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Reasons Budget Travelling Singaporeans Overspend on Holidays Overseas

It is common for Singaporeans overspend on holidays, especially overseas. Find out the top reasons why it happens.

Over the years, while Singapore has been a hot spot for tourism for foreigners, the number of Singaporeans spending holidays overseas is constantly growing. Furthermore, it is even bound to rank as the fourth outbound city market until 2020.

It seems everyone will grab every opportunity to spend the long weekend in another country. Their reason is to escape the gruelling work life.  So, where have your neighbours and relatives been going? According to GfK’s Travelscan data, most Singaporeans headed to China, Thailand and Hong Kong. However, China gets 20% of the outbound Singaporean flight with the intent of leisure. As for Thailand, it gets 16% of the outbound flights. Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai are its most visited cities.

However, China is still at the highest rank. Although its flight bookings have decreased by 6%, many are now eyeing Japan. All because of the increasing strength of the Singaporean Dollar. It means you can buy more stuff in Japan now. Plus, you can enjoy more cherry blossoms.

budget travelling singaporeans overspends holidays overseas


Singaporeans Overspend on Holidays: Budget Travelling Mistakes

Avoiding other travellers

Do not avoid other backpackers. You are missing out on the fun of backpacking. In addition, a great chance to save up on your ride to your next destination. You will be ecstatic to know their willingness to offer you a shared ride. Some go to your next destination if you are luckily going in the same direction. Also, they may give you tips on where you can get the cheapest yet a good place to sleep and eat. It comes in handy instead of spending too much time walking around and figuring out transportation and accommodation on your own. Furthermore, fellow backpackers can teach you the route of intercity buses or perhaps how to haggle fare with tuk-tuks and songthaews.

Take hostel security lightly.

You can never be too sure about your safety when you sleep if you are stingy enough to sleep in shared accommodation. So always keep your valuables near you. You can even purchase a bicycle chain to lock your bag in the bedpost. It may sound silly. But, it might just save you from a lot of worries and unnecessary expenses if you lose your stuff.

Paying for not pre-booked luggage

Pre-booked luggage of 15kg can cost $20. Failure to pre-book may cause you $50 and more. So if you went to Thailand with just a backpack and now you have a couple of large colourful bags beside your bedpost, remember to book your luggage. If you have already booked your flight, do not hesitate to call your airline. Adjust your luggage booking as you need.

Singaporeans overspend on holidays due to unorganised backpack

There are times when you have stuff in your home yet do not mind packing it up. So when you need it on your trip, you end up buying the same item at a ridiculous price.

Here are the things you have to keep in your bag.

Water bottle

We have 7-11 in almost every street to grab a bottle of ice-cold water to quench your dried throat. However, it might not be the same in other countries. Are you not sure about the availability of convenience stores in your travel destination? It is better to have a water bottle you can refill in the water dispensers available in your accommodation. It is more practical than buying expensive bottled water while going on your adventure.


We all know snacks are like gold in hot tourist spots. It is very expensive. Plus, it might not be too mouthwatering for your palate. However, you have no choice but to chomp it down because you are too hungry walking under the scorching heat.

Always carry a small bag of biscuits or crackers around. It replenishes your energy until you reach a restaurant more soothing to your taste and budget.

Insect repellant

Going to tropical countries where it is too humid? Expect swarms of mosquitoes to ruin your night escapades and sleep. Also, these mosquitoes are potential carriers of dengue and malaria virus. To protect yourself, you must carry your insect repellant. Unfortunately, some local repellants and bug sprays don’t work well. It is better to have your trusted insect repellant than regret sleepless nights during your holiday.


We all know the growing attachment Singaporeans have with Wi-Fi, yet this is not only for games such as Pokemon Go. Smartphones are now necessary to navigate places at ease. Also, it contacts your family to assure them of your safety. In addition, you can download offline maps if you are not sure of your constant connection with the web.

Power bank and charger

Of course, your smartphone will be useless without power. So always be sure to have your power bank and charger with you every time you go out. Also, have an outlet adapter if possible. Different countries have various kinds of electrical outlets. The last thing you want is an incompatible charger with the accommodation’s outlet. Or else your smartphone battery is already drained for hours.

Quick-dry towel

Since you are a budget traveller, you tend to sleep in hostels, cheap hotels and guesthouses. These charge fees for dry towels. To save up, bring a quick-dry towel that will be handy. It is usually lightweight and can be folded into a smaller size. Therefore, it saves up on space. In addition, it takes only a couple of hours to dry, unlike the regular towels.

Travel insurance

If you consider skipping travel insurance on your must-have list, you endanger your safety and finances. While there is a chance that you will not even use the insurance, there are moments when you will be thankful you have purchased one. Most travel insurance covers medical bills abroad. Others even cover lost luggage, delayed flights and missed the connection.

Using credit cards

Overall Singaporeans overspend on holidays might increase by 2.5% to 3%. It happens, especially if you keep swiping your credit card overseas. So make sure to get your SD converted into the correct currency of your travel destination. Examples are Baht, Yen, Pesos, and others.

Buying travel insurance offered by airlines

There is a lot of travel insurance shoved on your face if you look online. However, you have to make sure that you get the best one. So take time to shop around and remember that there could be better travel insurance than your airline offered.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Check if the travel insurance covers pre-existing medical conditions. For example, what if you collapse while chomping down on steak in the middle of the Bahamas sunset due to a pre-existing heart problem? Most airline travel insurance will not cover you.

Trip disruption

Most travel insurance will entice you with promising money claims if you experience disrupted flights due to unforeseen circumstances. However, be sure to read the fine prints. You will see that some insurers have a wider range of coverage than others. For example, you usually get a payout with cancelled, postponed, or delayed flights. Still, only a handful of insurance will pay for your extra plane ticket or accommodation. They consider it if your flight gets cancelled while you are overseas. Also, it covers illness, natural disasters and strikes or riots.

Missed connections

Long flight travels need connecting flights, and stories of missed connecting flights are not new to us. It is like a nightmare nobody wants to experience in real life. If you are on a budget flight, it is your responsibility to book your two separate flights at the most convenient time. Only a few travel insurance will pay for your missed connecting flight.

Overbooked flights and public transport

Overbooking results from oversold flights because airlines expect some no-show passengers. However, there are times when passengers get bumped. It means there are limited seats for too many passengers. If you get bumped, you might have to stay at the airport or find accommodation. Some airline travel insurance will only give you a $100 voucher as compensation. Choose travel insurance which will cover not only your overbooked flight ticket. But, also your accommodation and other overbooked transport such as trains and buses.

Kidnap and hostage

Singaporeans know that there is a slim chance of getting kidnapped and hostage. But won’t it be a bit relieving to know your travel insurance compensates you?

Personal liability

Some of us do stupid things when we get away from our own country and experience different environments. Others get too drunk and get into a bar fight. Some run over pets or even locals due to irresponsible driving. Unfortunately, only a handful of travel insurance will cover personal liabilities and will cover your legal fees.

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