests:

  • Venue: Garden Wedding in Alkaff Mansion
  • Solemnisation package at $2,388
  • Wedding packages at $4,400
  • Wedding band at $1,200
  • Photographer: Friends
  • DIY wedding invites and favours at $50
  • Bridal Package at $3,000 (hair and makeup, gowns and tuxedos)

Total: $11,038

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As a couple, you have to communicate well about your wedding finances. Involve each other every step of the way. Keep in mind that it is only the start of your married life.

Many complain that weddings in Singapore are costly. But it is your call on how much you want to spend. Always remember that at the end of the day, what’s important is you are finally legally married to the man/woman of your dreams. So be ready to start on a new voyage as a married couple.